Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Exclusivity Beckons At Ministry Of Beer...

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Ministry Of Beer is the newest entrant on the food scene in Connaught Place. Having heard a lot about the outlet, a few days after its launch, I decided to pay these folks a visit to reckon what all the buzz was about.

MOB Brewpub is located in M Block, Outer Circle, and is in the same line of outlets as 38 Barracks and House of Commons. The outlet has been divided into three sections from within, with their brewery on the ground floor and a small seating area on the first floor in the first section, from where patrons enter. An exit from the first section leads to the second - an open air seating space which is essentially a smoking zone of sorts. A staircase from this open area leads to the third - a three-floor seating space wherein the first floor houses their kitchen (that has a host of welding helmets all over its wall, to hint at Work in Progress) and boasts of two private dining areas.

Much thought has been put into the design and decor of the space by Sandeep to reflect chic elements that burst with the quirky resemblance to artistic perspective. Take for instance the chairs made of cog wheels on either side of a mask that has clocks for its eyes, or the process of fermentation being depicted in front of the bar on the ground floor, or the metal anthuriums on the wall in the first section.

The seating inspired by Eiffel Tower, or a full blown dragon spring in the open area, or the lady with cogs for its hair painted at the staircase, or the cogs, wheels, number plates and a wall model of the Wright Brothers' airplane in the private dining area.

All such interior designing innovation resonates with the fact that MOB is a youth oriented hospitality destination. Needless to say, the aesthetic value impresses. 

The style reflects not just in the interiors but also the food. With a host of cuisines being served at MOB, there's a lot of variety to be chosen from and as always, I took the easy way out by means of a menu curated by the Chef at MOB.

Here's what all was relished on my visit to Ministry of Beer...


Hot Basil Sole Fish was crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.

Old Monk Tandoori Raan is the signature dish being served at MOB.

Chili Prawn had the right amount of spice in them.

Paneer Tacos were served in an aesthetic manner atop an automobile of sorts.

Palak Patta Kalamata Olive Chaat was the quintessential crispy spinach leaves topped with a host of dips and Sev.

Achari Paneer Tikka was a delight from the Tandoor, chargrilled in a fine manner.

EBI Tempura Maki was essentially Sushi and I found this one to be in close contention with the one served at The Bento Box. In a similar manner, it was presented with wasabi and ginger.

Mascarpone Dahi Kebab was served with a glaze of orange dip along with mint chutney.

Chicken Hargaw was essentially Dimsums that came in a steam basket accompanied by complementing dips.


A range of the best-selling mocktails was presented for tasting.

Main Course, which was served along with Steamed Rice, an assortment of Indian Breads, and Salad:

Dal Makhni

Paneer Khatta Pyaaz


Darsan was the classic honey dipped flat noodles topped with sesame seeds and served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

Biramisu was MOB's take on the classic Italian Tiramisu

Beer Mississippi Cake

All in all, I feel that the buzz around Ministry of Beer is justified as these folks are acing it with their ambiance, food, and service.

Again, MOB Brewpub is one of the breweries in the city that can stand in the sector for long, basis its food and not just liquor, as the name suggests. It is a unique experience indeed, to be at, and spend time relaxing either with family (opt for the private dining space, if you would) or friends, over great food and banter. :)

Vapors Of Excellence At Vapour Bar Exchange...

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Vapour Bar Exchange is the newest outlet of the Vapour franchise to have set base at Global Foyer Mall, Gurgaon. On coming to know about the same, I decided to pay this newest kid on the block a visit.

The outlet is prominently located on the Ground Floor of the mall and is thus a convenient find. Moreover, its large banner proclaims its arrival at Golf Course Road.

While that huge bull statue at the entrance looks welcoming, a large bar overlooks the separate seating areas demarcated into smoking and non-smoking zones.

There's a plus point right there as it ensures non-intrusiveness into patrons' personal spaces. The exquisite leather couches and an American retro feel lend to the outlet, a chilled-out vibe.

Vapour Bar Exchange is a themed restaurant borrowing its concept from the Stock Exchange and applying it to the beverages being offered. The price fluctuates according to the popularity of a certain beverage at a particular instant in time.

Apart from the thought put into designing the aesthetics of the place, a thought has also been put into presenting the menu in the manner of an English Daily christened as 'Times of Bar Exchange'. Apart from listing the dishes, the menu also features Alcohol Facts, a crossword centered around liquor, some jokes and a sudoku to while away time while food is presented on the plate.

Call it a coincidence if you would but being a teetotaler, I visited a Microbrewery in Navratras, trying to gauge if Vapour excels only in marketing its liquor or if it is able to score well solely on the basis of the food it offers. Needless to say, all vegetarian delicacies were had, sans any alcohol.

Here's what all was relished at Vapour Bar Exchange with dishes curated by Chef Upender. All of the dishes are presented in an aesthetic manner. (read out-of-the-box in case of dishes involving cryogenic elements)


Dahi Ke Sholey is the most classic vegetarian dish and was presented in an authentic manner with its taste on point.

Palak Patta Chaat had a vibrant presentation and was the right amount of crisp and tangy, topped with mint air.

Bhalla Papri Chaat was presented in a molecular gastronomic avatar with puffed rice flakes that were frozen using liquid nitrogen. The flavors were as classic as could be.

Tempura Vegetables were tossed in Chili Garlic Sauce and had the right amount of chili going into their making.

Ragda Pigme Kulchas were presented in an interesting manner and were the best from among the appetizers. This one is an innovative cross between Ragda Pattice and Chole Kulche.


Caeser Salad with Parmesan Air, as suggested by the nomenclature, had a cryogenic element in the form of parmesan foam. The ingredients that went into the dish were prominent and not just for namesake.


All of the beverages were presented in an aesthetic manner and the key elements of that went into the preparation of each drink were prominent on the palate.

Tangerine Mojito
Fruit Infusion
Kiwi Melon Cooler

Mango Queen
Raspberry Orange Twist

Virgin Mojito


Cauliflower Bolognese with Spaghetti had a crisp element and at first, though, I wasn't able to guess, it turned out to be cauliflower itself that lent a unique taste to the dish. This one is a must have just for that element.


Spinach and Corn Pides was essentially a Turkish dish - an eye-shaped pizza - that had sweet corn, blanched spinach, and cheese. Thus, this was a good out-of-the-box dish that I hadn't had so far.

Main Course: 

Veg Macarena was an assortment of veggies dunked in cheesy sauce, served along with steamed rice.

Dal Makhni with Chur Chur Naan frankly reminded me of Dilli - 6. Served along with Jeera Aloo, this one is a must have if you want to relish a basic dish as Dal Makhni prepared in the most fantastic manner.

Hyderabadi Paneer Masala Tawa was all about cottage cheese chunks cooked in Indian spices and topped with mint, served alongside Indian Breads.


Garlic Kheer is an authentic Lucknowi dessert, I was told by Chef Upender, yet I hadn't heard of it so far. Topped with a variety of seven flowers including rose petals, and without any pungency of the garlic, this is undoubtedly the most unique dish on Vapour's menu.

All in all, Vapour Bar Exchange comes across as an excellent option for dining with friends as well as family on any given occasion as it is a place that has its food, service, and ambiance, all on point. :)