Thursday, 30 May 2013

Who Is Responsible --- Kids/Parents Or The System ?

Every coin has two sides but why is it that every thing in our society turns out to be such that it carries a negative side to its positive side ? Why can't we just enjoy & enjoy it all ?

       I am here referring to the board results of Class XII.
 A wave of good news to be read and so many happy faces of teenagers cherishing their happy moments which they achieved after years of hard work.

         News of differently abled children doing so well too.
         Govt school children who for years turned out to be dark horses now winning the race since few years.
         Girls once again over shining boys in the run.
         So many statistical reports and overwhelming parents whose children did them proud.

  But then the negative side erupts from nowhere ! Two girls kill themselves after seeing their board results. God forbid, I wish we don't have to get any more of such news (although we get to read many every year).


What is this the pressure of? Who is responsible for all this? The child himself/herself for not being able to cope with the failure! Or the parents, who perhaps pressurized their wards so blindly that he/she chose the wrong path of suicide instead of facing them! Or the norms of our society which puts the pressure of stigma on the family which in turn is transferred to the child!

          Why does the result become the ultimate yardstick of the child's future and even  the deciding factor of his life or death? Is there nothing beyond this in sight? Is it all dark for such students?

           I think its time to show them that there  are so many options open in life for them too. Although counselling lines are being set up by the board, still first hand immediate assurance from the friends, parents, relatives & neighbors ( who are in their immediate vicinity ) can help a lot.

           Please keep your eyes, hearts & minds open and accept all high & low caliber children  with equal weightage. Everyone in this world is destined to carve his/her own niche.

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