Sunday, 22 September 2013

And Before I Knew It, I Had Hit Send!

And Before I Knew It,
I Had Hit Send!
This Will Never Fit,
What A Blunder I Had Penned!

A Not So Good News,
Today's Morning Had Brought About!
They Had Discarded My Views,
Some Emotions Openly Flout!

And Before I Knew It,
I Had Hit Send!
The Pieces Had Split,
Some Ways, Had I, To Mend!

Was It Not Their Fault,
To Have  Not Listened To My Part?
Bringing The Thought To A Halt,
Of Deceiving - Mastered The Art!

And Before I Knew It,
I Had Hit Send!
Reaching The Limits Of My Wit,
How Long, Had I, To Pretend?

Expectations Left Unmet,
Hopes, Aspirations Broken!
Was It Someone's Threat,
Some Circumstance Unspoken!

And Before I Knew It,
I Had Hit Send!
They Had To Admit,
To Have Reached A Dead End!

This Was A Fork In The Road,
Decisions To Be Taken!
On The Being, A Heavy Load,
A Conscience To Awaken!

And Before I Knew It,
I Had Hit Send!
Buried In A Deep Pit,
Being Unable To Comprehend!

Having Lost Dear Friends,
With A Weakened Support!
This Ship Had Met A Bitter End,
It Was, But The Last Resort!


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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Dear God - Please Pay Heed...

Is There Any Morning To This Dark Pitched Night?
Light Is Nowhere In Sight...
This 'Jungle Raaj' Is Spreading...
Does It Not Have Any Ending?

Is It Not The Height?
 No One To Lend An Ear - Not Even Slight...
With All This Injustice Trending...
Steadily On The Path Of Humanity, Are We Descending?

Where Oh! Where Is Our Conscience's Knight?
To Balance Out The Wrong With The Right...
The Justice In Life's Court Is Long Impending...
 Will It Not Take Long - For The Scenario's Mending?

 Who Snatched The Freedom - Abridged The Wings - Ceased The Flight?
To Overlook Our Motherland's ...
Nobody Is, To Her Wounds, Tending...
Is It Not A Spiral, Towards Infinity, Tending?


Saturday, 14 September 2013

~* Wishful Shopping In 2030 - Now You Ought To Give It A Thought *~

Like Every Person In This World...
...Possessing A Wishlist To Serve All Dreams...
...Here I Present...
Wishful Shopping...

Custom - Made...

Come 2030...
The Markets Cry Void...
The World Lets Go Of...
Products - Let Us Avoid...

Seeing The Present Worldly Script...
The Netizens Turn Thrift...
Causing A Global Shift...
Of Perceptions Changing - Really Swift!

The Masses Cry Foul...
What Is Needed - Feed For The Soul!
Enough Of Stuffing The Body...
With Worldly Pleasures!

Move Over The Materialistic...
Overlook The Aesthetic...
 Embrace The Simplistic...
Welcome The Idealistic...

Everyone Cribbing For Paucity Of Time...
Please Organize What In Life, Is Prime...
Spend In Virtual Reality, What Will Be Counted As A Dime...
Does It Seem To Ring A Bell, Rock A Chime?

Peace And Joy...
Terrorism, Violence - Slitting Through The Throat - Cutting The Breath...
I'm Sure This Fact - Vexes One & All - It Does Annoy!
 Let's Swipe Clean Negatives - With One Such E-Broom - Spell For Them - Death!

A Healthy Mind & Healthy Body...
Everyone Hale And Hearty...
Let The Augmented 3D Organs Fulfill And Embody...
Anyone's Severe Ailments - Let Them Disembody...

...That Was For My Wishlist...
...My  Point Of View...
...StirYourSouls' Radical Perception...
...An Attempt To Bring About Change - Something New...

It Is Upto E-Bay Now!
If They Find The Idea Thought - Provoking, Anyhow!
If It Makes Them Raise Their Brow!
With That, I Take A Humble Bow!


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Corrupticide - Required Urgently!

We all are Indians.
We love our Country.
Our previous Generation was not able to tolerate all the unfair doings of the representatives of the British Empire.
Our Great Freedom Fighters sacrificed their joys, relations and even their lives to let all other Indians enjoy their lives and live in peace and a fair atmosphere.

