Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Dance Differently - Dance India Dance It Out For A Cause

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Dance - An Expression Of The Soul
Artistic Flow Of  Individual Emotions
Novelty Breaking Bounds 
Creative Excellence At Its Best
Exquisite Emancipation At The Peak

Inquiry At The Seat Of Reform
Necessitating Dance As An Instrument For Change
Differently Representing A Cause
Inclusion For The Differently Abled Is The Key
Acknowledging Their Role As A Part Of Society Too

Deeming Them As 'Unfit' Is Most Unfair
Associating Them With The Art, The Expression Sure Fits
Neglect Is Not Their Want, Neither Their Need
Courtesy Is The Fine Line, Listen Closely, Pay Heed
Enumerating Their Requirements - To Be Balanced On The Scale

Inculcating In Them A Sense Of Self - Belief
Trusting Them To Surpass Their Talents

Offering A Platform To Showcase Their Gifts
Unifying Their Talents With The Rest
Transforming Their Cocoon Into Their Wings

Tailoring Our Abled - ness To Their Differently Abled - ness
Outshining Each's Individual Achievements

Making Our Beat Match Theirs - Not Their Beat Match Ours
Absorbing Their Rhythm
Knitting The Efforts Into A Beautiful Tapestry
Engineering Exclusion So As To Transform To Inclusion 

Anticipating A Change, I Rest My Cause

DID 4 - At An IndiMeet
Incorporating The Delhi Blogosphere Into One
Facilitating Writers With A Reason To Turn Dancers
Flaunting Their Moves, Bloggers Too In Full Mood
Embarking On A Mission To Make An Impression
Recapturing The Power Of Dance
Encapsulating The Efforts Into One
Narrowing The Initiative's Noble Aim
Capturing the Essence As Dancing For A Cause
Echoing The Prowess Of 'Blog - ancing' As A Whole!


This post is written as a part of the #DanceItOut Experience at The Zee TV DID IndiMeet, graced by Dance Masters Feroz and Muddassar Khan.

Lights, Camera, LIEBSTER!!!

First Things First!

My First Liebster Came About As A Sweet Surprise From Your Kaleidoscope...

...Six Months Into Blogging & 110 Posts After...
...My Moment Of Recognition...

Here's Mine - Thanks To Ipsita...

Here's what the Liebster represents...


There Are Rules To Every Game, Dearest Reader.
The Liebster Is No Exception.
Do Not Forget To Thank & Mention The One Who Nominated You!

(Am abiding by the rules mentioned by Ipsita for my answers.
I am giving the Official Rules to the ones I've nominated.)


Now, Am I Not Answerable To You, Ipsita?
Here You Go, Dear...


Three Words That Describe You Best.
Balanced, Sensitive, Optimist.

Tea Or Coffee?

Name One Feature In You That You Don't Like (Could Be Physical, Emotional, Psychological...)
My Body System's Slow Metabolism.

If You Could Travel Anywhere In The World And Money Was No Object, Where Would It Be And Why?
Antarctica - to meet penguins, of course!

The First To Come To Mind At The Mention Of 'Rain'.

Mountains Or Sea?

Opinion About 'Love At First Sight'.
It's All A State Of Mind!

Next On My To - Purchase List.
If I Can - Peace & Justice For All.

Why I Blog.
I want to reach out to and stir everybody's souls through my writing on issues which are oft - ignored and need attention.
Of late, my writing has diversified itself.

One Thing To Change About My City.
Not one but 8 things - enumerated here - in a previous post.
Since it's Delhi I am talking about, one change won't suffice.
There's a truckload of changes needed!


Here's me passing on This...

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
Wonderful. Bloggers.
Here You Go, Ladies...


Ready To Go?

Here's Your Rapid Fire...


What's Your Zodiac Sign?

Your Most Prized Possession?

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Time Warp - Past Or Future?

Your Idea Of An Ideal Vacation.

Tell Me About The First Time You Said 'Cheese'?

Want An Edit Button In Your Life?
For Which Episode & Why?

Diamonds Or Pearls?

Story Behind Your Blog's Name.

Your Crisis Savior?


Looking Forward To Some Very Interesting Responses...


Monday, 28 October 2013

O Lord Almighty!

Pray, Do You Not Pray Everyday?
Rendezvous With Him, Is It Not Everyday's Routine Play?
Asking For Favors At His Stair...
Your Faith - Has It Not Been Led Astray?
Enticing Materialistic Possessions - Do Not Affect The Lord In Any Way!
Restrain Yourself From Such Selfishness, Do Not Let Heart's Piousness Cry Betray!

