Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Oriental Meals At Berco's...

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Berco's is an iconic name when it comes to Oriental Cuisine in the heart of Delhi. It is one such chain that has sustained its quality and innovated constantly to keep patrons coming back for their preparations over the past many decades.

On a recent occasion, I decided to pay Berco's Connaught Place a visit, as I heard of the introduction of their Oriental Meal Bowls from a colleague.

The outlet holds on to the look and feel of a Chinese house with the decor and trinkets (read Buddha engraving and Bamboo shoots) reflecting the same. The service is as courteous and dishes as delicious as they have constantly been over the years.

Coming to our meal, here's what all appealed to me from their Special Oriental Meals Menu and what all must not be missed when you visit Berco's while this Menu is on offer.

Singapore Laksa was a flavorful coconut and yellow curry broth served with noodles.

Teriyaki Udon brought Japanese flavors to the plate with Udon noodles tossed in Teriyaki sauce.

Bun Ga Xao was served with Vietnamese Chicken atop steamed noodles.

Thai Soggy Rice was all about the edible fungus i.e. Mushrooms.

Nasi Goreng has been a favorite ever since and had to be presented on the plate here at Berco's.

As a wrap up to the flavorful meal, Darsan was served.

And, to gulp all those calories, I had their quintessential Chinese Tea.

I recall Berco's as being a part and parcel of family dinner plans since long.

I must applaud the persistence in their endeavor and hope that their Oriental Meal Bowl Menu impresses regular patrons like myself. :)

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Education 4.0 With Auronya College...

‘Education 4.0’ – a revolutionary focus in education that will be defined in the coming decades through the conduit of technology, as it infuses itself into every sphere of humanity; be it biological, social, environmental or economic is being pioneered in India by Auronya College at Pondicherry.

Mr.Abhaya Kumar Jain – Founding Executive Chairman, Auronya and Dr.Indira J Parikh – Founding Chairperson, Auronya; the renowned education experts in the country are the driving thought leaders behind Auronya College.

Auronya College aims to answer the unknown future by proving an all-encompassing curriculum of programs to impart Education 4.0.Addressing the burning question of ‘What it will be’ in the 21st Century; as the world is at the dawn of the new industrial revolution, Auronya College has conceptualized and will be realizing Education 4.0, for the very first time in India.

The unique disruptive system of Education 4.0 not only focuses on ‘what is taught’ but it takes a more nuanced approach to ‘the way it is taught’; an education model which is aligned with future trends, so as to develop and enhance individualized education that would go on to  define the way that youngsters of tomorrow work and live.

Supported with a heady mix of high-end technology directed towards a ‘future-centric’ knowledge, the full-bodied curriculum aims to embed timeless values and culture and as it throws light on our connections to nature, thus paving a strong path to lead humanity.

Designed by architect Padmashri B V Doshi, the campus will be state of the art and have amenities like Virtual & Augmented Reality studios, 3D printing facility, think spaces, amphitheater, smart classroom, sports facilities, gymnasium, swimming pool etc; the sprawling campus of Auronya will have six departments   - School of Design & Sciences; School of Humanity & Art; School of Business & Economics; School of Social Science; School of Research & Intelligence and School of Media & Communication. The event also marked the launch of Antariksh - one-year post graduate diploma program in New Age Management & Leadership (PGDNAML), beginning in October 2017.
Antariksh is designed to prepare Future Leaders, who are ready to lead in the 4th Industrial revolution; it will focus on complete transformation and not a singular improvement in the skills and abilities of an individual in interconnected ecosystems.

Eligibility for Antariksh was elucidated as follows:

  • Candidates who have a minimum of 2-5 years of full-time work experience at any level in external or family business can apply for the program
  • Candidates without any work experience can also apply and will have to go through a specially designed screening process for fresh graduates
  • The introductory fee for the year-long program is Rs 15, 00,000,  inclusive of resort style accommodation & food, global immersion, national immersion, boot camp, personal growth lab and spiritual immersion
  • The management will provide scholarships for students on a need cum merit basis

Speaking at the event, Mr.Abhaya Kumar – Founding Executive Chairman, Auronya said, “Auronya College aims to bring a paradigm shift in the education system to align ourselves with the fourth industrial revolution by redesigning the 20th century model of education to meet real-time needs of internationalized, technology driven fast changing the 21st century. Auronya is built with a foundation of creation and contribution embracing the spirit of liberal education, invention, intelligence, globalization and entrepreneurship.”

