Friday, 10 May 2013

New Cancer Detected In Delhi - Rape

Unbelievable. Isn't it? The more the cases of rape are ridiculed in public, the more cases are coming up in light daily. What has happened to these male's psyche? Why are they so frustrated that they are not able to find another way out? Is there no way to put their sick mentality towards some positive path?

I think Delhi itself is responsible to some extent for calling  this trouble. The way it welcomes any and all to come here and reside anywhere. To start with at any red light, footpath or any isolated open government land not in use or under the bridges or in the pedestrian subways (which people don't want to use either due to avoiding a bit of extra walk or due to these drug addict people who start using it as their business hub).

These people have no particular aim in life. They come to Delhi to get money by hook or by crook. Devoid of any wish to do hard work and earn money they look for easy options like begging, theft, snatching and even robbery. They mostly leave their family in the remote villages which they don't visit often. These people get tempted to the flashy lifestyle of Delhites. They want to ape everything and for that they don't think twice to commit any misdeed. They take out their sick rush of testosterone on children who are easy prey for them.

It is high time to stop all this rubbish at the earliest. We can't let young children and adoloscent girls and boys pay for these criminal and sick minded people's desires. Government must take very strict steps. Corruption and politics has to take a back seat (if can't vanish at a go). All these illegal immigrants to Delhi must be stopped the moment they enter here. Can you belive that police on Delhi patrol (if does it's work seriously) can't trace them the day they start inhabiting a footpath or an underbridge!

If these cells (sick minded people) are let to multiply at the nascent stage, they are bound to become cancerous tumors which certainly are going to first painfully torture the society (as they are doing now) and then vanish it completely. Can we afford to let us suffer from this cancer?

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  1. by stopping their entry in delhi without proper scrutiny as said above...


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