Thursday, 21 September 2017

Embracing Wellness By Being #ApneTareekeSeHealthy...

"Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."

Going by this interpretation of 'Health' by World Health Organization, being healthy or even striving to achieve wellness seems to be a herculean task. For it is an arduous task to strike a balance between the three facets of the holy trinity of health - physical, mental, and social.

More often than not, it takes a truckload of willpower to proceed (and persist) on 'the road less traveled by' as Frost may have put it. Neglect (knowingly or unknowingly) towards one or more of the above facets while aspiring to achieve well-being also plays its part in making the road seem rocky. 


What is needed is a little push for our lethargic and inattentive selves to pay heed to our hearts, minds, and brains hopelessly churning themselves from night to day and further again, immersed in our 'busy schedules' just like hamsters on wheels. 

However, going by the conventional school of thought, there exist not three but six facets to health and well-being. Those six facets or components of health would be:

PHYSICAL HEALTH concerns and is affected by aspects such as the intake of a well-balanced diet, regular exercise, presence or absence of illness, genetics etc. for a person.

PSYCHOLOGICAL HEALTH or MENTAL HEALTH concerns multiple factors associated with the proper functioning of the brain namely the ability to learn, memorize, rely on intuition, analytical thinking, communication, logical reasoning, concentration, and such.

EMOTIONAL HEALTH, as the name suggests, concerns emotions and their appropriate expression in suitable situations.

SOCIAL HEALTH concerns the fact that man is a social animal and cannot have a black box existence. A person's reactions to situations are borne keeping in mind their interactions with their immediate social circle, be it family, friends, colleagues, or even social media in today's times. 

ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH encompasses all environmental factors that can possibly affect human health, and thus impact wellness. 

SPIRITUAL HEALTH according to WHO, is given perspective in the following definition presented by the health assembly. 

"The spiritual dimension is understood to imply a phenomenon that is not material in nature but belongs to the realm of ideas, beliefs, values, and ethics that have arisen in the minds and conscience of human beings, particularly ennobling ideas. 

Ennobling ideas have given rise to health ideals, which have led to a practical strategy for Health for All that aims at attaining a goal that has both a material and non-material component. 

If the material component of the strategy can be provided to people, the non-material or spiritual one is something that has to arise within people and communities in keeping with their social and cultural patterns. 

The spiritual dimension plays a great role in motivating people’s achievement in all aspects of life." 


Taking into consideration these six facets, I have devised a six-point strategy on to stay #ApneTareekeSeHealthy...

For the upkeep of Physical Health, a three-point-agenda of Eating Right, Exercise, and Positive Lifestyle is to be adhered to, religiously.

It is of utmost importance to have a well-balanced diet comprising a fair share of vitamins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, nutrients, etc. Being hydrated throughout the day also plays its part, as does maintaining a regular sleep cycle which in turn syncs our body clock.

The inclusion of a minimum fifteen-minute brisk walk at the neighborhood park in my daily routine is what keeps me going. Early morning Yoga comprising of simple breathing exercises and stretching before I leave for work is what keeps my energy levels up through a hectic day.

In addition to the above, being a teetotaler and abstinence from alcohol and smoking works in my favor, big time! :)

As far as #ProtectHerHeart and my PROTECT Checklist is concerned, I have my Saffola Total by my side to keep me 'Dil Se Healthy' as it gradually works on the eight bio-markers of heart health for my family and me.

As far as Psychological Health is concerned, my daily newspaper comes to the rescue, as there are numerous puzzles - Crossword, Soduko, Kakuro, Word Wheel - to jog my brain's muscles. A half-an-hour session at the maximum, alongside my morning cuppa, is what is required to keep my cognitive abilities intact. As for my creative insights, I always have my blog to fall back on, thinking out of the box for numerous writing prompts as I have always done in the past.

In order to keep my emotions in check and to counter stress which has the potential to adversely affect my Emotional Health, meditation and an effort to maintain a positive attitude, seeing light at the end of the tunnel in day-to-day situations that might lead me off-track work wonders.

Social Health, in today's times, might be one of the easiest (or hardest) to maintain well, given the all-pervasive World Wide Web. I, for one, have a limited virtual friend circle, prefer to maintain cordial relations with colleagues, and be available for as much 'Family Time' as possible.

Environmental Health is what I believe, is the trickiest to sustain appropriately, not only in the perception of a personal domain but also on the global level as well. However, simple, humble, but significant steps, like putting the 3Rs - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - into practice, striving for the upkeep of an in-house garden, opting for paper or jute bags whenever wherever possible, segregation of household waste, commuting by the all-pervasive Delhi Metro network or carpooling in all workable scenarios, and opting for energy-efficient appliances, have all helped me reduce my Carbon Footprint one step at a time, over the years.

As far as Spiritual Health is concerned, I have not had to take conscious measures to reflect on its upkeep because that is a domain which reflects on ideas, beliefs, values, and ethics. Praying, both before I rest for the day, and as I begin a new one, meditation, and appreciation for the harmonious coexistence of all life-forms, and a feeling of gratefulness throughout is what makes me connect to God Almighty on a spiritual level.


