Sunday, 19 May 2013

Have We Lost The Direction ? - A First Hand Experience

Is this the nation our esteemed leaders who fought for our freedom from the Britishers, dreamt of! They sacrificed their lives to get 'Ram Rajya' and in sixty six years our present day leaders have converted the nation into hell for the public and heaven for themselves. Two opposite worlds are existing in our nation. People of the same country are living in conditions which are poles apart. 

Many of you may or may not have faced such a situation in your lifetime which my daughter and I faced yesterday. In those ten minutes, we were going through such a dilemma which I can't explain in words. What happened was I took my daughter for her entrance exam in a technological institute in Delhi. She was studying hard for it since her eleventh class. I did my research for the route to reach the destination. We were just two  kilometers away from the institute when hell broke loose. We got struck as vehicles were not moving. I panicked and tried to find the
cause. Firstly I could see a bus and lots of people standing on the crossing. I thought may be it was due to some accident. But then I heard a loud thud and some smoke rising in the sky. I saw a man coming back towards my car. I asked him and he said that people of the area have blocked the road and are not letting any vehicle go forward. They broke the glass of a bus and were trying to burn the vehicle too. They were protesting for not getting regular supply of water in their area  for the last few days.

Only seven minutes were left for my daughter's exam to start where they don't allow the entry even after a minute once the exam starts. She panicked and started crying as her whole career was at stake. She said "Mom, all my hard work shall go waste". I couldn't let that happen. I got out of my car and ran towards the crossing. I requested the people there to let us go as I explained my problem to them. They were not at all in a mood to listen. They didn't empathize with me at all. I folded my hands in front of them but in vain. Those men and ladies said that unless their problem was solved, they were not bothered about other's problems. 

Those people didn't but GOD had mercy on us (Thank God!). Out of the crowd, one teenager boy cam forward. He seemed to be a bit educated and probably that is why he understood my daughter's plight. He helped us out and made way for us to go. I thanked him and reached the center in nick of time. We could do that by God's grace and by the wise decision of that educated boy (education does help).

While I was waiting outside the examination hall I churned my mind to understand what all we faced. I understand that those people might be facing the water crisis in these hot days. They must be petrified by the situation. But is this the way out? Will their problem be solved by harassing other people like them who may be facing other problems in life which can be as grave as theirs at that moment of time (like my daughter's and many more children whom I found on the way whose whole year could have gone waste on missing the exam or may be someone ill  trying to reach the hospital in time etc.).

Why don't these people knock the proper door i.e. their locality's counselor, MLA or even the concerned MP's door? If they have the courage to block the road and break and burn the vehicles (which is of no use), they should utilize their courage in the right direction and be determined to get the solution from these leaders. (Although the irony of our nation's common man is that he is not sure that he will find these leaders at home or ion Switzerland in these sunny days - the latter's chance is more).

So, we have to see whether we have lost the direction? Is this the way to make our country developed where even basic amenities are not available to everyone. Why are our leaders not stirring their conscious and making the nation a place worthy to live not just for themselves but for the whole public (so that the public don't need to fight among themselves to snatch peace from each other).


  1. Glad that you reached the exam center on time. Really you had god's grace. These all problems are simply due to bad governance. regarding people knocking the correct door is difficult rather troubling other people and creating nuisance and spoiling property is pretty easy and begetting by few of the leaders too.

    1. Thanks! That is why the title "Have we lost the direction". Shall we just opt out for the easy ways even if they don't provide any solutions, or try to take the right path to reach the goal.

    2. Obviously the correct path is important. But what about the guidance? The leaders are themselves misleading. Its very difficult for India to become developed unless these basic things are fulfilled as you mentioned too.

    3. Yes that is the irony we are facing. I wish God mend ways of these corrupt politicians...

    4. yeah.. we humans can just have the hope for the things to change.

  2. Hope Your Daughter got through the Entrance. I feel we the people are to blame. May be the reject option of the elections will help india

  3. Yes she did, with flying colors!
    The Reject Opinion is another topic I'm planning to write on.
    Thanks for introspecting...
    Keep Visiting. :)


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