We are still Indians.
But, Do We Still  Love Our Country?
Or Have Become So Selfish That Cannot See Beyond Ourselves?
Nowadays, people are engrossed in attaining their own joys - for themselves, their relatives and putting in all efforts ( but all negative ones ) to make sure that all other Indians do not enjoy their lives and do not live in peace and a fair atmosphere.  

So, where do we stand, nowadays!
Is it any better than Pre - Independence Era!
Are we not living the lives of slaves and that also owing to forced 'willingness' at the hands of immoral politicians and bureaucrats?

Whenever any Nation is intruded by Outsiders, it is still comprehensible.
But, what can we do now, when our brethren are behaving like termites and are spreading the poison of corruption at such a speed, that daily, whenever I go through the newspaper in the morning, I long to get a strong 'Corrupticide' to eradicate all these pests, which have infested our Nation to the extent that I fear as to how much time is left with us to prevent our structure hollowed by them, from collapsing!

Are these corrupt people suffering from Dementia?
Have they lost hold on their roots?
Why don't they comprehend that they are chopping the very Branch on which they are living!
They are infesting the same Nation whose citizens, they too are!
They feel that they just rob other people and increment their own Wealth!

But, why don't they analyze that they in fact, rob the 'Whole System' in the long run and not increment their Wealth but their Sins!
What will they do, of such immense Wealth?
In fact, they are transforming their next generation into bigger pests which shall not be able to do anything on their own, in their lives!
They are spoiling, and not securing their kids' future!

These So - Called 'Public Servants' opine that they have become 'Public Masters'!
The Public gets treated at Government Hospitals which are no better than Veterinary Hospitals and the high - level bureaucrats can now get themselves treated Abroad (Politicians were already availing this 'Royal Treatment'!)
So, all of them are thriving lavishly on the Middle  Income Group Belt's taxes (which the 'Mango Person' pays by toiling day and night and by surviving hand to mouth)!

So, are these politicians and bureaucrats not behaving like parasitic leeches too - in turn spreading the disease - but not realizing that they are actually progressing towards their own end (Just like a leech full of blood!)

So, Instead Of Pesticide and Weedicide, Is There Any Supplier Of Corrupticide!

May God Give Them Purity Of Thought And Insights (If God Can Forgive Them For All Their Previous Misdeeds)...
...So that, our Daily News Quota doesn't hike our Blood Pressure & Everyone Can Live And Let Live Too!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Peace - White Or...

White Represents Peace
VIBGYOR's Vibrancy Merges Seven Colors
To Restore Serenity...


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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Sky Is The Limit --- Or Even Beyond!


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It seems like yesterday when my cousin, Mr. Ashok Kumar Malhotra was blessed with a  bundle of joy - a cute daughter - Monica Malhotra. She was and is the apple of everybody's eyes.

Our cute bundle of joy - Mona!

The Budding Artiste - Mona!

As she grew up, signs of leadership started to grow prominent in whatever initiative she took up - whether it was her co-curricular activities at school and then at college level, with a post graduate diploma in Kathak from Kathak Kendra, New Delhi  or the time she started spending with her father at his office - The Publication House - The Famed 'Malhotra Book Depot' i.e. MBD.

Hailing from a commerce background, Monica acquired her graduation degree in B.Com (H) from Jesus and Mary College, which aided her in excelling in the work assigned in her father's office. But her creative skills & sharp business sense didn't let her be just a part of her father's business.

She used her entrepreneurship skills to diverge in new fields of Paper Manufacturing & E-Learning (MBD Alchemie) too.

My cousin was lucky enough to have not just one but two entrepreneurs under his family tree.
Monica's younger sister, Sonica Malhotra became a dynamic entrepreneur, after her MBA in Finance, handling key projects - Hospitality (MBD Radisson Blu, Noida), Retail (MBD Neopolis Mall, Jalandhar & Ludhiana as well) & Real Estate (MBD Zephyr, Bangalore).
MBD | Neopolis Mall

Paradise... Or should we say, MBD | Zephyr ?!