It is through this six-point strategy focusing on straightforward measures reflecting on each facet of health, that I strive to strike a balance in the continuum of life and embrace wellness by being #ApneTareekeSeHealthy. :) 

I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Perceptive VUing with Smart TVs...

Incepted with the vision to transform luxury viewing in the television segment, VU TV is the Numero Uno Smart TV brand in India. Cashing a revenue of ₹500 Crore in 2016-17 and a projected revenue of ₹1000 Crore, VU is now the #3 brand in India for 4K TVs after Sony and Samsung. With its new series launch, it strengthens its hold as the highest selling TV brand online and the choice of the youth in India.

The launch held last week witnessed the first Smart TV that is researched and developed in India. From hardware to software, Pop Smart TV is the shining beacon of the Make in India initiative adapted by VU TV. Additionally, the launch introduced the world’s first office TV, the Office Smart, and Premium Smart TV. With the right integration of technology, content, and apps (YouTube, YuppTV, Hungama, Eros and more) the new and distinguished Smart TV range by VU TV is set to best serve the intelligent Internet Generation of today. 

Commenting on the launch, Devita Saraf, CEO & Design Head, VU TV said, 

I am excited to announce launch the new TV series from VU TV, bringing together unprecedented and immensely required functionalities for today’s generation. VU is at the forefront of innovation in television technology in India and we are proud to present the Indian Youth and Professionals with the most spectacular solutions.

Pop Smart TV (Available in 49”, 43”, and 32”) is a ‘Make in India’ initiative and the first of its kind to support PC casting from Windows and Macbook. Comprising the choices of on-demand channels like Hungama, Eros Now, YuppTV, Ted, Daily Motion and more, Pop Smart enables viewers to share Picture, Video, Music on TV from Android or iOS Mobile. Furthermore, it enables controlling TV function from smart phone and use of keyboard functionality while interacting with browser. The One Touch Pop Remote Control provides pop buttons for favourite apps like YouTube, Browser, App store and Media, making the entire experience completely hassle-free. 

Office Smart TV (Available in 75”, 65”, 55”, and 49”) is perhaps one of the grooviest productivity tools, that comes with in-built computer and Windows OS for PPT, Excel, Word, Outlook etc. With its wireless and wired network connectivity and 32 GB storage, the Office Smart TV allows users to send emails directly to the TV while preparing for meetings or accessing cloud apps, CRM software, or other network files directly from the Office TV. The plug and play solution offers complete employee privacy, not having to connect PC for display. 

Premium Smart TV (Available in 55”, 49”, 43”, 39”, and 32”) is empowered with Quad-core Internet Video Processor, has been built on Premium OS, offering the fastest processing speed. Licensed with YouTube & Netflix, the series offer unparalleled convenience. The user can press Netflix or YouTube button to turn on the App or push the videos from YouTube on a smart phone to the TV to ease viewing. 

The Screen Mirroring feature of the Premium range allows users to share life moments on VU TV. Enabled via Any View cast or DLNA, the TV can then be used to share content from a computer, tablet or smartphone on Wifi or LAN. The screen can be easily synced via Smart Control or DLNA. 

VU has pioneered innovative television technology since its establishment in 2006 between California, USA, and India. Consistently, VU has been winning hearts by receiving a 5/5 rating on multiple consumer forums, along with winning the “TV of the Year Award”. VU elevates the consumer experience by providing personalized services, understanding consumer entertainment preferences and is in turn progressing rapidly to become the fastest growing TV brand in various segments. 

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Cibo Buono At 28 Capri Italy...

28 Capri Italy Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

What if I told you that a culinary sojourn to Italy was possible in the heart of Delhi? That too, to a place boasting of a solid foundation of a decade and more?

I am referring to 28 Capri Italy situated in Defence Colony, which once used to be Little Italy. I had a chance to try the authentic Italian fare offered by them recently. I found its brand name similar to 38 Barracks, where the number hints to the location of the outlet.

The outlet is spread over a spacious two floors - second and third - former moderately lit while the latter has natural lighting and a well-designed balcony with provision for outdoor seating as well, with cages retaining fairy lights.

The Menu has a touch of Italy too, and why not, it being a restaurant that caters solely to Italian Cuisine, though going beyond just Pizza and Pasta. Each dish is also explained in a verbose two-liner for patrons to garner what they should expect when the dish arrives at the table. 

Here's what would be some of the must-try dishes from an extensive variety elucidated in the Menu. 


Minestrone is a classic with veggies and pasta going into its making and was done just right.

Zuppa Di Pomodoro Basil, which translates to the classic tomato and basil broth, was served alongside a portion of garlic bread.

Meat Ball Soup had a creamy texture and herbs to complement the meat balls.


Chicken Involtini was a Chef's Special with a cheese stuffed chicken skewered, garnished with bell peppers and served alongside French Fries.

Prawn Chraime was tangy and a bit spiced served with a portion of Cous Cous salad and fries.

Fungi Trifolati had sliced and sauteed button mushrooms served with Creme Di Fungi broth.


