Friday, 10 November 2017

Saying #ISeoulU At Seoul-India Friendship Festival...

The last two days have been buzzing with activity at Cyber Hub in NCR thanks to the Seoul Metropolitan Government's decision to celebrate its first-ever Seoul-India Friendship Festival, inaugurated by Mayor of Seoul Park Won-soon and other prominent state dignitaries.

Lamp Lighting

With a view to promoting cultural ties and highlighting an amicable exchange across multiple facets between the City of Seoul and Delhi NCR, various aspects of Seoul’s art, culture and entertainment were showcased to a healthy mix of Indian and South Korean audiences at Cyber Hub.

Seoul, being the Capital of South Korea, is a metropolis teeming with modern skyscrapers and high-tech subways, that offers a fascinating fragment of the past at its World Heritage listed sites.

The city was ranked as the favorite world city by Asian tourists in the recent past and has boomed to become the world's tenth most economically powerful city and the second-largest metropolitan in the last five decades.

Seoul offers an intersection between pop culture and Buddhism to exhibit an unadulterated tinge of adventure to global travelers with its authentic and diverse culture and has gradually emerged to be a popular tourist destination among Indians.

It was heartening to witness first-hand, a classic Korean performance of the likes of Nanta, which being a non-verbal show incorporating traditional Samul Nori rhythm provided some much needed comedic relief in the depressing weather that Delhi NCR has had to put up with, of late.

Nanta for some comedic relief

The B-Boying battle between Indian and Korean groups along with some classic Bollywood dance performances thrilled young dance enthusiasts among the visitors at the festival.

Bollywood Dance and B-Boying

The Seoul-India Friendship Festival provided a platform for locals including Korean expatriates in India to experience Korean heritage and to revel in interesting performances staged by artists from both countries.

 Glimpses of B-Boying Battle

Commenting on the conclusion of the Seoul-Indian Friendship Festival, Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon said,

“The Seoul-India Friendship Festival was a great success and helped in establishing a deep cultural connect and understanding between the two countries. The festival facilitated cultural exchange between Delhi and Seoul in an entertaining and interactive manner. Such formats are a great medium for the audiences of different countries to intermingle and strengthen their bond”.

He added,

“We are deeply grateful to Indian authorities and partners who worked dedicatedly to make the festival a great accomplishment. Without their support and cooperation, we wouldn’t have been able to share the best of our heritage & culture with our Indian friends. We hope the initiative continues to support friendship and exchange between the two countries”.

Concluding this chronicle with short video footages of the cultural activities held at the Seoul-India Friendship Festival for the readers to enjoy as well. :)


Tunes with Cutting Boards

Korean Drumming


Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Rocking The Delhi Times Lifestyle Week: #DTLW

November began on a trendy note with Style Gods smiling heartily as the crème-de-la-crème and stars of vogue descended in Delhi all thanks to a two-day long Delhi Times Lifestyle Week that was underway in the capital in association with Kohler and Panasonic Beauty.

With spectacular lineups for avant-garde collections pioneered by some of the most iconic names in the style circle as its highlight, #DTLW was all about trendy looks with chic designs setting the ramp ablaze.

While the commencement stood testimony to bespoke creations showcased by celebrated designers like Mandira Wirk, Samant Chauhan and Rocky Star, the showstopper for the evening was actress Evelyn Sharma who walked the ramp in a Rocky S designer outfit, closing for the day.

Models Laxmi Rana, Sonalika Sahay, Candice Pinto, Deepti Gujral, Donna Masih and others dazzled the stage and mesmerized the audience as they walked the ramp showcasing the work of the designers.

Mandira Wirk presented her 'Pastel Romance' with intricately detailed designs that had minimalist aesthetics.

Samant Chauhan’s collection was an ode to the blank canvas as well as to all those metaphors that stand for life and light.

However, it was a rose gold ensemble with an envious flair that Evelyn dazzled in, as it was a dramatic silhouette with bold motifs, thereby blending Rocky Star's ideation of old-world charm with contemporary fascination.

Catch Evelyn's dramatic twirl...

On the other hand, #DTLW also culminated as it had commenced - on an exceptionally glamorous note - with Pia Pauro, Siddartha Tytler, and Falguni and Shane Peacock showcased their couture and prêt collections on the day of conclusion.

Pia Pauro’s 'Wonderflip' was presented by Sunar Jewels.

It frolicked around with vibrant hues, nomadic embroideries, layering and cool cotton fabrics to complement those long hours of dancing effortlessly.

Siddartha 'Sid' Tytler’s collection romanced in black, earthy tones with highlights in gold.

Catch a glimpse of the monochrome canvas painted by Siddhartha...

 Falguni and Shane Peacock took #DTLW to the next level by showcasing their signature use of feathers, sequins, and prints.

The icing on the cake was that the premium lifestyle week was drawn to a close with a captivating walk by actress Diana Penty for the grand finale.

The Delhi Times Lifestyle Week closed on an enthralling note as the ramp came alive with color, art, tradition, and of course, a heavy dose of style over the course of a couple of days drenched in extravagance.  

Sunday, 29 October 2017

A Visit To The Luggage Room...

