Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Surprises For Health

Health is wealth. It is so true but our modern lifestyle doesn't let us spare enough time to take care of our health even when we wish to do so. Air pollution makes us breathe in all the harmful gases which lead to so many respiratory problems like Bronchitis etc. Water pollution makes our digestive system so prone to infectious diseases that they can lead to organ damage in the long run. Smoking and drinking which has become the trendy part of the society is leading to severe problems like cancer and liver cirrhosis.
Another main culprit to be dealt with is food adulteration. Various harmful chemicals in food items are playing havoc in our body systems. But thanks to the modern healthcare marvels, we are able to deal with so many problems whose treatments were out of reach of human beings.
Liver transplant without matching of  blood groups, laproscopic surgeries without much blood loss, complex eye surgeries in few minutes giving normal vision, total knee transplants leading to better locomotory years of life in old age were out of our imagination. Various heart surgeries in infants like hole in the heart which used to be incurable has now given life to many of them and in turn their parents too.
Many conjoined twins who used to suffer a lot are now leading lovely lives - thanks to the modern day surgical procedures. Cosmetic surgery has given smiles to many faces which got deformed due to certain accidents. This way modern healthcare facilities have touched lives of many people and given them all the happiness in the world.
Much more is in the pipeline as doctors are always eager to find solutions to many yet unsolved mysteries of our body. I wish that all the health problems in our lives would get the midas touch of modern day healthcare procedures and all the pain will vanish in thin air.

This post is my entry for the "How Does Modern Healthcare Touch Lives?" Contest organised by Apollo Hospitals in association with IndiBlogger.
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