Pray! Why Do We Need Reasons To Pray?
Reflect Upon It. To Pray Is Life's Day!
Aye! It's The Wheel Of Desires And Life Straight Away...
Yearning For Fulfillment Drives The Oft Frequented Way...
Each Of Us Following In The Fray!
Reflect Upon It. There Is A Need To Shine A New Ray!

Pray! At Every Stage Of Life - Pray!
Requesting For Healthy Babies - Mothers Pray...
Advancing Towards Academic Excellence - Even More Pray!
Yearning For Earning - The Family Joins In Pray...
Establishing A Happy Family - Desire Necessitates Pray!
Rendering Inactive, The Body, Aging - Fears Demand Pray!

Pray! I Do Not Need Reasons To Pray!
Relieved, With God As A Best Friend By My Side, Leading The Way...
Always Being My Confider, The Silver Lining In The Gray...
Yielding, Supporting Me Moment By Moment, Day By Day!
Each Difficulty Disappearing In God's Gentle Play...
Rekindling My Faith & Hope, Such Is His Mighty Display...


This post is written as a part of 'Everyone Has A Reason To Pray' Contest on PurePrayer.

I wish to utilize the Lakshmi Pooja Pack by Cycle Pure to the maximum in making my Diwali Puja an effortless, simplistic and nice experience.

I plan to gift it to my newly - wed sister, who will be bearing the responsibility of conducting her first Diwali Puja at her new home.

Since it will be a new experience for her, doing all the arrangements by herself, the Lakshmi Pooja Pack comes as the perfect guide and savior for that Perfect First Attempt, guiding her through all the rituals and formalities of a Traditional Diwali Lakshmi Pujan.


Saturday, 26 October 2013

So What!

This post breaks the long famine of WOW! Badges!
This one was long awaited...
Here it is... 


Bleeding India

People are suffering! 
So What! 
We are flourishing!
Nation is crying!
So What!
We are laughing!
Rupee is dipping & inflation is rising!
So What!
Our bad time is dipping & good time is rising!
Citizens below poverty line are increasing!
So What!
Politicians above wealth line are increasing too!
Innocent people are forced to feel ashamed of their deeds!
So What!
Corrupt people like us are not ashamed of their sins!
God is seeing it all!
So what!
We assume ourselves to be GOD!
This post is a part of Write Over The Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.
BlogAdda gives out a creative writing theme each weekend for Indian bloggers.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Unleashing The Power Of I Squared With An Immune India

How my heart bleeds to see so many of my innocent children suffering from Polio, forced to lead a life full of challenges!

It pains me to witness village children suffering from Hepatitis after consuming polluted water!

So many children succumb to death even before reaching their 'First Birthday Milestone' owing to Malnutrition.

I wonder why it is happening?! I don't want a weak future!

I want all my citizens, especially my children to be immune as only a strong foundation can hold a strong nation.


I request the parents of their soil to feed their children lots of green leafy vegetables, fruits, milk, dairy products and even fish and chicken so that their progress does not get hampered by the demon of Malnutrition.

Get your children vaccinated at regular intervals of time - according to the prescribed schedule.

Keep the environment pollution - free and keep half the viral and bacterial infections at bay.

Do not forget to enhance their metabolism and immunity - Dabur Chyawanprash serves as the perfect instrument for fulfillment of 'I Squared' - Immune India.

Enriched with Ashvagandha, Guduchi, Satvari, Bala & Vidrikand, Dabur Chyawanprash serves as the perfect 3X Immunity Booster!

I hope you will follow these wise pointers to an enhanced immunity and keep me - Your Mother India - and her children in the pink of their health -me as a nation boasting of citizens immune enough to fight any intruders into their bodies - thus guarding themselves against susceptibility to diseases.


This post is my entry for the 'An Immune India Contest' organised by Dabur in association with IndiBlogger.

You can vote for it here.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Because I'm A Delhiite...

In My Delhi Manifesto, I presented some of the causes maligning Delhi.

Here, I would like to present some viable solutions to the same and hope for the best.

