Friday, 18 August 2017

Culinary Style At Tashan...

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Tashan is a fine-dine restaurant that caters to Modern Indian cuisine by styling food in an aesthetic manner and plating the flavors in a contemporary manner. My visit to Tashan came about as a consequence of a shopping spree in the GK II Market.

The outlet is done up in bronze and beige hues and the food highlights a medley of Indian and International cuisines. There is also a selection of the choicest wines placed at one end of the outlet.


Each of the dishes is a visual treat and on the palate as well. Ambient music in the background adds to the calm and composed vibe. Here's what all forms for a nice meal at Tashan...


Mango Delight

Tashani Kiwi

Lemon Iced Tea


Spinach Soup Shot was served as the palate cleanser and was fresh, warm, and flavorful.


Baingan Ki Chaat is one of Tashan's specialties and has eggplant crisps at the core, drizzled with yogurt, mint, tamarind, chickpea, and pomegranate.

Mushroom Galouti was served along with Tahini sauce and garnished with micro greens.

Tashani Mutton Tacos were served in the form of a Make-Your-Own dish, with pancakes, minced mutton, cheese fondue, sour cream, tomato salsa, and coconut chutney.

Chicken Filo Roll had a Seekh Kebab wrapped in filo sheet served with a crumble and Thai curry dips on the side.

Main Course served with an assorted bread basket:

Chicken Toofani had chicken chunks in a savory gravy.

Gol Boti Ragout had roasted mutton prepared in a tomato gravy.

Paneer Hungama had fried cottage cheese chunks prepared with a variety of spices.

Dal Makhani was Tashan's take on the classic staple.

Desserts at Tashan are some of the creative takes on Indian classics served in an aesthetic manner.

Bhuni Roti Ka Halwa

Motichoor & Rabri Crepes

Baked Yogurt with Honey & Fig

All in all, Tashan presents a promising spread and potpourri of Indian and Global cuisines thus standing true to its perception of Modern Indian cuisine. 

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Gastronomic Treasures At Masabaa...

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Masabaa - The Treasury is one of the culinary gems located on the dynamic Club Road in Punjabi Bagh. Masabaa, as a brand is spread across two floors - The Treasury and Lounge & Bar, along with a picturesque rooftop, that is now restricted operation.

Masabaa - The Treasury is such a restaurant which reflects opulence in fine dining thanks to its plush interiors, well-lit premises, delectable dishes, and attentive service, all of which form for a memorable dining experience.

While the Lounge & Bar give a casual dining experience with a relaxed vibe and a dimly-lit premises, The Treasury is a complete opposite and promises elegant culinary art.

The premises is done up in gold, beige and copper hues and features a glass ceiling throughout. Magnificent chandeliers and graceful lamps add to the grandeur.

Apart from a plush and spacious setting, there is also the provision for a private dining area at The Treasury which can cater to twenty patrons at once and is demarcated from the conventional dining area by the means of a copper statuette at the entrance, towards its left and right respectively. 

Masabaa - The Treasury has a considerable variety up their sleeve, thanks to them being a Multi-Cuisine setup and patrons are bound to be spoiled for choice. With one of their initial Menus being designed by Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi in the past, nothing short of culinary excellence could be expected.

Here's a lowdown on what all would be great when dining at Masabaa - The Treasury... 

Beverages, most of which were served inside a kettle fuming with liquid nitrogen, thus reminding me of the presentation of beverages at Madaari: 


Mint Chee

Masabaa Punch

Lemon Iced Tea


Chili Shitake Broth was a steaming bowl of finely sliced mushrooms and various veggies.

Sweet Corn Chicken Soup was a classic with corn kernels and chicken chunks.


Khumb Ki Galouti was presented in a conventional manner with a melt-in-mouth Kebab and an Ulte Tawe Ka Parantha which had a sweet aftertaste.

Anguri Murg Tikka was infused with a selection of spices.

Ajwaini Jhinga was marinated with ground spices and grilled to perfection.

Mustard Sole was an Oriental preparation in mustard sauce and tossed with bell-peppers and onions.

Philadelphia Cheese Rolls from World Affairs were all a mozzarella cheese with bell peppers wrapped in sheets, accompanied by mayonnaise dip.

Main Course, wherein the Indian preparations were accompanied by an assortment of Indian Breads, Raita, and Salad: 

Grilled Tomato Risotto is easily one of the best dishes at Masabaa - The Treasury, both aesthetically and on the palate.

