Saturday, 17 November 2018

Culinary Ode To India At Paatra...

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The Jaypee Group of Hotels is one of the reputed hospitality chains across the Indian mainland. On a recent visit to one of their premier properties in the heart of Delhi, Jaypee Vasant Continental, I had a chance to relish the choicest of Indian delicacies courtesy their gourmet restaurant catering wholeheartedly to Indian cuisine - Paatra.

Located on Level 1, the restaurant has been tastefully designed - as goes the interior, decor, or the thoughtfully curated menu.

Done up in amber and beige hues, Paatra is well-lit during the day, while soft lighting complements a flavorful meal during evenings. Ambient music recreating classical tunes from the rich symphonies closer to the mainland of India is the final touch that sets the mood right for a dining experience at Paatra.

The restaurant offers both Buffet and Ala Carte schemes of dining so patrons are spoiled for choice at Paatra. Sunday Brunch whipping up a variety of cuisines is yet another feather in Paatra's cap.

Well begun is half done goes the age-old adage, and hence my meal at Paatra begun with an Amuse Bouché comprising of crisp lotus stem and roasted fox nuts on a bed of potato sticks with a carrot relish and a dash of mascarpone cheese on the side, garnished with micro-greens.

Alongside the meal, there was also a poppadom basket and a relish platter.

Coming to the delicacies that Chef Vaibhav Suri made us relish on the account of a thoughtfully curated Tasting Menu...


Tulsi Aur Pudine Ka Nichod was a refreshing welcome drink that had the slight bitterness of basil and mint combination neutralized by the subtlety of honey.

Paan Colada is Paatra's rendition of the classic Pina Colada, substituting pineapple with Paan, thus giving it an Indian accentuation.

Kheera Khaas was a cucumber concoction paired with chopped green chilies to bring up the spice quotient.


Mattarwali Tikki is an in-house specialty being a fresh green peas patty mashed with cottage cheese, that was soft enough to melt-in-mouth but firm enough not to crumble in hand.

Dahi Aur Makhane Ki Shaami was a novel pairing between the classic hung curd and the nutritious fox nut rendered in an aesthetic manner, garnished with beetroot relish.

Paratdaar Paneer Tikka, as the name suggests, is a textured delight with layers of mint relish sandwiched between soft cottage cheese chunks.

Marwa Jhinga was an absolute delight in prawn being layered with mint on a bed of poppadom crisps, paired nicely with mango relish.

Kutti Mirch Ka Macchi Tikka was a mildly spicy preparation with flavorful fish morsels garnished with micro greens.

Main Course:

Paneer Pyaaz Ki Subzi brought Rajasthan to the table in the manner that soft cottage cheese dumplings and button mushrooms were rendered in a luscious gravy.

Shadras Subziyan had a number of exotic veggies - baby corn, broccoli, asparagus - paired with mushrooms and bell peppers - prepared in an Indian style.

Nadru Anjeer Ke Kofte took a subtle hint from Kashmir to pair lotus stem and fig to make nutty, mildly spicy dumplings.

Dal Makhani is the classic lentil favorite across the North Indian belt, that was served at Paatra with a dollop of butter.

Subz Pudina Pulao had flavorful, long grain rice, cooked with carrot, beans, and peas, that also had Raita to go along with.

All the gravies also had an assortment of breads to pair them with, the one that stood out the most was Do Raah Lachcha Parantha, being half-and-half in its preparation.


The dessert at Paatra was the showstopper to a thoughtfully curated meal in being an ode to Indian preparation as three of the most favorite desserts - Kesar Pista Kulfi, Panjeeri, and Rasmalai had teamed up to present an aesthetic, gastronomic melange.

On the whole, I had a delightful meal at Paatra complemented by attention to detail, soothing ambience, and the concept of 'service with a smile'. :) 

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

On A Gastronomic Sojourn At AMPM...

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The Galleria Market at Gurugram is one of the popular shop-and-dine hubs in the millennium city, and rightfully so, given the fact that patrons are spoilt for choice when it comes to an eventful outing with friends or family alike.

A recent shopping spree thus culminated in a visit to AMPM Cafe, located on the second floor, and providing a bird's eye view of the vicinity.

As the name suggests, AMPM has been modeled around the concept of all-day-dining that reflects in the variety showcased on the menu, and the vibe of the place that becomes peppier as sundown approaches.

Largely known as 'The Birthplace of Lickables', AMPM always impresses with what is presented on the plate, and this time also, my visit was no different.

Featuring a live kitchen, AMPM scores given the fact that you're able to see how your food comes to the plate the way it does.

Here's what would be my recommendation when visiting AMPM for a meal...