  • For improving the situation on the Security front, helpline numbers of hospital, police, fire station etc. should be readily accessible and the officers dealing should have an empathetic viewpoint so that one will not have to compromise with Security issues.
  • Regarding Traffic Rule Violations, more strict rules for everybody including pedestrians, rickshaw pullers, bikers etc. and not just for cars and heavy vehicles need to be implemented, as many a times the former do not follow rules but traffic personnel do not nab them, or guide them to follow proper lane rules. Hence, even if they are at fault, the latter are made to suffer.Mobile traffic police devoid of corrupt officials should be appointed so that no one can escape by bribing them.
  •  No one should be allowed to throw garbage and other stuff in the waters of the city - not even in the name of religion - so that crores spent in the name of Clean Yamuna don't go waste.
  • Commercial vehicles polluting the city air should be checked from time to time and their licence should not be renewed if found unfit. Only heavy vehicles should be permitted to ply on Diesel fuel. Expensive Diesel cars and SUVs  should be banned.
  • No illegal migration should be permitted in order to prevent messing up with basic civic amenities.
  • Illegal encroachments must not be tolerated at any cost. Politicians (local MLAs etc.) should not compromise on this just to expand their vote bank.
  • To keep a vigilant eye on the Mafias operating, proper sentencing and judicial procedures in the scenario of the accused being adjudged guilty must be followed diligently.
  • Moral education for all levels of bureaucracy and politics needs to be revived from the old - school curriculum to create a sans - corruption environment. Strict & sincere vigilance is the need of the hour.

This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

My Delhi Manifesto

Delhi - our very own "Dil Wallon Ki Dilli" - Why and How it has deteriorated so much that instead of being the pride of the nation (being the capital) it has got labels that no one of us is proud of!
So many problems have taken the shape of chronic wounds and Delhi is suffering as a diabetic patient - i.e. wounds are not healing fast or rather not at all. I fear if amputation stage is nearby!
  No one wants that certainly. But for that we have to first detect the cause and then the solution.
In My Delhi Manifesto, I would like to point out some of the problems we face daily.

So, here's the list of Delhi's Woes :-

  • Security of children, women and elderly - both indoor and outdoor is at stake.
  • Traffic rule violations committed by all types of vehicles is increasing day by day. Whether it is red light jumping, over speed, rash driving, wrong overtaking, not driving in their lane or no rules being followed by pedestrians, cyclists, rickshaw drivers, carriage autos, buses and trucks etc.
  • Water pollution in Yamuna - by the industries or by the people throwing just anything from domestic waste, ashes, religious leftovers, painted idols, and what not into the erstwhile holy waters!
  • Air pollution is also spreading at a fast pace. Neither the industries nor the automobile owners are ready to sacrifice their selfish motives for the sake of our environment.
  • Illegal migrants from all neighboring states and Bangladesh, in particular are creating major infrastructure problems.
  • Illegal encroachments of houses and shops are flourishing, hence destroying the once praised green cover of the city.
  • All sort of Mafias - be it tent mafia, land mafia, beggars' mafia or eunuchs at the red light  harass people. Even Police are either hand - in - glove with them or show their helplessness in keeping a check on them. 
  • The Root Cause Of All The Problems Is Corruption At All Levels!

This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with

On This Karwa Chauth - Creativity Discovered

Mehendi Designs Galore
Depiction Of Husband's Love
Symbolic Of Wife's Devotion

Mehendi - This Time By Wife 'n' Hubby
The Right One By Him & The Left One By Her!


Monday, 21 October 2013

From Vulnerable To Invulnerable - Smart Suraksha

Woman - The Mother, The Sister, The Friend, The Companion - in all fields of life, plays an important role - in the life of Man.

Hence, it's really strange that Women are treated shabbily at times.
They become victims of rage.
Hence, Smartness coupled with Suraksha is required for indoor as well as outdoor safety, to create a better society.

Here are some safety tips, which you can follow :-

  1. Do not discuss openly with anybody that you live by yourself or are alone at home, as this can make you prone to attack by thieves.
  2. At night, if alone at home, draw all the blinds/curtains to avoid sneaking by passers - by or by people who are always on the lookout for easy opportunities.
  3. If any unknown person calls or visits you when you are alone, do not disclose that you are alone. Rather behave as if your spouse/parent/room - mate is in another room and can easily be approached, in case of need.
  4. Always have the list of phone numbers of PCR, neighbors, relatives & Women Helpline etc. stored at the hotkeys of your handset.
  5. Whenever you lose keys to your home, have your locks changed as soon as possible, so that nobody can misuse the keys if found.
  6. Keep your car keys handy at night. If you hear any noise or feel that someone is trying to get in, press the Panic Button of your car. The alarm will alert neighbors & also the intruder.
  7. Do not hide your home keys outside, at obvious places such as under the door mat or flower pot. Instead, its better to keep the duplicate key with a trusted neighbor.
  8. It's good to be sympathetic and nurturing but do it sparingly and attentively as well. This is how assailants trap their victims.
  9. While on the road, if you are encountered by an assailant possessing a gun, try to RUN, as he will only hit you ( a running target ) four in hundred times.
  10. Always BE AWARE of your surroundings and any potential danger/attacker's likely strategies to trouble you so that you can overcome them in time.


