Thursday, 23 May 2013

Match Fixing Or Mind Fixing ? - Bringing The Nation Shame.....

Our nation's pride is to have won the World Cup Cricket Tournament in 1983 & 2011.
We Indians are so crazy about the game that many take leave from the office to watch the match on television, many take and give stress to themselves and other family members - less interested in the game to watch the match instead of any other program on television. Many waste hard earned money (once kept aside for buying any important article for home) to buy front row tickets in the stadium to watch the match.

       So many efforts and time and what do they watch? Not a real game  but a pre - fixed match where so many moves of the batsmen and the bowlers are manipulated - at times to make their team win and at times to lose - as guided by the BOOKIES.

        Players - few had come in light in the past years, few are in recent days and few will be in future too - but these few are only those who got caught. Many of them are still doing it and couldn't get caught. They have become puppets in the hands of these bookies and should not at all be considered as sports persons.

         Secondly, players now-a-days are after money - whether from match fixing or from commercials or from franchising. They are more interested in after match parties - girls and liquor.Game has become secondary for them. It's passion is gone and it has become the source of gathering money only.

           I wonder after seeing and hearing all this for the last so many years , why do people still go hysterical for this game? Why do they give so much importance to a single sport that all type of misuses have erupted out of it?

          Cricket has become a game of the bookies now and has lost its status of a Gentlemen's Game, sadly. Here instead of players, bookies play the game. Then what do we see? Why do we feel elated when our favorite player makes runs or a bowler takes or perhaps doesn't take a wicket? Why do we feel sad that our hero batsman had a bad day and that is why he got out at duck! Maybe he earned lakhs for doing what he did and hence it was not his bad day (as we presumed ) rather a lucky day which he himself earned.

          So, don't you think that this is MATCH  FIXING for the players & the bookies but MIND  FIXING for the people? Our minds are being manipulated and we are being made fools of to believe what we see. Although the irony is that  'What we see'  is not actually  'What it is'.

            Where is the end to this all? Why are we increasing the shameful acts in each & every field of life? Why are we running after money so blindly?  When will it be that our pride will gain more importance in our life than the worldly pleasures? When are we going to feel CONTENDED?


  1. I completely agree with you, BCCI is super power and rich because they have lot of television viewers which are much more than total population of many other cricket playing nations. Unfortunately bookies and corrupt players cheat these loyal fans like you correctly mentioned and saddest part is that BCCI has made IPL system with lots of loopholes purposely so that corrupt people can manipulate it they way they want. If Indian cricket fans unite and boycott cricket matches these guys will be forced to make necessary changes.

    1. Thanks for going through the post. Yes, reforms are required.

  2. You have made a valid point. What we watch is not what it actually is. I guess the awareness is slowly spreading.

    The boards and their friendly media collude to create this sports-entertainment that fools the audience.

    I have made my own attempts to analyze how cricket on TV has turned into sports entertainment and how deep and dark the fixing-industry is.

    Here are my views on the cricket match-fixing episodes:

    Thanks again for spreading the word on the fake-side of televised cricket. Cricket as a sport is good. The TV versions of it is polluted. It needs a revamp/repair badly.

    1. Thanks For Visiting Motts!
      You've put forward a valid point too...
      Keep Visiting! :)


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