Friday, 31 May 2013

If Only... Let's Hope & Pray...

  • If Only our world was a world where nobody starves and all necessary facilities are available to all irrespective of caste, creed & color.
  • If All countries of the world could cooperate to eradicate misery, poverty, hunger & other human calamities.
  • If Each country could pledge and sign a no - war peace treaty and all disputes among nations could be resolved peacefully, cooperatively and non - violently so that the huge expenditure incurred on different weapons of  mass destruction could be diverted for the welfare of the citizens -- to spread education for all, health services, sanitation, awareness to make this world peaceful and worth living in for everyone.
  • If All independent states of different nations could respect freedom of the neighbouring countries and could say no to violence and destruction.

Let us hope that a day will come when good sense will prevail in this world to sign a real peace pact for the well being of all. Cooperation among all is the only key to resolving distrust among people.
The World would be a much better place to live in if each one of us has the capacity to tolerate others despite all differences.
It can wipe out even social evils like terrorism and corruption which are burning problems of today's times.

Let us pray to God to bless us with wisdom to live and let live.

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