    I am sharing my Smart Suraksha Tips at in association with Smart Suraksha App.

Smart Suraksha - Implementation Is The Need

Women - on one hand, considered as Godesses in our culture - on the other hand, they are so vulnerable to crime that whether indoor or outdoor, they can't remain stress - free anywhere.

They have to be alert every time and everywhere.

So Ladies!
Get Up & Be Independent!
Don't depend on anybody for YOUR SAFETY!
You have to chalk out a protective path to live a peaceful life, yourself.


Here are some smart tips for your safety which you can follow :- 

  1. Try not to walk in dark areas. But, if you must and feel that somebody is following you, shout "Fire" - instead of "Help". More people respond to common warnings than getting involved in personal disputes.
  2. At night, if you opt for a cab or an auto, call a friend or a relative and tell them the Registration Number loudly so that the driver is alerted.
  3. While on road, avoid deserted shortcuts as it is always better to cover a longer but safer distance.
  4. Whenever you suspect of being followed, change your direction and go to the nearest Police Station or look for a PCR Van.
  5. Whenever a robber tries to approach, you should not panic & hand anything directly to him. Rather, throw your goods in one direction and run in the other direction.
  6. Try to carry a pepper spray/small knife or a personal alarm with you, always for self - defense.

  7. Whenever you are grabbed close enough, use your elbow to hit as it is the strongest point on your body.
  8. Always try to poke the eyes of the assailant hard  as eyes are the most sensitive part of the body & this way he will not be able to see you - aiding you in escaping.
  9. While driving a car, keep all doors locked. But, if by chance, someone jumps in the car, drive into a tree or a pole. Your airbag will protect you and you will be able to draw attention of the masses.
  10. Learn Martial Arts and use its techniques to overcome the assailant.

I am sharing my Smart Suraksha Tips at in association with Smart Suraksha App.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Ignorance Is Bliss

"Ignorance Is Bliss"

An age old adage which used to hold true in golden times.
But, in modern times, most people consider it to be worthless.
As a consequence, ignorance is ignored and craftiness is embraced...

I feel myself to be an exception even in today's world.
Right since my childhood days, "Indeed, ignorance is bliss, I thought to myself" .
It was my ignorance that I always aimed at my goals with full concentration rather than being deviated by people's negative opinions, which used to surround me.

I now realize that Ignorance Was Indeed Bliss as people used to do that owing to their jealousy and when they failed to incite me with their idiosyncrasies, they retaliated with their futile attempts to ape me.

I thank God that ignorance aided me to survive that phase in life as I was ignorant of all negativity around me and achieved all goals with the positivism of ignorance.

Hence, I always opine that one can and should always say to oneself - "Ignorance (of all negativity of this perishable world) Is Blissful Strength".

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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

What A Coincidence...

Minutes After My Family Wished Me Happy Birthday With Lots Of Love And Blessings, 
Three Coincidences Struck A Chord...

 Numero Uno...

Google Had Its Way Of Surprising Me And Took Me Aback!
Thanks A Ton!

Numero Dos...

What Can Be A Better Gift For A Blogger Than That Her Birthday Is Being Commemorated As Blog Action Day - For Human Rights (Watch Out For This Soon!) - A Topic Close To My Heart & Soul!

Numero Tres...

My Blog Post Century!
100 On The Score Board!!
  :D <3 Yay! :D <3

This Journey Into Blogosphere Has Been Really Enriching And Rewarding With So Many Friends ( Accolades Too :D) By My Side In Just A Span Of Six Months
April - October 2013...
  Thankful To All From The Bottom Of My Heart...

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

A Blurred Horizon...

Today, I got an SMS --- "Save years -- Do direct graduation/PG this year, 10th, 12th, B.Ed, JBT, LLB, MBA, B.Tech, Diploma and other courses.
--- #!@% Group --- Contact No. ####......"

