Saturday, 31 December 2016

Travelling Across The Food Globe As A Tourist...

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Dalai Lama said that we are all here on this planet as tourists. None of us can live here forever.
Quite true, I believe, but what's the rush to leave when we've got good food to keep us company?

Food and travel go hand in hand. What if I tell you then, that these two gorgeous worlds had collided and produced an extravaganza that Tourist is, in the heart of the city at Janpath?

And, while I had recently witnessed a gala affair at Office Canteen Bar, I had also made it known that I would be chronicling my experience at Tourist Janpath, which is all that this post is about.

After An Upside Down "DR∀M∀" and OCB, a hattrick has been aimed for, with Tourist, and yes, they have achieved it quite effortlessly.

An invite to this journey around the world through the presentation of global cuisine came about as a consequence of a Media Luncheon.

Tourist Janpath is a thematic restaurant quite aesthetically done as premises because it captures the journey of a tourist. Be it the life-size globe at the entrance, the seating did as train berths with cushions based on flags of countries, clocks of various countries on their walls, the World Map captured as a ready reckoner, or the wonderful cyclist on the wall with the backpack that one would inherently want to grab and proceed on a wanderlust, Tourist Janpath celebrates the essence of travelling and creating memories by celebrating the food associated with places around the globe.

Tourist Janpath is essentially a Street Food Bar and presents it as such from each corner of the world. Their food menu is demarcated into four passport menu cards by region; South Asia, Europe, Far West and the Far East.

With their Terrace being the most popular spot in the premises, their library situated on the first floor would be the perfect companion on that quintessential trip.

The place was also perfectly decked up for Christmas, all that was needed was a vintage fireplace with those festive stockings for that picture perfect Postcard.

Here's all that was presented to us Bloggers at the Media Luncheon...


  • Corn Chili Fritters 

  • Croquetas De Fungi 

  • Dragon Chicken 

  • Paneer Tikka 

  • Mutton Kebab 

  • Pizza Al Taglio 

Main Course:

  • Balochi Dal 

  • Hasselback Potatoes 

  • Kosha Mangsho 

  • Crepes Ala Francaise 

  • Khao Suey 

While this is quite a spread, the cherry on the cake were their well-done mocktails. My must-try beverages when at Tourist Janpath would be:

  • Virgin Mojito, presented in a dual-color skull shaped mug. 

  • Mandarin & Basil Splash - Citrus, clove, cinnamon, and basil - unusual ingredients packing a flavorful punch. 

  • Cool Sensation - Watermelon based drink, with a slice on the side as garnish. 

  • Rim Jhim - Apple based, and true to its name. 

  • Blueberry & Banana Shake 


  • Death By Eclairs 

  • Rabri 

I loved my time around the world as a Tourist in Janpath and would not mind a second sojourn. Here's wishing Team Tourist success for 2017... :)

Celebrating Christmas At Chawla's 2...

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I had begun the month by #Unlocking18Plus With A Gala Celebration and I am about to close it by chronicling the experience at Chawla's 2, which is located in the same premises, albeit adjacent to 18+ Cafe and Lounge, and both of these are located right next to Theos Bakery.

Both Chawla's 2 and 18+ complement each other because while the former is a fine-dine place, the latter is a cafe and lounge. All in all, it's the best of two worlds presented to patrons be it youngsters, friends, families or senior citizens.

The place was all decked up with the Christmas vibe, as I paid them a visit on Christmas eve. :)

Chawla's 2 is all about comfort food, catering to a plethora of cuisines, though acing it with its Indian flavors. While there's a sea of variety out there, with the Grub Journal at 18+ and the Menu at Chawla's 2, I decided to give the following items a try:

Mexican Nachos with Cheese and Salsa - Crispy and cheesy, loved the tang in its salsa dip.

Chicken Caesar Salad - Lemony chicken chunks with pepper tossed veggies and lettuce.

Golden Fried Prawns - Crisp and flavorful.

Fish Fry - Soft, succulent fish fillets along with a delicious mayo dip.

Eggs Kejriwal - This was my first time with this dish, although I gave it a miss when I had been to SodaBottleOpenerWala earlier this month, and boy, this was a finely prepared dish. Essentially, this one was an egg, cheese and mushroom sandwich well-cooked.

Paneer Tikka - Cottage cheese chunks nicely char-grilled and served with bell pepper slices, a dash of lime and salad.

Fish and Chips - Quintessential combination that is worth a try. Also, their french fries are lightly fried, thus cutting down on oil.

Chicken Kalmi Kebab - Star dish of the day and must-try at Chawla's 2. Chicken leg pieces cooked to perfection, with a unique, creamy, lemony taste lent to it because of its marination perhaps.

Maharaja Tikka Platter - The beauty is in the name and variety.

Veg Salt 'n' Pepper paired with Hakka Noodles - Another classic combination that was nice on the palate. The noodles again were lightly fried, cutting down on oil.

Also had their Banana Nutella Shake, which was a favorite from my previous visit.

Wrapped up my meal with Banoffee Ball, which is again a favorite, though the previous one tasted better and gooey Chocolate Brownie and ice-cream topped with chocolate sauce.

Loved being at and tasting well-prepared dishes coming from an iconic name as Chawla's 2 and shall surely be visiting again for the quality and taste of a wide variety of dishes.

Wishing luck to Team Chawla's 2 and 18+ for a successful 2017... :)