Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Medicinal Plants ----- Ancestry Being Carried Forward

Since ancient times India is popular for its herbs and their medicinal effects. Although now - a - days people have very less knowledge about the medicinal values of such plants which are available easily in our vicinity and few can be grown in our kitchen garden too.

   Some people are ignorant about these miracles of herbs to cure various diseases and some are reluctant to try them lest they have any side effect. Don't worry, these herbs are quite effective and don't have any side effects at all (like so many allopathic medicines which can be very risky at times.)

    I would like to share names and properties of some of these medicinal plants with you all.

  • Bryophyllum or Pattharchatta acts as a cure for Kidney Stones.
  • The Arjun tree's bark provides cure for Cardiovascular Diseases.
  • Banslochan is used for treating Calcium Deficiency.
  • Garlic reduces Cholesterol and the risk of Blood Clots.
  • Brahmi  helps in enhancing Memory.
  • Echinacea increases immunity to combat Common Cold & Flu.
  • Guggal  helps in relieving symptoms of Arthritis.
  • Cranberry Juice  fights Urinary Tract Infection.
  • Eucalyptus Oil  provides relief from Cough & Cold.
  • Lavender helps in subduing Bronchitis.
Bless All A Speedy Recovery If Suffering From Any Of The Above Mentioned Ailments.

To Be Continued.....


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