     Although not new, but still I was shocked to read this. How can we deal with our young generation in this manner? 
       Firstly, why do we have such students who don't take interest in studies and reach this stage where they fail again and again and look for shortcut methods to advance in life?
      Secondly, is this the path which can take our generation towards a productive and stable future?
       Thirdly, who are these people who are spoiling the generation just for their monetary gain? 
        Is there no authority to check on them?
         How are they operating so openly?

       Ideally Govt. Of India must take steps to check this and other such fraudulent businesses and rackets of fake degrees so that we can put our young generation on the right path.
But Again...
God Save Us...

Monday, 14 October 2013

A Patient Wait...

Yay Is The Word...

Top post on, the community of Indian Bloggers
Thanks Indi! 
A Perfect Surprise! :D

Mighty Butterfly
Tranquilly Seated In Lift Of Restaurant
Waiting Patiently For Her Turn


Dusshera Lingers On. Year After Year!

So, everyone was busy celebrating Dussehra yesterday...
So was I.

By the way what do we celebrate? 
Burn effigies of  Ravana, Kumbhkarana & Meghnada - enjoy the 
fireworks - dance to the drums - gorge on an assortment of sweets - the day is over.

By the way why do we celebrate? 
Just because we search for reasons to celebrate -  as it goes on from generations - the customs we have seen from our childhood - to just be happy.
Do you opine that Vijaydashmi is much more than that? ---- was I not supposed to be enumerating an essay on Dussehra in school days? Or am I suffering from amnesia? 
Don't I know that it is being celebrated to admire the victory of good over evil!

Yes, yes --- I do remember it all, but I doubt whether it is at all true in today's scenario!

Aren't we making a fool of ourselves by believing that burning effigies of so called evils from a remote past suffices the purpose? How can we be happy just by that? How can we close our eyes to the much enormous and more devilish "Ravanas" roaming all around wearing masks of "Ram"! 

Are we doing anything to conquer them? How can a bigger disguised Ravana burn the effigy of Ravana with applaud?

I opine we should burn the present - day evil inside and outside -  then celebrate that victory. 

That will be the truthful joy which will not be just for the sake of enjoying the festival.



green or red, raw or ripe
fruit so beautiful nature's gift
wild or cultivated, it's always bliss

This post is a part of Write Tribe's Haiku Contest.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Smart Suraksha - We Are Safe Now!

We group of five friends decided to take a day out of our mundane routines of managing our homes and families last week. Yeah, they are our duty but we do deserve few hours of relaxation. So we went to our nearby Woodland Park for a stroll in the evening.

         We got so  engrossed in our nitty-gritties that we didn't notice that it was getting dark and almost everybody in the park left for their homes.

          Suddenly I noticed that a group of drunk men was approaching us. They were in an inebriated  state. We all got panicky. They encircled us and tried to snatch our chains. We looked into each other's eyes and gathered courage to push them hard and run. But they were still following us.

         Oh how I wished I had Smart Suraksha with me! It is such a helpful Android app with its GPS enabled even if one does not switch it on, sending an alert to five trusted contacts as well as the police. It is just like an SOS in time of need, with all of these features which I read about just day before yesterday!

But nothing could be done as of then, except that we tried to run fast towards the gate. Fortunately, from a distance we saw a police van standing near the gate. We shouted loudly and that scared those men. They retreated and ran away. 

         We were safe for the day but the moment we reached our respective homes, we all downloaded the app then and there so that we need not feel helpless in future in case of any mishap.


I am participating in the Seeking Smart Suraksha Contest at in association with Smart Suraksha App.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Bidding Farewell To The Ravana

Everyone bids farewell to Ravana on Dussehra. But people living in Tatarpur Village, New Delhi bid farewell to him one day earlier than the others. It is the day when other people take him to their homes or society compounds to burn him on Dussehra.

         Tatarpur is the hub where thousands of effigies of Ravana, Kumbhkarna & Meghnada are prepared. Infact  we, the people residing in its vicinity at Tagore Garden and Rajouri Garden witness the process from day one -  approximately two months before festivity knocks on the door!

Right from their skeleton of bamboo to their first covering by brown paper to their decorative covering with Crepe Paper to the painting of their crowns, mustaches and facial expressions  we witness it all, year after year.



          Huge heads, torso and limbs are strewn over each and every footpath , lane , garden and even under the running Metro - in between its pillars.

Effigies which have transformed from zed black to multicolored hues - yellow , pink , green and even fluorescent are available in various sizes too.

