Tuesday, 12 December 2017

The Return Of #ChaayosWinter...

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Chaayos has been a favorite for all things चाय and नाश्ता, so much so that I find myself heading there whenever hunger pangs hit to be satiated by the most loved beverage and thoughtfully curated quick bites.

As has been the (delightful) case with Chaayos, their Seasonal Menus always bring something new to the table in terms of filling meals that are perfect for teatime.

This time was no different as #ChaayosWinter has made a stellar comeback, and is, in my opinion, their best to date.

The गुड़ वाली चाय had been the most well-received last season and has been retained this time around too, owing to the healthier alternative that is Jaggery.

Apart from that their are eight new additions across four categories - Meals, नाश्ता, Chai-Unchai, and मीठा.

It's hard for me to choose an absolute favorite this time around, as these folks have hit the home run with the flavorful line-up. Nevertheless, here are all the new additions that have been made to the Menu on account of #ChaayosWinter.


Chicken Keema Loaded Open Parantha is a first cousin to the Loaded Open Paranthas that first made their debut in #ChaayosMonsoon and is a cheesy, flaky thin crust delight with an Indian touch to it.

Kulhad Butter Chicken Kulcha has me most impressed because of the fact that there is a marked improvement from their Kulhad Masala Chicken Kulcha which was a bit too high on the 'Scoville Scale'. Of course, the Kulcha still sports a couple of chili flakes but those are bearable alright, while the Butter Chicken morsels are to be relished.


Paneer Bhurji Bun could have been more like 'Mom's Paneer Bhurji Bun' with the home-like preparation tossed subtly with greens and reds layered on open buns.

Cutlets make a debut at Chaayos this Winter, with the meat variants - both Chicken and Mutton - grilled to crispiness.

With a flavorful filling paired with tangy dips on the side complementing the snacks, it is a nice addition to the culinary experimentation that Chaayos has been adept at.


The newest kid on the block in this section is the heart-warming brew of Tulsi Green Tea. Apt to be paired with their मीठा or taken on its own, it is quite an authentic preparation at Chaayos.


While #ChaayosMonsoon was about incorporating Indian-ness into the Menu with Kulhad Jalebi, #ChaayosWinter has to be all about cakes, because, Christmas is round the corner too.

The subtlety of flavors is evident this time around with the Banana Walnut and Moist Chocolate Cakes.

While the Moist Chocolate Cake is a spongy muffin delight, the Banana Walnut Cake steals the show with the crunch of nuts and balance of sweet and nutty.

#ChaayosWinter has been around for sometime now, and shall be on the continuum but if you have not savored the latest menu, you're in for a pleasant surprise when you visit Chaayos next, and I would say you should do that soon! :)

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

#SachinAtSmaaash To Amp The Ambience...

SMAAASH is an active entertainment space and a one-stop shop for patrons to play, party and celebrate. With a wide repertoire of games spanning Arcade, Virtual Reality, and Simulation genres to name a few, the brand journey has seen a steady growth to becoming one of the most loved entertainment destinations for many around the country and overseas.

My most recent visit to SMAAASH came about as a consequence of the unveiling of their newest outlets at the Ambience Malls in the city, namely at Vasant Kunj and Gurugram. The fun-and-food centers have sprung up in place of the quite popular bluO lounges in both malls.

The icing on the cake turned out to be the presence of Master Blaster and SMAAASH's Brand Ambassador Sachin Tendulkar who had a brief media interaction while unveiling the newest catchphrase and logo of SMAAASH that proclaimed 'Can't Stop Playing' - and rightly so! :)

Also present at the launch was Mr.  Shripal Morakhia, Chief Imagination Officer, SMAAASH Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., who was of such opinion with regard to the expansion

"All the games here are like the three A’s of SMAAASH – Amazing, Aspirational and Awesome. We are the best place for celebrations, as one can eat, play and party, all under one roof. Also, considering the changing tastes of the consumers, we will be regularly introducing new gaming concepts. With our presence across twenty-six centers in thirteen cities and growing, SMAAASH aims to change the way our country celebrates each day."

Commenting on the concept of SMAAASH that has visibly gained popularity among families and youth alike, Sachin regarded SMAAASH as a great platform for people to de-stress and enjoy with friends and family. He was of the opinion that SMAAASH has redefined the concept of sports entertainment in the country while providing wholesome entertainment for sports lovers and thrill-seekers.

The newly revived 50,000 sq. ft. centers are the next links in the chain of the country’s premier urban sports parks. SMAAASH, Ambience Gurugram has two exciting new Golf-based games - Golf Showdown and Mini Jungle Golf and SMAAASH, Ambience Vasant Kunj has LaserBlast - a trippy Laser Tag arena for group games.

SMAAASH Cricket - the 360o cricket simulator is the only one where one can experience first-hand the exhilaration of facing cricket legends like Anil Kumble, Shane Warne, Wasim Akram and of course, Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar.

The newly-designed spaces maintain a vibrant balance between energizing and yet a chilled out ambiance, where one can hang with friends and family.

Meanwhile, the in-house café and bar at SMAAASH will ensure that one enjoys hearty meals and heady drinks during the fun gaming sessions with the gang.

In addition to their brand expansion over the Indian subcontinent, SMAAASH has also targeted the USA with the Mall of America while expansion in Saudi Arabia and Dubai is in the pipeline.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Gastronomic Spectacle At The Sky High...

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The Sky High at the revamped Ansal Plaza has an apt because it boasts of one of the most spectacular views, being a rooftop restaurant, occupying the third floor and a picturesque terrace.

There are quite a few decent terrace eateries in Delhi and The Sky High has to be one of the best of the lot with its vintage lamps, pebble-laden walkway, vaporizers, and even fountains at one corner of the terrace.

