Monday, 31 July 2017

Saying It With A Bunta...

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Bunta Bar is an ode to the bar culture of India. It is fun, familiar, yet innovative. Bunta Bar aptly reminisces the fondness for the bottle with a marble i.e. Bunta.

Located in Janpath, right next to Fresc Co., Bunta Bar is spread across a floor and a restricted but beautiful rooftop.

While the decor ingeniously incorporates elements like Bunta Bottles to form an arch over the seating area complete with sofas and ice-cream sticks to adorn the paper napkin holder, the ambiance is moderately lit and features a mix of chairs, benches, and sofas as seating. The creative on the wall is also beautiful.

The food re-creates and amalgamates the best of multiple regional cuisines, thus being inspired by the culinary diversity of our country.

The Menus are designed in the form of Coffee Table Books, distinctly for Beverages and Food. Housing one of the largest varieties of Buntas (both alcoholic and otherwise), Bunta Bar's attempt at popularizing Buntas once again, reflects through.

The Beverage Menu has a border of digital Bunta Bottles running through each page, while the Food Menu has Indian designs in its making.

Here's what would be the must-have dishes when visiting Bunta Bar.

KPT Bunta was a flavorful concoction of Kokum and Paan.

Bunta Soda had the Jaljeera flavor spot on.

Choco Nutty Shake was thick and the chocolate flavor lingered on the palate.

Lemonade Iced Tea had that refreshing vibe.


Quinoa Bhel Puri was complete with pomegranate seeds, Sev, and Papdi. Quinoa has caught pace as a healthy grain and is now being incorporated into dishes by many F&B joints.


Chakna Platter was presented in glasses of Cutting Chai and had small bites which went well with the Bunta.

Paneer Tikka Masala Nachos were crisp and cheesy, served alongside sour cream and salsa.

Corn and Feta Samosets are easily one of the best appetizers at Bunta Bar, owing to their thin outer crust, and delicious filling of corn and feta cheese, which went well with the two kinds of dips.

Mushroom Shami was firm yet melt-in-mouth served on a Malabari Parantha and garnished with an onion ring and mint dip.

Kerala Chicken Nuggets had the prominent flavor of black pepper and curry leaves.

Sole Tandoori Tikka lent the lingering mustard flavor to the fish, which was itself soft and melt-in-mouth.

Main Course:

Half 'n' Half Pizza i.e. Veggie Lovers and BBQ Chicken.


Brownie with ice-cream was the Dessert of the Day, topped with chocolate sauce on a platter.

All in all, Bunta Bar comes across as one of the nice places to bid adieu to mid-week blues with friends and a relaxing vibe. :)

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Goodbye To Water Purification Woes With LivPure...

When I think about the best RO Water Purifier in terms of performance, quality, and pricing, one of the first brand names that come to my mind is Livpure. Now, what makes it a special RO water purifier is important to understand. The fact is that Livpure thrives on two key factors of any RO purifier that makes it best. These are health and purity. Livpure emphasizes to make sure that every Indian is healthy by ensuring purity in their lives by means of pure water & pure air. That is why they offer the best class of Electric Reverse Osmosis (RO) Purifiers with Mineral Guard Technology. Hence, you can get healthy and safe drinking water with their RO purifiers. Another important aspect to probe is RO water purifier price. The price of Livpure water purifiers ranges from INR 8,999 to INR 20,990. And there are around seventeen models available to buy as per one's choice. 

There is a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors that provide an ample choice to buy a model that matches one's style well. In fact, you can buy a purifier that matches well with the color of your walls and also customize the size accordingly. The price will also depend on the capacity of the device that you want to buy. On comparing the entry level model with the highest priced model, certain facts can be adjudged. The entry level model Livpure Glitz Plus RO water purifier which is priced at INR 8,999 and the highest priced model is Livpure UTC Neon RO water purifier which can be purchased for INR 20,990. In fact, the basic features remain the same in both. Like Sediment Filter, Pre-activated Carbon Filter cum Absorber, Reverse Osmosis Membrane, and Ultra-Filtration Membrane are components that are fitted in both water purifiers. 