Unfortunately, my cousin left for his heavenly abode at an early age.
We all were taken aback and thought that probably it would be difficult for both Monica & Sonica to handle all their businesses single handed.
But, their entrepreneurship skills were the ones to steal the show.

Monica took over as the Senior Executive Director & Sonica as the Executive Director of MBD Group in January 2010.

My Lovely Nieces - Ms. Monica Malhotra & Ms. Sonica Malhotra
Under the blessings of my Veer Ji - Mr. Ashok Kumar Malhotra... 

They are walking on the progressive path to success by expanding all their businesses with great elan – With their Publishing Department - managing more than 10,000 employees, with more than 36 branch offices, 1,000 distributors and 10,000 booksellers across the country.
Also, there are more than 8,000 titles currently under the MBD Brand. The Group also exports books to Europe and South Asian countries. The overseas client list includes USA, UK, Canada, Mexico, Spain Russia , South Africa, Sri Lanka, Gulf countries, Bangladesh & Nepal. The Group also manufactures recycled eco - friendly notebooks under the brand name of MBD WriteWell - We Preserve Nature.
 Holy Faith International, Oxbridge & Modern Publishers ( a sister imprint of HFI) are some of the famed titles under MBD's Publishing header.

Holy Faith International - MBD Publishers...

Small Footprints Can Make A Big Difference - The WriteWell Series...
MBD Group was also awarded Second Prize in the state for maximum hours of work with 100 % safety of the workers by the Industry Department and Punjab Safety Council.

MBD Group’s e-learning venture – MBD Alchemie is a knowledge portal which creates an e - Learning platform catering to students, teachers, authors, parents, corporate, institutions and
The focus is to be a destination to every learner. MBD
Alchemie has already reached out to around 150 schools through its online content.

The Radisson Blu MBD Hotel, Noida has distinctly defined itself as a trendsetter. Whether it is a new age or age old interpretation of cuisines, at its award winning restaurants “Made In India” (The Indian Restaurant), “RED” (The Oriental Restaurant) or “S-18” (The 24 hr brasserie) or setting new standards in designer chocolates, cakes and an exclusive lounge at the “The Chocolate Box & Lounge“ or its Spa and Ftness Club, “Espace“, The Radisson Blu MBD Hotel creates a beautiful synergy of fashion, style and hospitality. The hotel also promotes art, culture and fashion through its various events. 

It has been a recipient of the “Best Franchisee of the Year Award”, The novel food and beverage concepts developed by The MBD Group have won various awards like HT City Crystals Awards for the Best Pan Indian Restaurant (2009) and the Times Food Guide Award Best North Indian Restaurant in Noida -2011 & 2012 for “Made in India“ - The Indian restaurant ; The Times Food Guide Award for the Best Pan Asian Restaurant for 2010 , 2011 & 2012 for “R.E.D” The Times Food Guide Award for the Best Confectionary 2011 & 2012 for “The Chocolate Box - The Pastry Shop and Boulangerie and many more.

Moving ahead in the Hospitality sector MBD  is also coming up with MBD Krishna Resort - Jalandhar. Spread over an area of 9 acres, the resort has been designed to create a space with the freshness of nature within. The Resort will house a total of 148 rooms along with an Indian, Italian and Chinese Specialty Restaurant. Situated within the surroundings of green foliage and landscaped gardens, there will also be a sprawling spa and a state of the art fitness centre.

Gigabite has already established itself as a popular food court in Ludhiana and in Jalandhar. It will also be mapped in all other major cities of India including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, amongst others.

 All this recognition owes its due to the Malhotra Sisters’ consistent dedication and hard work with an optimistic and  futuristic vision towards expanding their horizons.

They indeed are the greatest inspiration for all the girls in our family. 
We all are very proud of them!


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Friday, 6 September 2013

Memoirs Of Teacher's Day - The After Effect Of September 5.

While the world's student community was busy finding the perfect wish to say to their teachers,
I gathered a 'two - handful' of  sweet surprises...

The Cards...

...The Roses

...The Scented And Artistic Respects And Wishes
Thanks To My Students....