Saturday, 18 May 2019

Melange Of Flavors At Station...

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Station Bar, formerly The Vault Cafe, is one of the popular lounges in the heart of the city at Connaught Place.

Modeled around the concept of train station lounges from around the world, Station is a spacious, moderately lit place with a swanky bar and variety of seating arrangements emulating the berth system in trains nicely.

As private lounges are a few of the famous stations from the world, and ambient music is played in the backdrop round the clock.

Service is quick, attentive, and done with a smile. Stewards are considerably informed about the dishes on the menu. Coming to the menu at Station Bar, which boasts of a selection of preparations across multiple cuisines - Indian, Oriental, Continental, Italian et al.

The most popular appetizer at Station is the Mini Vada Pao with Harissa Pesto topped with fried green chili and mint dip on the side, presented essentially as a slider while coming a close second is the Mushroom Croquettes that have soft and cheesy button mushrooms served with Garlic Aioli.

Among the Indian starters, a good bet would be Kesar Dahi Ke Kebab or soft, melt-in-mouth hung curd pockets or the Amritsari Machchi Tikka that is smoked off the grill.

The Old School Gyoza is a chicken dumpling basket wherein the gyoza is authentically served with a crisp bottom paired with chili sauce on the side, while the Pesto Cottage Cheese and Burnt Peppers wrap is a bite-sized filler in itself.

On the other hand, Asian Fizz and Berry Blast are good mocktails to sip on while you have your meal at Station.

For Mains, it would be a good idea to take the Italian or Continental route with in-house specialties, Station Super Veggies Pizza prepared on a thin crust base with a mix of veggie toppings, Wild Mushroom Risotto served with a side of burnt garlic bread, or Grilled Cottage Cheese layered with pesto sauce, and served with a portion of grilled veggies and brown rice.

As for the sweet conclusion, some sun-kissed Creme Brulee or eggless Chocolate Brownie topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream would be just fine.

All in all, Station packs a punch in being a package that scores with patrons owing to its overall vibe. :)

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Tapas From The Globe At La Roca...

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Tapas is a word of Spanish origin signifying appetizers or small plates. Recently, Aerocity in the heart of Delhi has made way for its first World Tapas Bar going by the name of La Roca.

Moreover, I had a chance to visit La Roca, literally 'The Rock' located in WorldMark 1 and I was glad to note that it was a place of substance in the hospitality sector, going by the fact that it relies not only on aesthetics but has the solid backing of an interesting concept to its credit.

The first thing that catches the eye on entering La Roca is the majestic bar Nectar, which is like the centerpiece. In fact, the USP of the place is that they utilize only natural ingredients in preparing their blends, rather there is a lot of experimentation in creating fusion cocktails but absolutely no usage of sweetened syrups.

Also what appealed to me is that despite the seating arrangement being non-intrusive, the stewards are attentive and service is done with a smile.

Coming to the intricately crafted Menu that features Pan-Asian, European, and Modern Indian, even though the focus is on small plates being a Tapas Bar, Mains have also been incorporated effortlessly by Chef Akshay Bhardwaj and Team.

Since the place itself is class-apart, the food being stellar and a cut above the rest should come as a no-brainer.

Meals at La Roca begin with Kimchi Bao as amuse bouche (palate cleanser) and Watermelon Refresher as a welcome drink.

Furthermore, the Salmon Carpaccio as hors d'oeuvre hits the home run, as does its vegetarian counterpart Beetroot Carpaccio with candied walnuts offering that enviable caramelized crunch.

While the Prawn Hargao were bite-sized pockets of perfection, the Lobster and Prawn Gyoza was pleasantly unique in its upside-down plating.

Also, the Tuna Sushi was like a symphony on the palate with distinct flavors making their mark.

Even though I gave the meticulously crafted concoctions from Nectar a miss being a teetotaler, two good options to go along with the appetizers would be Sweet Lime Collins and Mango & Passion Fruit Sour.

There are quite a few stellar options as far as Main Course is concerned namely the Paneer Shashlik in Chappa Bread with greens accompanying the nicely grilled cottage cheese, topped with a cherry tomato, and hummus on the side, Mushroom Risotto that is hands-down one of the finest in Delhi and the Two Dimensional Snapper that has an elaborate aesthetic while retaining authentic flavor.