Apart from the nicely done ambiance, the food is fantastic and there is foot-tapping music being played by their in-house DJ to enhance the experience. I was here last weekend for lunch and even spotted a band prepping up for their performance later in the night.

The Menu has a considerable variety showcased across a multitude of cuisines - be it Indian, Italian, Oriental or Mediterranean. The nomenclature of various sections is also quite catchy.

Here's a lowdown on the dishes worth a try at The Sky High.

Too High To Care (Mocktails / Shakes):

Peach Treat as the name suggests was a peach based concoction that was smooth on the palate.

The Sky High was a potpourri of fruits blended with Vanilla ice-cream.

Black Currant Shake was high on the berry flavor and was a somewhat thick shake done right.

Travellin' Light:

Cajun Fishy Bites were crisp and flavorful when paired with the in-house tartar sauce.

Flying Sky High:

Harissa Grilled Prawns were high on the flavor and had been aesthetically plated with grilled veggies.

Grilled Sole had a generous layer of Almond Butter Sauce with a crunch that lent the dish a different level altogether.

Provencal Baked Red Snapper was sandwiched between a tomato-based ragout and a spinach-based sauce and the chunk was altogether melt-in-mouth.

Shakahari Vegetarian: 

Akhrot Aur Subz Ke Seekh is one of the well-received dishes from their Indian Cuisine section, and I could taste why it is so. The crunch of walnuts paired with the vibrant hues of veggies was what had elevated the dish.

The Indian Road Runners: 

Chutney Wali Whole Baby Pomfret was a Main Course preparation layered with lemon slices and was a bony one that had to be consumed with some amount of caution. It was flavorful nonetheless.

Soupy Tales To Warm You Up: 

Mushroom Cappuccino
Roasted Bell Pepper And Tomato
Badami Murgh Ka Shorba was the best of the lot - high on flavor - with its elements right in place.

Finger Lickin' Pizzas:

Hawaiian Supreme was a Thin Crust preparation layered with pineapple, olives, chicken chunks, onions, and bell-peppers. One of the stellar dishes.

Heavenly Delights (Desserts): 

Both of the sweet conclusions completely stole the show with their aesthetics as well as delicious preparation.

Ice-Cream On Fire was The Sky High's take on Fried Ice-Cream.

With ice-cream balls placed on a bed of brownies, layered with berry and chocolate sauce, it was a dessert par excellence.

Eclairs Of Gulab Jamun was a contemporary take on an Indian desert comprising pistachios, Rabri, and Khoya with a drizzle of chocolate and kiwis and cherries on the side.

On the whole, a visit to The Sky High is a must if you wish to obtain a stellar bird's eye view of Hudco Place while gorging on some delicious preparations underneath open skies. :)

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

खम्मा घणी Goldfinch: Reminiscing The Rajasthani Food Festival

Mastering regional cuisines is an art. Many F&B setups in the city try their hand at it occasionally and some even manage a decent job of it, but there are few that manage to leave a mark.

Case-in-point is Sanadige where I relished the choicest coastal preparations a couple of months back. For the uninitiated, Sanadige is the brainchild of Goldfinch Hotel, Bangalore.

I was recently invited to Goldfinch Faridabad's ten-day-long Rajasthani Food Festival to relish some authentic Marwari delicacies. And, having known Goldfinch, I couldn't refuse.

It was a good decision indeed as their rooftop had been decked up complete with canopies, ethnic umbrellas and puppets, not to forget ambient folk music in the backdrop amid open skies.

Have a glimpse for yourself...

Here's what all formed for a highlight at The Rajasthani Food Festival at Goldfinch Hotel, Faridabad.

Jaljeera was offered as Welcome Drink and is a staple beverage during the Summer months in Rajasthani households. It set the tone for the delectable meal to be served thereafter.

Appetizers were paired with an assortment of dips or चटनी

  • Mint (पुदीना) 
  • Garlic (लहसुन)
  • Cucumber (कचरी)
  • Tomato (टमाटर)
  • Tamarind (इमली) 

Mirchi Vada being a Jodhpuri specialty was prepared using Banana Peppers and had the apt tang. 

Rajasthani Murgh Tikka had been spiced up and went especially well with the tamarind dip. 

An assortment of fritters had also been presented. 

The quintessential Dal Bati Churma could as well be declared the State Snack for Rajasthan and Chef Karam Dogra had prepared the Ghee soaked balls stuffed with nuts for that impeccable flavor.  

The Main Course was laid out on a buffet and had a potpourri of some of the well-known delicacies of The Land Of Kings to offer. 

Soya Pulao had nicely cooked rice with soya chunks and peas for the added taste. 

It was conveniently paired with 'Boondo Raita'. 

Laal Maas is another specialty and the mutton had been cooked with a tinge of fennel that lent the dish a unique flavor. 

Banjara Murgh had succulent chicken chunks cooked bone-in with coarse spices. 

Mixed Vegetable Khichdi was a one-pot meal on its own, though it can be paired it with Matar Ki Sabzi which was one of the best curries in Mains. 

Rajasthani Kadhi and Gatte Ki Sabzi are the unsaid stars of any Rajasthani Thali and same was the case with this meal too. 

For Desserts, the Moong Dal and Gajar Ka Halwa garnished with nuts was at patrons' disposal, while Chashni Ke Chawal and Mawa Kachori would also culminate in deliciousness. 

On the whole, The Rajasthani Food Festival was quite popular for its duration of the second week of this month, and why shouldn't it have been, given that it had been priced reasonably at ₹1000++pp and had some delicious Rajasthani fare to offer too. :)