Baby Ravan For Kids

Few unfinished ones are still lying never to reach their ultimate destination.

Today since morning we are jostling with the traffic congestion , diesel pollution and noise pollution of blazing horns as lots of trucks and tempos line up to lift these effigies to take them to their ultimate destination.

           Bye-Bye Ravana -------- to be continued in my next post tomorrow...

Smart Suraksha - A Necessary Skill...

Rekha is a smart young girl. At such a young age she has achieved a lot. She handles her office assignments with such precision that everyone is in awe of her aura. She manages her home, her siblings & her widowed mother too along with her professional commitments.

         She normally commutes to her office by car but that fateful day on her way back home, her car broke down 15 minutes away from home. It was already very late but not still 11:30, so she thought of seeking refuge of the Metro. She would have to commute across 5 stations - approximately 10 minutes. She started moving towards the station hurriedly as it was already late as night had set in. By the time she reached her station it was 11:30 P.M.

Walking across was the only option then! Barely into 100 meters of displacement, she could sense someone following her. She panicked and her heart beat increased. For a second she went blank, but gradually she relaxed as she swiped a screen and two of her first cousins got the message that she needed them then and there. She didn't even need to tell them about the location - all this thanks to the new GPS enabled app that she downloaded from the Google Play Store two days back - Smart Suraksha - The Smarter Way Of Survival For The Fairer Sex. Within minutes they were by her side as they resided near her house. They reached home safely. In the meantime her uncle, her sister and her friend also called her up, as they also got an alert SMS through the app. Rekha told all three of them that she was OK and had just reached home! What's more - Police were also alerted and those sick mentalities put behind bars for the night! What a sigh of relief - they all heaved! 

         After having this first - hand experience, she told everyone at office and at home too about the utility of this app and spread the word around also about how she had a narrow escape from the evil eyes of eve-teasers! - How she did not have to utter words of regret in future - How she did not have to express remorse and exclaim - "I wish I had Smart Suraksha with me!" - as it had already proved its worth by serving its purpose effectively in times of dire need!

I am participating in the Seeking Smart Suraksha Contest at in association with Smart Suraksha App.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Losing A Valuable Treasure...

Childhood - isn't this word losing its sanctity?

The innocence, purity, simplicity, truthfulness - all these synonyms of childhood are losing their sheen.

One side of the coin is that our culture is deteriorating to the extent that children can no more be innocent. They are viewing and listening to all the crap & are proudly imitating it too. They sing all the vulgar lyrics (whose meaning they are not even aware of) with elan & imitate all the raunchy gyrations of item numbers. Even their parents are not bothered what these children are aping! The expressions given by young kids snatch their innocence which used to make them look cute. The purity which used to emanate when kids were not exposed to this rubbish seems to be of the by-gone era.

Truthfulness seems to be a lost treasure too! Children are exposed to white lies & political melodrama in everyday life that they have adopted it too, to get all their demands fulfilled by hook or by crook!

The other side of the coin is much more devastating...

Whatever innocence is left (at least in the tiny tots) is being snatched away by lusty elders with sick mentalities. They compel these kids to believe that this world is full of filth & no hope is left for our children to revive their purity, innocence and gaiety.

God Save The Face Of Humanity!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

An Ode To Bapuji - In Search Of Peace...

Following Bapuji's Ideals

This is not the India - India of Bapu's dream
The India, with repute held in high esteem
With purity of conscience through its stream
Alas, a gap widening in the humble tapestry's seam!

With very modest means
In search of serene pastures, tranquil greens
With a resolute spirit, to drive the land cleans,
And a stubborn will to humbly swipe away, her crafty ambitions - The Queen's!

His was a short lived aspiration
Some sort of a reverse time dilation!
His friends were few, foes umpteen
The ones who did not wish him good, made his humility lose its sheen.

Why, in search of peace, is conscience led astray?
Why, does always, to Wrong, Right has to give way?
Will this dark stretch never be able to see the light of the day?
Will this India always have a dulled vision, surrounded by the gray?

With Corruption enjoying an incremented span, in an absolute time frame
With Honesty & Self - Respect, going up in flame!
Bringing shame to even God's Name
Such is the Contemporary Satan's perfect Game!

Only one prayer, a sincere request
In this very much unconquered quest!
A remembrance & a humble appeal
To  awaken one's conscious, to make the Motherland heal...

At Bapu's Samadhi