Also unmissable is the Truffle Mushroom Bao with their soft dough and glistening golden-brown mushrooms and the Roasted Tomato and Mozarrella Spaghetti prepared in arrabbiata sauce.

The showstopping sweet conclusion to the meal has to be the signature Coco & Soil which is like a cocoa Tree of Life spelling out La Roca in edible glitter, Creme Brulee that has the outer caramelization breaking like a shell on the tap of a spoon, and the crunchy Caramel and Popcorn that offers a unique texture and taste on the palate.

All in all, La Roca is a fantastic attempt to bring global flavors on the plate back here in Delhi and I am mighty impressed with my overall experience. 

Thursday, 18 April 2019

Modern Indian At Farzi Cafe...

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Farzi Cafe is one of the pioneers when it comes to the world's perception of modern Indian cuisine. The brainchild of Zorawar Kalra, Farzi Cafe has left its mark on the culinary map of the globe with outlets across Dubai, London, and India - across Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, and Mumbai.

With a flair for blending culinary expertise with modern aesthetics while abiding by cooking techniques, Farzi Cafe has managed to gain a thumbs up from critics and patrons alike. The newest Farzi Cafe outlet in Delhi has been established recently at WorldMark 3, Aerocity and I was keen to explore what new flavors Farzi had introduced Aerocity to.

Spread across two floors with chic interiors, natural lighting, outdoor seating, ambient music and a swanky bar to its credit, the ambiance at Farzi Aerocity scores brownie points.

The menu focuses on Modern Indian cuisine wherein there is a nice variety of dishes across the spectrum. The stewards are well-informed about all the preparations on the menu and service is quick.

Meals at Farzi Cafe are preceded by the amuse bouche - Dahi Shots served on a bed of fuming liquid nitrogen to act as a palate cleanser.

Begin the meal with the popular home-like Dal Chawal Arancini served on a bed of condiments and a rolled poppadom on top.

Follow it up with Masala Jackfruit Cigars that leave a tangy imprint on the palate served with mayo on the side in a Farzi Box.

Do not also miss the signature Tempura Fried Prawns topped with lemon chili foam, that is crispy yet smooth on the palate.

For a visit to the rustic local streets of Delhi whilst lounging at Farzi Cafe, try the Mini Raj Kachori that is a mouthful with its crispy okra salad on the side stealing the show.

From among the Kebabs, worth a mention are the melt-in-mouth Malai Badaam Broccoli with its creamy texture and crispy almond flakes and Achari Fish Tikka that is the perfect balance of firmness in layers yet smooth on the palate.

To go along with the appetizers is the signature mocktail at Farzi, Litchi Panna Desire. Given the summer vibes, the refreshing tanginess of mango is a win-win. An unpopular choice would be the Date Me, and as the name.

To mark the transition from Appetizers to Mains, Mango Sorbet is again served to refresh the palate.

Pizzas at Farzi Cafe are the classic thin-crust preparation and are a nice mix of crispy and cheesy, with that cheese pull forming for that insta-worthy capture.

Among the Mains, while Amritsari Chole with Puri puff reminds of the authentic Delhi-6 flavors, the Rajasthani Kadhi amped up with Ghee Pulao that has those long-grain rice and caramelized onions guarantee a gastronomical trip to the desert.

On the other hand, while Mushroom Do Pyaza served alongside Ajwain Parantha carries the subtleties of a home-cooked meal, the Summer Veg Kofta has a sweetened cardamom gravy served with Green Chili Parantha that balances the flavor profile well.

Desserts at Farzi Cafe are stellar, with Rasmalai Tres Leches being the showstopper of the meal as it is a layered dessert alternating between spongy Rasmalai and seasonal favorite Gajar Ka Halwa, and Lemon Tart which is a deconstructed version of the tangy dessert paired with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream topped with rainbow sprinkles.

The final sweet conclusion though comes in the form a refreshing Cotton Candy Pan Gujiya.

All in all, a meal at Farzi Cafe is a spectacle, both aesthetically and gastronomically. :)