Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Has Our Nation Become A Slave At The Hands Of Money ?

Ridiculous to accept but as they say, "Just by closing its eyes, a Pigeon cannot save itself from its predator Cat".

The Pigeon And The Cat

Similarly, just by denying this bitter truth we can't feel proud of being citizens of a "Dudh Ka Dhula Desh"  ( which we used to be in ancient times ). But now, pollution of all types - both materialistic & humanly has smeared so much of tar on the face of the nation that if  continued like this ( i.e. without any reforms), then I doubt that we can take even the baby steps towards becoming a developed nation.

A Never Ending Black Money Hurricane
       The way the Common Man is trying to run away from all the devils of corruption, inflation, scams, blackmailing by private companies who are climbing the ladder steadily towards becoming billionaires themselves & making the politicians too with whom they are working hand in hand, there doesn't seem to be any way out to protection.

       When the savior himself becomes the predator, where lies the Hope ?

Why the corrupt politicians are busy in scams and controlling the CBI so that their misdeeds never manage to see the light of the day ? They fail to comprehend that The Common Man very well knows it all and they cant hide their misdeeds & misintentions however hard they try to. The only problem is that he is so busy in earning his daily livelihood that he can't run around for years in never ending judicial procedures and this is what these politicians are taking advantage of.

Blind Hope 

         May God give them the purity of thoughts, mind and soul so that they realize that this money which they are stacking up by hook or by crook will be left here only but their sins will certainly accompany them in Hell. So better not make our beloved nation a Living Hell for The Common Man & in turn expect a place probably in Heaven.

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