But there are certain key differentiators that are responsible for the difference in the pricing of the two models. Like, in the latter there is a Carbon Block Filter that blocks and absorbs chlorine and organic impurities from water. In addition, it eliminates odor-forming organic compounds and bacteria from water. On the other hand, the former has an Anti-Scalant Cartridge that prevents scaling on membrane layers thus improving the purification capability and membrane life. In both the models there is a Post Carbon Filter that eliminates micro-level dissolved organic impurities thus enhancing the taste and quality of purified water. In the higher mode, there is an Ultra Violet (UV) Disinfection Column. The UV radiation disinfects the water and protects from various water-borne disease-causing bacteria, virus, and protozoa, thereby making it safe to drink. 

Hence, there are seven stages of purification in the higher model while the lower model has six. The storage tank capacity also varies in different models so does the purification technology. While in the higher model it is RO+UV+UF, the lower model is RO+UF. The purification capacity is more in the higher model. Another key differentiation is that the lower model goes under the sink. The higher model is a wall mount installation. 

All in all, LivPure comes across as one of the reliable brands when it comes to addressing the needs of water purification and also cater to providing safe water for the entire family. 

Fine Gastronomy At Boombox Brewstreet...

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Boombox Brewstreet is one of the many breweries that have set base in the dynamic Sector 29 Market in Gurgaon. What sets it apart is the element of music thrown into its conception.

Located opposite Ministry of Beer in the same market, and situated on the first floor, Boombox Brewstreet is all things music, and that is made evident by not just the decor but by the nomenclature of dishes in the menu as well.

From the life-size radio in the stairway to the cassette shaped entrance, to the vibrant DJ Console to the headphone bearing skull made with electrical components, Boombox aces the decor. As for the ambiance, it is moderately lit, and the seating is a mix of chairs and plush sofas.

As for the food, there is considerable variety and each dish is made to resemble a catchy tune as far as the jargon is concerned.

Some of the dishes have an element of molecular gastronomy and the same is signified through a tiny atom made alongside each dish's name on the menu.

Here's what I would say are the must try items at Boombox Brewstreet.


Sweet Child of Mine

Cheap Like Thrills

Citrus Cyrus


Baby Corn Ka B'Day Bash as the name suggests, was about crispy baby corn tossed with greens.

Hoton Pe Bas Tera Naam Hai is Boombox's take on Chettinad Chicken, with curry leaves and coconut foam.

Something Is Fishy had an element of molecular gastronomy in its making with grilled fish on a bed of minced tomatoes and black gravels going well with honey and khus caviar and mustard greens.

Main Course:

Ho Gayi Teri Balle Balle Pizza had Paneer Tikka, bell peppers, onion, and Makhni Mayo going into its making.

Promo Mix Pasta was a mix sauce Penne Pasta.

Bay of Biryani was one of their popular Indian preparations and had well-cooked rice garnished with cashew nuts.


Ye Daulat Bhi Le Lo, Ye Shauharat Bhi Le Lo is Boombox's take on Delhi-6's iconic Daulat Ki Chaat served on a bulb of fuming liquid nitrogen, with rose petals as a garnish.

The only other place where I happened to savor this famous sweet delicacy was at Too Indian.

All in all, Boombox Brewstreet comes across as a nice stopover for some innovatively plated dishes and a musical ambiance.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

#GetCharged At Lithiyum...

Lithiyum is the newest addition to premium lounges in the F&B space in the heart of the capital city. Delhi witnessed a euphoric launch of the club, lounge & fine dine property situated in the premises of Hotel Ashok, Chanakyapuri.

Being the brainchild of Mr. Saurabh Katyal and with an aim to present to patrons an amalgamation and an eclectic mix of the best of three worlds, the property is divided into three sections: Club Room, Drawing Room (Fine Dining) & Arena (Lounge Area).