Speaking about Auronya, Dr.Indira Parikh - Founding Chairperson, Auronya said, “This millennium has created a major discontinuity in the existence of human beings. The generation born in this decade and those yet to be born will be confronting a revolution in technology and as a consequence in the life and living and relationships amongst people. Education and employment will undergo change not available in the history of mankind. In order to meet the unfolding of this New Age Change the country needs to prepare an education which will be the real agent for the times and meaningful to the generation of students... the country will also need to prepare leaders who will take the responsibility to shape this change in a most dignifies human manner.”

“AURONYA is one such academic institution which is starting a pioneering Post Graduate Program in New Age Management and Leadership. The courses offered at AURONYA are designed based on the technology just in the making, impact of technology in occupation, at work, in the family and the human existence. These are courses which are futuristic and envisaged how the world will be shaped by these technologies.  Education at AURONYA will prepare students to be ready with domain knowledge of BioSciences, Nanotechnology, Digitisation and similar other subjects. When these technologies emerge there will be students ready with knowledge and clarity of taking the leadership roles. They will all be ready to respond to the changes in the human phenomenon so that people can cope with and give shape to these changes.” added Dr. Indira.

Mr.Anuj Sharma, Founding Dean, Auronya said “Auronya’s learning environment is designed to infuse human connection with nature and harmony while immersing the experience with future technologies. At Auronya, knowledge, and technology represents the “What” while human insights represent the “Why.”Auronya College is committed to expanding its learning universe in the coming years for unique Undergraduate, Masters and Post Graduate programs.”

Auronya College is thus a pioneer in the conceptualization of Education 4.0, a paradigm shift to align Education with the fourth industrial revolution.  It is led by academician Prof. Indira Parikh, former dean of IIM-A and industrialist S. Abhaya Kumar Jain, former MD of Strides Shasun. It has upcoming state-of-the-art campuses in Pondicherry with new age facilities such as virtual reality studio, 3D printing, augmented reality lab etc apart from smart classrooms, amphitheater, tennis court and fully furnished residential facility with a gymnasium, swimming pool and more. Auronya’s first program Antariksh is one year Post Graduate Diploma in New Age Management & Leadership (PGDNAML) and will start in October 2017.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Dine Like Royalty At Majlis-e-Mughal...

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Majlis is an indicative term for a council or special gathering. At Majlis-e-Mughal, they celebrate food served in a royal manner. Majlis-e-Mughal is located in Vasant Kunj, right opposite Fortis Hospital and is essentially a fine-dine restaurant that specializes in Mughlai Cuisine.

The outlet has been designed in line with the theme with mirrors, modern art, and upholstery done in pastel shades. It would be an understatement to say that Majlis-e-Mughal is a hidden gem because it is one of the rare places in Delhi that caters to Mughlai nowadays, and aces it with elegance.

Majlis-e-Mughal is the brainchild of Mr. Sohail Khatri who had an urge to revive the dying legacy of an exquisite cuisine in the capital city. It is like bringing the flavors of authentic Lucknowi Mughlai preparations to the table here in the heart of Delhi, thanks to Executive Chef Raj Aryan who has the backing of more than a decade of presenting authentic Mughlai preparations to his credit.

Majlis-e-Mughal is a name that wins it on the basis of its food solely. None of the factors like decor, vibe, and service are needed to even lend it a helping hand to procure cent per cent. The fact that the ingredients for dishes are procured from Lucknow testify the fact that there is zero compromise when it comes to what is being served on the plate.

Each preparation is a winner in itself, be it on the basis of its aesthetics or taste, and there is not one flaw that I was able to point out in any them. I was all praises for the entire spread presented at a recent visit to Majlis-e-Mughal.

Here's what all was relished when I dined like royalty at Majlis-e-Mughal...

Appetizers, along with which crispy Poppadoms were served.

Paneer Majlis Kebab was stuffed with soft cottage cheese on the inside.

Lucknowi Dahi Ke Kebab had the characteristic crispy outlook yet the perfect flavor burst on the palate.

Tandoori Khumb had an unconventional element in its presentation in the form of an onion bulb on the side.

Lucknowi Veg Seekh was prepared well but had green chili chunks on the inside.

Murgh Majlis Kebab was a sibling of Paneer Majlis and had Chicken Keema stuffed into it.

Nizami Kebab is the most unusual (rare) kebab preparation I have come across in Delhi. The succulent kebab had a Chapati wrapped around it, garnished with onion rings.

Kalmi Kebab was such that I can say that it's one of the best I've had in recent times.

