Tuesday, 7 May 2013

My Gourmet Party: West Meets East

My friend, a French citizen, came to visit me last week. She was really anxious to see and feel everything about our beloved India which I shared with her for the last six months when we became friends on Facebook.
I took her for 'Delhi Darshan' to start with. She was really excited to see all the historical monuments - Lal Quila, Qutub Minar, Humayun's Tomb, Lotus Temple etc. which she had seen only in pictures so far.
Then came the turn of culinary skills. On Sunday we decided to have our gourmet party with our other friends. I decided to give her a surprise of Indian food as she always talked ravishingly about her burgers and pizzas. Her favorite dialogue was "How you Indians eat such oily and spicy curries daily?". So I wanted her to have a taste of our relishing curries and change her mind and dialogue too. But it could not have been possible by using my daily recipes. I stormed my mind and then the best idea flashed in my mind. I rushed to the market and bought Kitchen Of India's delectable curries and to give it the titillating turn I bought their sweet and tangy chutneys. In curries I selected Mughlai Paneer, Murg Methi, Paneer Malai, Mirch Ka Salan and Daal Bukhara. I selected Shredded Mango, Tamarind and Date Chutneys.
Dinner was served and my friend was surprised
to see all these dishes on the dining table. She gave a hesitant look to me as if saying that she won't be able to even try them. I assured her that she could certainly taste a bite of each of them and then decide to which she agreed. I served all the dishes to her - a spoonful of each with fried rice. The aroma of the dishes brought a smile on her face. I got my 30 marks then and there. Then
I saw a twinkling shine in her eyes when she tasted the first serving. I got my 30 more marks. She kept on asking for more and more servings and relished each and every curry, dal and chutney. Result was obvious as it was a magic from Kitchen Of India for which I was dead sure to get 100% result.
But my 40% was yet left. So I served her the dessert - Delicious Gajar Ka Halwa and Moong Dal Halwa. That worked as icing on the cake. She couldn't control herself and hurled all the adjectives - tempting, delicious, palatable, yummy and savory. She persuaded me to gift her lots of packets of each of these dishes from Kitchen Of India to take back home and surprise her family too.
Hence I got my full 100 marks. Actually not me but Kitchens Of India is the winner.

This post is my entry for the "My Weekend Party With Gourmet Food" Contest organised by ITC Kitchens Of India in association with IndiBlogger.
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  1. that was so nice of u to bring out the rich culinary secrets of india to ur french friend.:)

    1. I'm glad u liked it... Thanks for visiting :)


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