Spread across a sprawling 13,800 sq. ft. Lithiyum brings together superior fine dine, gastropub nightclub and cocktailaria under a single roof.

For times when one would wish to groove the evening away with the best mixes, a perfect pitch, the right timbre and a balanced intensity of sounds. there is the Club Room, while the Arena is perfect for that laid back evening with friends.

Being the dynamic lounge that Lithiyum is, it also presents a section for opulence in dining with family or friends, and with the splendid mood created by their indoor waterfalls, coupled with attentive service by stewards and multi-cuisine gastronomic delights curated by Chef Akshay Nayyar, who has worked his culinary magic in the past at concept restaurants like "DR∀M∀" - The Upside Down Bar, Tourist, and Office Canteen Bar, to name a few.

With the most professional sound system in the world by Outline, Italy, feeling the pulsating beats and the rhythmic groove is enthralling. Lithiyum also features three private dining VVIP sections that have RFID enabled entry systems and double-point security screening.

According to Mr. Katyal, Lithiyum elevates the F&B industry a level ahead with their world class music system, lighting, ambiance, and fusion food, that is sure to leave a nice first impression on patrons, just like they have emulated with Lithiyum's brand name empaneled on a revolving globe at the entrance of the premium lounge.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Indulging In #Yougraphy With Canvera...

With smartphones being equipped with high-end cameras, clicking pictures has become everybody’s favorite hobby. Be it at a birthday party, a wedding or a vacation, the trend of taking selfies and quirky, cool pictures has found favor with everyone from college-goers to tech-savvy grandparents.

At the beck and call of a single click, each capture becomes a new addition to the Gallery of the smartphone. But, where have we got lost in the sojourn of getting the digital photographs from a camera reel or point and shoot converted into a much-loved photo album that had an element of surprise working in its favor at the first glance? What about making these smartphone captures morph into memories to cherish forever?

I do not particularly like the idea of so many heart-warming clicks just being stored on a digital medium, forgotten over time, and not adorning a rightful place at home, and I had a chance to rejoice earlier this month, thanks to Canvera, which is a domain expert in photo book printing in India

Canvera, in association with HP as their technology partner, has launched its #Yougraphy range, to turn magnificent photos into prints with some unique products & accessories.

A place full of photos printed on fine art canvases, framed posters and prints hung up on ethnic jute ropes with metal clips and the option of ordering all of this on an easy online platform with just a few clicks. Sounds too good to be true?

That’s exactly what I experienced at an event held earlier this month. Canvera announced a unique code for each attendee and asked us to browse and order #Yougraphy products like prints, posters, canvases, photo books & share books through their website. There was also witnessed a live demo of the unveiling and usage of products and a selfie booth was set up, where we clicked pictures with interesting themes and backgrounds.

Canvera has deployed HP’s state of the art Indigo Digital Press technology that has revolutionized the Indian photo book industry by, surpassing the conventional technologies on double side printing, variety, speed, quality, and cost. The non-tearable & weatherproof printing provide the consumers the much need longevity of their memories.

I ordered some of the posters, prints, and Youbooks featured on the Canvera website of our vacations to Andamans, Goa, and some celebrity features over the past two years and was mighty impressed with the on-time delivery, classic packaging, and immaculate finish of the products, both inside and out. :)

As a customer, the choices I had in terms of print quality (namely Glossy, Matte, or Scuff-free Velvet), the size of individual prints, the number of pages in a Youbook, choice of cover (hard or soft) and the variety of custom themes for each Youbook was overwhelming. Also, upon uploading each photograph, Canvera's mechanism was able to alert me if it was a low resolution and required a smaller print size to preserve resolution.

With all the products being manufactured in Canvera’s in-house production facility in Bengaluru, I was also impressed when the products reached me in a span of five days.

Having tried their products for once, I vouch for their quality and service standards and am sure that I'll keep returning to Canvera for framing my memories in print. :)