Galouti Kebab was the epitome of fragile so to say. It is one of the most melt-in-mouth I've ever had, and was presented in the classic form, atop an Ulte Tawe Ki Roti, garnished with onion rings.

Kakori Kebab had a rose on its side to enhance aesthetics.


Seb Sherbet and Virgin Mojito

Main Course, served along with Khameeri Roti, Lachcha Parantha, and Tandoori Naan

  • Dal Makhni
  • Paneer Dhaniya Adraki
  • Lazeez Mutton Nihari
  • Murgh Korma
  • Murgh Changezi
  • Murgh Mumtaz Biryani
  • Dilnaz Biryani


Shahi Phirni was so good that I decided to opt for a second helping.

The good, old Saunf was also presented upon completion of the meal.

All in all, Majlis-e-Mughal makes a fantastic attempt to revive the presence of Mughlai cuisine on the F&B scenario in Delhi and does an excellent job. It would be my recommendation for anyone looking to savor authentic Mughlai delicacies in a fine-dine setting. 

Friday, 28 April 2017

Unwinding At AMPM Cafe & Bar...

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AMPM Cafe & Bar is the youth-centric hotspot in the sprawling B.K. Dutt Market in Rajouri Garden and is perfect for that weekend plan with friends amidst a chilled-out vibe.

As I had mentioned in elucidating my experience at The California Boulevard, AMPM Cafe is situated right above TCB, spanning the third floor in the same premises. It also comes under the aegis of Bright Hospitality. 

While TCB is more of a luxury fine-dine place for evenings made perfect with family and excellent food, AMPM comes across as a place to unwind with friends over say, a get-together, reunion or treat especially with their Lickable (Freak Shake or I would rename it Likeable) being their USP in the beverage section. 

TCB draws its theme from all things Hollywood, while AMPM is quite upbeat and has a theme centred around English music - rock, pop, jazz, blues - are all that reflect in their ambiance, decor, and even the way the menu has been designed, with every second page citing a quote from a popular youth icon of the likes of John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Freddie Mercury to name a few.

As for the decor, you would spot electric guitars on the walls, retro mics for lamps hanging from the ceiling and vinyl records painted on the corner wall.

There is also a life-size tic-tac-toe board on each table, for patrons to pass time while delicious food arrives on the table.

AMPM has its premises designed as a part open part closed seating which also allows for Hookahs to be served in a separate section.

With both outlets being housed in the same premises, Bright Hospitality is thus tapping into two demarcated target audiences - families as well as youth.

With a variety of dishes being plated in the American, Continental, and Italian cuisines, I was yet again spoilt for choice and instead chose to go by Chef's recommendations. 

Here's what all appetizing Food was relished at AMPM Cafe & Bar, with a menu curated by Chef Vinod... 

Dilli Ki Chaat, that is essentially Palak Patta Chaat.

Chili Chicken was served alongside chili dip.

River Sole Fillet was served alongside potato wedges and grilled veggies.

Fish & Chips was the quintessential English preparation with flavorful tartar sauce on the side.

Chili Prawn was cooked in a brilliant manner.

Fish Tikka was the classic Indian dish with mint dip and onion by the side.

AMPM Veggie Pizza was a flavorful thin crust pizza, with broccoli, corn, and mushroom as its generous toppings.

Coming to Beverages wherein their Lickable was the highlight, each one being overwhelming in its presentation, yet keeping the flavor of the key elements of each beverage intact.

Belgian Affair was a chocolate haven with marshmallows, Belgian chocolate, and tidbits of biscuits blended with ice-cream.

Benaras Belle was a fantastic concoction of Gulkand, Paan Syrup and Kulfi that had a life-size Paan leaf and Gulkand bits stuck on the outside of the archaic pickle jar that it was served in. Also, it came with a Meetha Paan on the side.

Mango Alphonso came across as a delightful respite from the summer heat, with the king of fruits as the eye of the storm of a burst of flavors on the palate.

Magnum Upside Down was the most awesome of all, with its upside-down cone and delicious Magnum paired with a generous topping of finely chopped almonds.

To counter all those calories, some coffee and tea were required and the following served the purpose well.

Double Shot Cold Coffee

Both teas were presented alongside honey and lime, in a French Press kettle.

Chamomile Tea

Jasmine Tea

All in all, AMPM comes across as a lively place where the party never dies, because they have great dishes to serve, all with a smile, and patrons have great banter and some classic English melodies to tune to while they unwind on a weekend with friends. :)