Masabaa Dal is The Treasury's take on the classic Dal Makhni.

Treasury Paneer Kalyani is one of Masabaa's signature dishes, and a spin-off on the classic Sham Sawera, with spinach dumplings stuffed with cottage cheese in a rich tomato gravy.


Chef's Choice Dessert Sampler which consisted of Molten Choco Lava Cake, Kesari Phirni, Chocolate Walnut Brownie, Moong Dal Halwa, and Vanilla Ice-cream with Chocolate Sauce.

On the whole, Masabaa comes across as one of the perfect places for a marvelous dining experience with family. It is one of the few places that is reviving the elegance and charm of fine dining with poise. :)

Monday, 7 August 2017

#TadkaMaarke At Spice It, Ibis...

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It is said that one can't put a price on comfort...

Ibis (owned by Accor Hotels) proves the contrary by offering their guests well-being at the best price. In a bid to revamp the general perception of Ibis having an economy emphasis, Ibis Golf Course Road, Gurgaon have revamped their all-day casual dining multi-cuisine restaurant Spice It, and I had a chance to visit the unveiling of a concept that imbibes the essence of International and Indian cuisines being served with a twist while offering a relaxed dining atmosphere.

The restaurant is situated on Lobby Level at Ibis and is done in vibrant hues. There are street-smart elements like tiffins, tea kettles, and cycles positioned as counters, while the wall art depicts vivid spices in spoons, and sliced veggies. It is a spacious setting that is well lit, with an adjoining lobby bar, that has the choicest of beverages to prepare, along with a lounge that has games like Foosball and Darts to while away time.

Spice It offers Buffet as well as A La Carte settings for patrons, wherein the buffet features Hawker House counters ranging from salads to appetizers to mains to desserts, all amid a live kitchen setting, for all meals of the day - breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Another USP at Spice It across India is that they have the longest running breakfast in town - from as early as 4 AM till noon. As for A La Carte, it is being marketed as 'Multi Cuisine Desi Style' or 'Desi Cuisine Multi Style'.

There is a variety of delicious options for patrons to choose from, and you would be spoiled for choice as far as savory preparations are concerned. The desserts could do with a lot more innovation and variety, nonetheless.

Here's what would be the must-have dishes at Spice It...

Salad and Soup: 

Spice It Caesar is their in-house special take on the classic Caesar salad with assorted salad green and a salad dressing.

Tibetan Thukpa was high on flavor with veggies, noodles, and a bit of oil and spice.

Cafe Eats:

Spaghetti Chettinad was a delicious amalgam of Italian and South Indian flavors.

Tandoori Momos were well-prepared and had suitable dips as accompaniment.

Shichimi Spiced Crispy Corns were aptly seasoned and had a vivid aesthetic plating with golden yellows and greens.

Chicken 65 and Bullet Chili Chicken were again, high on the South Indian flavors, complete with curry leaves, lime, and bullet chilies respectively.


Phulka Soft Tacos were simply melt-in-mouth and owing to the clothespins, reminded me of 'Indo-Persian Kebabs' at Too Indian.

Tiffin Time: 

Paneer Tamater Roll is simply the best bet at Spice It. Accompanied by Lahsuni Naan, it aces the flavors and offers a pleasant lingering taste on the palate.

Mutton Pepper Fry is a well-prepared dish and is aptly accompanied by Malabar Parantha.

Meal In A Bowl: 

Kadhi Chawal is presented in a vibrant tiffin and is hands-down, the most popular dish that appeals to patrons with a vegetarian preference.

Shanghai Fried Rice is undoubtedly the best bet when it comes to savoring Oriental Cuisine at Spice It.

Andhra Chili Chicken was served on a bed of Lemon Rice accompanied by Appalam.

Nasi Goreng at Spice It was a classic take on the popular Malaysian preparation.

Breads & More:

Chur Chur Parantha was stuffed with choicest fillings and accompanied by Dal Makhni and Boondi Raita.

Kottu is a popular Sri Lankan street fare and was nicely done by the folks at Spice It.


Baked Yogurt was topped with sliced pistachios and Gulab Jamun.

Rasmalai Panna Cotta was accompanied by sliced fruits and garnished with mint.

Parle G Cheesecake seemed like a lift-off from the popular dessert with a mirrored plating at Farzi Cafe.

All in all, Spice It's #TadkaMaarke avatar has had me pleased to a certain extent with their culinary takes on classic preparations to present a modern perspective to those. :)