Thursday 16 May 2013

Freeze Frame The Happiness - Maze Into The Memory Lane

Is it cute smile or mischievous shine in big eyes that is captivating?

Forty Six years and that first photograph clicked in a studio - its memory is still fresh like a flower in my heart. Yeah, that's me in the summer of 1966. I was so eager that my parents were taking about my brother and me to the studio 2 kilometers away from our home to get our photograph clicked.
Those were the days when getting clicked was not as easy as it is now at the split of a second from even our mobile. I was so excited that it was difficult for my brother to hold me - both when he was holding me sitting at the backseat of the bicycle which my father was riding (fearing that I may fall down) and when getting clicked at the studio when I was jumping forward to catch the fascinating camera from the hands of the photographer. Out of the two situations the bicycle one can't be seen by you as that is clicked only in my mind but you can certainly note the latter one in the photo where my brother is maturely holding me tight.

Whenever I see this photograph a gleaming smile instantly comes on my face and my heart is filled with affection for my brother.
Not just me, when my daughter saw this photograph when she was two years old, she might have felt some Karmic connection that she jumped with happiness as she correlated her two front teeth with mine in the photograph. It enhanced my happiness manifold.
Even now, when I first read about this contest and told her, we both said in sync that it has to be this photograph only.

"A good snapshot stops a moment from running away"

"This post is my entry for the 'One Picture From My Photo Album' contest conducted by My Yatra Diary and CupoNation." 

This post won a Rs. 500 GiftCard from the sponsors - My Yatra Diary and Cuponation in the above mentioned contest... :)

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