Chaat At AMPM was a tangy combination of chickpeas, yogurt, and tamarind with a garnish of pomegranate seeds and crispy spinach fritters on the side.

Kadhai Paneer Sliders are one of the best quick bites on offer, perfect for an Indianized palate, complete with baby garlic flatbread, chargrilled cottage cheese topped with coriander seeds, and a salad and gravy on the side.

Asparagus and Broccoli Dimsums is the best bet coming to the Oriental side of the meal. Steamed nicely, the pockets are a burst of fresh greens on the palate.

Pulled Cheese Garlic Bread is baked aesthetically, with a portion of crispy potato fries and mayonnaise on the side.


Minestrone Rosso is AMPM's take on Italy in a bowl. The warm broth of veggies and pasta is served alongside a breadstick and a garnish of cheese.

Spinach and Coconut is a thick soup borrowing from Thai flavors.

Japanese Ramen Bowl is Japan on a plate, a wholesome one-bowl-meal comprising of noodles and veggies.

Main Course: 

Fish 'n' Chips is the quintessential panko-crusted fish, served with a portion of French Fries and mayonnaise. At AMPM, the fish was crispy, lightly breaded and simply melt-in-mouth on the inside.

Ratatouille, native to Europe, formed for a delicious meal - classic rice and veggies - with a feel-good-factor accompanying.


Fresh Watermelon Juice was the fix of the day with vitamins and that enviable baby pink hue.

Scottish Obsession is an alias for one of the prime Lickables at AMPM - a thick shake prepared using Butterscotch Ice-cream and candied fruit.

Kulf-e-Chic is the 'Kulfi Gajak' desert from the house of AMPM rendered in liquid form, with morsels of Chikki on the outside, and a Kulfi to relish alongside the Lickable.

Nutella Hot Chocolate is one of warm, sweet beverages on the menu, served with a smile, and a rather generous utilization of choco chips.


Rasmalai Cheesecake is one of the fusion desserts at AMPM, blending Indian and American flavors effortlessly.

All in all, a visit to AMPM ensures good times with great company, given the delicious preparation coupled with light-hearted banter. :) 

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Hues Of Regional Cuisines At JAMUN...

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Jamun is an ode to the culinary diversity that India boasts of. Tucked away in a quaint space at Lodhi Colony, Jamun is easily one of the best places that do Indian food with grace and panache.

Not only is the vibe of the place homely, but also the preparation of dishes stemming from the Indian mainland exude a feel-good factor.

Done up in violet hues, with vines of bougainvillea forming for pleasant floral embellishments, cane chairs, and hanging lanterns, Jamun is a slice of the old-world charm nestled in the heart of Delhi.

Attracting a mix of expats and the home crowd, Jamun has made its way into the hearts of its clientele and I am surely impressed by my overall experience. :)

Though the menu is dedicated to gastronomic trails across the length and breadth of India and one is undoubtedly spoilt for choice, here's what I relished during my time at Jamun.

Also, a point worth commendation is the thought that has gone behind the curation of the menu, with dishes being marked as 'Gluten-Free' or 'Vegan', 'Healthy' or 'Spicy' as deemed appropriate too.

I liked the concept of a stacked Poppadom Platter on the side, for the entire duration of the meal, comprising of a variety of crisps and complimentary relishes.


Kala Khatta is the childhood-reminiscent concoction of blackberry syrup and lime topped with the choicest of spices for a burst of flavors on the palate, rendered in a shade of violet.

Jaisalmer Juan has the quintessential tried-and-tested pairing of fresh orange juice and basil for that refreshing citrus taste.


Shakarkand Ki Chaat, a staple during Delhi winters, and prevalent across North India at large, this sweet potato preparation was taken a step ahead by pairing it with an in-house special condiment mix and the subtle ginger flavoring.

Karuveppilai Prawns literally 'Curry Leaf Prawns' makes its way to the table at Jamun, all the way from Kovalam. The crisp curry leaf marination takes the taste buds on a trip down south.

Main Course:

Ker Sangri Kofta, as the name suggests is a melange of 'Ker' berry and 'Sangri' beans.

Rendered in cottage cheese dumplings, the gravy was best paired with Mathania Mirchi Parantha.


Passteis De Nata is a Portuguese custard tart straight from the sands of Panjim, Goa, paired with Cinnamon Ice Cream at Jamun for the sweet conclusion.

Gulab Jamun is an in-house specialty at Jamun, given the fact that it is a warm dumpling rendered in sugar syrup and topped with an assortment of nuts.

Additionally, meals at Jamun are also concluded with an assortment of digestive mouth fresheners.

If there's one hotspot in the city for relishing the best regional Indian cuisine, it is JAMUN. Of course, the prior reservation would be a given, since the establishment is quite popular among locals and expats alike. :)