Sunday, 19 May 2013

Size Does Matter - But Of An EGO ? - Say No To Big One

In our childhood days, we all used to love playing with balloons - big inflated balloons. But I wonder as we grow up, does that air from those balloons enter our brains!

If not then how come percentage of persons with inflated egos is increasing day by day? What does this type of ego supply? Ego satisfaction? Does it - really?

I doubt, when I see someone zooming at a speed of  a hundred kilometers overtaking another car to feel elated but then is found standing amid other vehicles at the next red light as he doesn't have a flying gear. 

Rickshaw pullers and carrier autos show off their inflated egos when they ply at 5-20 kilometers per hour but still move in right lane and don't give way to fast moving vehicles even on persistent honking by them (though they don't want to honk but have to do). Does it really satisfy their egos? I wonder - does their ego not deflate when these fast moving vehicles overtake them (although they have to do it from wrong side thanks to these stupid driver's egos). 

Those pedestrians who walk in the middle of the road as if they are having their morning walk in the garden and as if they are deaf when vehicles try to warn them by honking horns - Doesn't this inflated egos of theirs at times cause them their limbs or even their lives? So what is the use of such inflated egos? 

The previous day while on wheel I saw one learner in a car jumping the red light and I was confused whether it was the learner's ego to cross the road first or the trainer's ego who instead of teaching him never to do it, taught him the lesson of doing something which he himself did every now and then.

People jumping the red light when bang their vehicle in another person's vehicle who is crossing the road when the signal is green for his side, not only hurt themselves but the other person also gets hurt because of no fault of his. So has one person's inflated ego to cross the road first helped anyone? Certainly not. People read about and see such accidents so many times but still the condition is not improving. 

So let go of your EGO and let PEACE prevail in everybody's life.

DECREASING the size of EGO by one person can INCREASE the happiness and peace in so many person's lives whether of his family or the society.



  1. Nice one, keep writing... Ego - Edging God Out

  2. ego does not give anything. Give up to grow

  3. Beautifully written.
    I'd like to quote here, a thought I read the previous day, 'Try selling your ego on and you'll realize it's not worth even a penny.'

    1. True Words, Kiran!
      Thanks for the appreciation...
      Keep Visiting! :)


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