The Luggage Room Kitchen And Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

The Luggage Room is one of the fairly new entrants on the F&B scene in the heart of the capital city. 

An offshoot of Sandoz Group, The Luggage Room emulates a lounge perfect for that relaxed weekend meal with friends complemented by ambient music in the backdrop.

I had visited them earlier this month for lunch and the place was easy to spot given its prime location in M Block, Outer Circle right above House of Commons and adjacent to 38 Barracks and The G.T. Road.

The Luggage Room is located on the second floor and can be moderately or dimly lit depending on if your visit coincides with a party being held there. As the name suggests, The Luggage Room features a wall of backpacks and every element in the decor borrows from the concept of a suitcase. Be it the door at the entrance, the menu, the table or even the platter in which the dishes are presented, almost every facet speaks of 'luggage' at The Luggage Room.

Coming to what would be some of the well-made dishes worth a try at The Luggage Room...


Mushroom & Cheese Cigar Rolls were crisply served in shot glasses with a sweet chili sauce at the bottom.

Ajwaini Fish Tikka came with an in-house tartar sauce and the fish fillets were soft and flavorful.

Chicken Malai Tikka was creamy and had mint chutney to go along.

Tempura Vegetables were an assortment of veggies served with a somewhat tangy sauce.

Mint Lemon Fish was an Oriental preparation that had the prominent lemon flavor with bell peppers to go along the melt-in-mouth fish chunks.

Fish 'N' Chips is a classic wherein the fish was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Chips here were not the classic French Fries but some unique fried crisps.


Caesar Salad had the leafy counterpart complemented by numerous chicken chunks.


Tuscan Tomato was served with garlic bread on the side and had a cheesy crouton as garnish.

Lemon Coriander was not just a clear soup with lime and greens but also had veggies for a welcome change.

Main Course:

Special Mix Pizza was recommended by the staff and was a cheesy thin crust preparation loaded with assorted veggies.

Kadhai Paneer was a classic that went well with the bread basket and salad.


Chocolate Brownie with Ice-cream is a classic sweet conclusion and the brownie here was exceptionally soft and moist.

On the whole, The Luggage Room deserves a visit if you wish to relish some nice food over light banter and good company complemented by a musical ambiance. 

Friday, 20 October 2017

Ola Portugal With #GoaInCP At Lady Baga...

Lady Baga has been a favorite for Goan food in the heart of the capital city ever since my first visit to the shack. This time around, it was as a consequence of their recently launched month-long 'Portuguese Food Festival' that commenced on October 8.

Lady Baga multiple factors working in its favor, be it their prime location - right opposite PVR Rivoli and Khadi Gramudyoga - or their decor, ambiance, attentive service, and fantastic food.

The restaurant derives its name and the vacay vibes from a popular North Goan beach which is its namesake. It is a two-floor restaurant wherein the second floor has been demarcated as a Smoker's Zone.

The outlet is complete with summery wall decals, shell curtains, and dreamcatchers for that coastal touch. Goan music playing in the backdrop adds an ambient touch too.

Coming to the Menu specifically curated for the Festival by Chef Abhijit Mondal and Team,  they have a considerable variety of authentic Portuguese dishes across both vegetarian and non-vegetarian streams.

Here's what would be the must-try dishes when saying Ola Portugal! at Lady Baga...

Small Bites: 

Cajun Olive Fries had an abundant topping of olives, jalapenos, and parsley with a hint of Cajun spices as the name suggests, and an apt crunch.

Chicken BBQ Fries were prepared with an in-house barbeque sauce and crunchy chicken chunks.

Cheese and Fig Toasties had melted mozzarella and shallots working in their favor. It was served with an in-house mayonnaise on the side.

Fofos i.e. Red Snapper Fish Rolls are a Portuguese classic and the Chefs at Lady Baga have improvised to utilize Red Snapper instead of Salted Cod. This one came with a dip. a tangy pickle and a dash of lime on the side.

Almondegas De Peixe (Fish Cakes) were presented in vibrant silicone cups, garnished with sweet corn, and bell peppers. It had a hint of egg in its preparation and bell peppers had been layered within the cupcake as well.

Torradas De Camarao (Prawn Toast) was topped with an in-house special sauce and molten cheese served with French Fries on the side. The toast was crunchy and the prawn was simply melt-in-mouth.

Main Course: 

Sunday Roast was chicken preparation paired with roasted herbed baby potatoes, veggies, and Pav. It was a bit spicy for my palate but the chicken had been cooked nicely.

Prawn Pilaf is a classic Goan preparation with rice cooked in a broth, with assorted nuts and veggies. Long story short, it was a delicious one-pot-meal.


Serradura or Sawdust Pudding is another authentic sweet preparation from Portugal complete with layers of biscuit crumble, condensed milk, and whipped cream. It was layered with a caramel net on top and had cherries as garnish.

Apple Crepe Suzette was a warm dessert made of cinnamon apples and had toffee syrup and cherries as a garnish, with an accompanying ice-cream scoop.

On the whole, Lady Baga is the one-stop destination to visit whenever you want to experience #GoaInCP. :)