Half 'n' Half Pizza was the best of both worlds with Go Crazy Crazy (V) and Seafood (NV). It was prepared well and had ample, flavorful toppings.


Broccoli and Spinach Risotto was creamy and garnished with sliced baby tomatoes.

Main Course: 

Cottage Cheese Medallions were grilled nicely and topped with an in-house tomato sauce garnished with olives and served with garlic bread.

Grilled Panko Crusted Pesce was prepared well, and had a Mushroom Risotto and lemon herb sauce on the side. Quite a burst of flavors there.


Tiramisu is the classic Italian 'Dolci' though the rum was a bit overpowering in its preparation.

Creme Caramel was the perfect conclusion as a stellar custard. This one can be praised with eyes closed.

On the whole, 28 Capri Italy comes across as a nice option to relish some fantastic Italian delicacies with family or friends. :)

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

A Trip To Punjab At Pind Balluchi...

Pind Balluchi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Pind Balluchi has always been one of the iconic brands in the F&B space that comes to mind, and the first choice for many when it comes to relishing authentic North Indian delicacies.

I decided to conclude a recent shopping spree with a light-hearted dinner. And, Pind Balluchi came across as a reasonable choice.

The ambiance is pretty much similar across all outlets of the said franchise, with the imitation of a village, with the सरदार जी on the cot at the entrance, a Banyan Tree setup which is a center of attraction, a kitchen enclosed in glass with all the flavorful aromas, some paintings depicting Punjab folk traditions and ambient folk music playing in the background.

Here's what would form for a nice meal when visiting Pind Balluchi...


Orange Blossom

Indian Summer


Chatpate Tawa Mushrooms were stuffed with veggies in between and had a tangy aftertaste.

Paneer Tikka Shashlik was chargrilled to perfection and layered with bell peppers and onions.

Tandoori Murg Tikka is one of the classic preparations at Pind Balluchi and was finished with a dash of lime.

Fish Tikka Lemon and Pepper had soft fish chunks seasoned well.

Dahi Saunth Ki Papdi had the street food undertones, finished with yogurt, tamarind, pomegranate, and sliced potatoes.

Main Course, served with an assorted bread basket:

Paneer Hara Pyaaz Lababdar had well-sized, soft cottage cheese chunks in a creamy gravy.

Dhaniya Murg Curry had flavorful chicken chunks in a coriander gravy.


The meal concluded on a sweet note with  Rasmalai, Kheer, and Matka Kulfi.

On the whole, Pind Balluchi comes across as a fine place to relish North Indian cuisine, complemented by attentive service and a rustic ambiance. :)

Monday, 11 September 2017

That's One Delicious Classroom...

The Classroom Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Do you recall sneaking in on hunger pangs in the classroom to finish that tiffin before the recess bell? Well, school time brings back a lot of memories and is a synonym for nostalgia. And at The Classroom in Sector 29 Market, it is all about nostalgia paired with culinary goodness.

The Classroom is a school-themed restaurant and brewery spread across four floors and a rooftop. At the entrance, we have the Assembly, followed by a Nursery, KG, and High School on subsequent floors.

A fun fact that the Bar is christened 'रामू काका की Canteen' and the brew tanks run all the way down to the Basement.

The Classroom has also partnered with Comedy Munch for stand-up comedy sessions and the ground floor functions as a co-working space too.

There's also a Play Station on the first floor, with board games, dart board, billiards, and swings. There are lamps made out of books, tables that elicit the English alphabet, and walls that have school-going kids and schoolish terms illustrated.

The menu is also designed like a notebook with intentional spelling mistakes highlighted in red. It's a multi-cuisine spread so patrons are spoilt for choice.

Here's what would be some of the nice dishes to try when at The Classroom...


Rosy Mam (Ma'am) was a sweet and sour mix of pomegranate seeds topped with rosemary.

Games Period was a flavorful concoction of berries which was tangy on the palate.

Outstanding Kick was just so, with a kick of ginger topped with Cola.

Strawberry Shake was well-prepared, thick and smooth on the palate.


Palak Patta Chaat was crisp, bright green spinach leaves with a layering of yogurt, pomegranate, tamarind, and Sev.

Veg Biryani Arancini was served with lettuce, peanut dip, and tomato relish. The rice filling was spot on.

Classroom Maska Chicken (C.M.C) is their signature dish and was a nice winner.

Paper Baked River Sole was served with herbed potato mash, grilled veggies, and the fish was melt-in-mouth.

Main Course: 

Vilayati Pizza is one of the popular pizzas at The Classroom with all-veg toppings.

Mushroom Risotto was creamy and flavorful, with tidbits of the edible fungi.

Sliced Vietnamese Basa with Fried Rice was well-prepared, with the rice complementing the curry.


Death By Chocolate was Dessert of the Day i.e. Molten Lava Cake with ice cream.

Haji Ali Fruit Cream was done with apple, cherries, and pomegranate.

All in all, The Classroom comes across as a good bet for reliving school memories by means of delicious dishes, with friends. :)