Friday, 10 May 2013

Delhites - Dimaag Ki Batti Jalao

What a pity! Most of the Delhites don't switch on their brain's light and probably that's why they can't or don't want to see the light of the traffic signal. Otherwise who with a sound mind wishes to spend days in a hospital or wreathe in pain at home with broken limbs or worse enough lie shattered on a road drenched in blood and left their loved ones to cry and spend their lives without them.
While driving when I see anyone jumping the red light, I really wonder what would have flashed in his/her mind at that moment? Is it the rebellious behavior of a teenager who wants to break each and every rule or 'who cares' attitude? If it is the rush to reach somewhere in time, don't they think that avoiding those 30 or 60 seconds of red signal can change their destination if they met with an accident.
There seems to be a 'RED CONNECTION'
If someone jumps the red light, those who suffer due to these people as they pay the price in such accidents due to no fault of their's turns red in anger and if the accident is severe there is red blood all over the road.
So I request these people whose brain's red light is switched off, to please switch it on and start respecting the red traffic signal to avoid other reds (anger and blood).

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