Saturday, 28 February 2015

The Deal That Was...

Twenty years back I bought a Maruti 800CC which adorned our place for almost ten years. Some day, I decided to sell it off to upgrade my vehicle by buying a 1000CC car. The plan was to simultaneously sell my existing car and buy the desired one. There was nothing like an online portal to support me to execute this transaction, back then. I was confined to my locality's people, local car brokers and probably a small advertisement in the city newspaper. I started announcing my plan to everyone I was meeting those days – in the market, at my wokplace, on the way and wherever possible. The purpose was to know if someone was interested in buying my car, with the specs it offered or if someone was interested in selling his existing car matching my requirements. This did not help much.

Talking to local car brokers raised my hope to some extent. The guys were, though, more interested in the model I wanted to buy rather than showing a similar enthusiasm for selling my car. I realized they were boasting of a one-sided zeal in their business. Most of them offered lucrative deals for selling one of the cars they had with them by indicating that those were the best cars they had. Well maintained, single person driven, offering the best price and mileage, thereby turning out to be the best deal for me, on the overall. It was also said that these best vehicles would not remain with them for long, as they were selling lioke hot cakes. I was prompted to decide quickly and buy one of those cars by paying them the best price, which they were supposedly offering exclusively for me.

In lieu, I could transfer my existing vehicle in their custody, and as and when it was sold off, I would be paid the quoted amount as per mutual decisions. Nobody was sure by when, and also if I would be able to get the exact amount which I had quoted. All of it looked dicey and fake to me. The third option of placing a advertisement in the local newspaper fetched not even a single response. Finally, it turned out to be a very unsatisfying deal when I had to buy the car I wanted, at an exorbitantly extrapolated price and my existing car was sold at a much lower price than what I had in mind. Overall it was a win – lose game where the broker won by making money from both the deals, and I lost, as I paid higher prices in buying and received a very low price in selling the vehicle. Later, I identified that the car I had bought was not what I was promised, inside out. There were many shortfalls in the car, which were very smartly hidden at the time of the final deal, may be because I trusted the seller and broker.

How I wished for a neat and fair place where people like me could personally meet people with similar interests and make the deal without an intermediary like a dealer, minting money from both ends! Probably, the Almighty granted my wish and materialised it though, a bit late, in the shape of Quikr NXT. This is an online portal where I am now going to sell my existing hatchback and go for a sedan. I am hundred percent sure that it will be best of the deals, where both
sides will be winning.


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Friday, 27 February 2015

The Traveller's Soul In Delhi...

Delhi is the capital of India and ranks second in terms of GDP (gross domestic product) with a population of over 13 million. It has many good and bad facets associated with its personality. It is counted among the most populated cities in the world. It is also counted among one of the main attractions for global tourists. Being a major business hub in North India, the airport and railway stations here are among the busiest in the world. The rate at which its population is increasing, it will be among the top five populated cities in the world by 2030.

Looking at the business and tourism potential, if you come visiting to the capital city, it is very important to finalize your hotel bookings in Delhi well in advance to avoid any kind of disappointment. Before you plan to visit Delhi, it is also important to do some research at your end or to consult with some online reliable portal or trusted friends or family members to gather together some vital facts, about the best hotels in Delhi. The best is something which is dear to all. Each hotel would crave to get that rating which will aid, not only in attracting new clientele but also in sustaining the old ones. As a guest, if someone has a liking or a preference to stay with a particular hotel in every instance, it is quite creditable for the hotel. But for any novice hotel, there is a huge competition in the hospitality sector to gain and sustain a considerable spot among the top hotels, and for this a lot of sincere efforts are required. Hospitality is a subject of training in itself and it matters a lot for those who are in this field.

If a list of hotels in Delhi is to be made, you will find over one thousand hotels featuring, ranging from the capacity of 5 rooms to 500+ rooms. The exuberance and dynamism of Delhi keeps every hotel engaged here because of a high number of incoming travelers - be it as tourists, professionals, businessmen, students etc. For any newcomer to the city, it becomes important to get basic information about the place where he or she is going to stay for a certain number of days. Obviously, surprises and that too the unpleasant ones are never welcome. If you are travelling with your family however, then definitely you will have to set your eyes on one of the best hotels in Delhi for fun-filled holidays.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Of Ahmedabad And All Food, Gujarati!

Ahmedabad is the major business hub of Gujarat, endowed with all the basic amenities, which a commercial city must possess for its civilians to live and work smoothly . A Times of India publication adjudged Ahmedabad as the best city in India, in 2012, on the basis of its living facilities and safety standards. The GDP (gross domestic product) of Ahmedabad in 2014 was USD 64 billion which places it at the 105th pedestal in global ranking, and at the 7th pedestal as far as Indian cities are concerned.

Ahmedabad is situated on the banks of Sabarmati River.  Forbes has recognized Ahmedabad as among the fastest growing cities of the decade. The population of Ahmedabad is nearing six million and it is the second largest producer of cotton in India. I fell in love with this beautiful and serene place when I first visited it in 2004. For the first time, I had seen a city in India that was safe for women even during the late hours of the night. The Navrangpur Market and its nearby vicinity became my all-time favorite places to visit then and whenever I visited Ahmedabad in the future too.

Another significant point about Ahmedabad is its food. The Gujarati thali, dal-dhokli, dhokla, khandvi are just a few names among the long list of Gujarati delicacies. There are many excellent restaurants in Ahmedabad that are famous for providing you the best Gujarati food. Preparing good food with a certain consistency not only attracts new customers but also helps in sustaining existing customers. I fondly remember some of the best restaurants in Ahmedabad which I prefer to visit and dine at, every time I go to Ahmedabad. There is a fundamental concept love, brimming in the people of Ahmedabad about two things  – good Gujarati food and Dandia.

There are many ways to discover places to eat in Ahmedabad, but one thing to keep in mind is to have your own parameters to ascertain some of the delightful recipes in the best restaurants of Ahmedabad. This is because of two reasons – one, a lot of people from other corners of the country visit Ahmedabad on a regular basis for professional commitments. Some people may visit once and others may need to visit frequently as per their business requirements. I am sure that Ahmedabad has that capability of winning hearts irrespective of whether you visit once and never come back, or keep visiting frequently.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

#BefikarUmarBhar, With Lifesurance!

What if you were told that the old-school concept of life insurance had now been revamped to Lifesurance?

What if you were told that you could live on to become a centenarian, sans any stress or tension?

To be honest, I've not developed any potion or such recipe for turning mortal beings into immortal deities.

The people at IDBI Federal Life Insurance have done it.

Well, they've not devised any such potion.

What they've come up with, is the concept of #BefikarUmarBhar.


With so many tensions in life, its charm is reduced to the size of an iota. The life which we claim to be living, progresses to become more and more mechanical and we keep on striving for joy, enjoyment and some moments of bliss. There are moments aplenty when we are able to enjoy the company of our friends and family members, moments which make time come to a standstill, moments which are so magical and fulfilling!

But, to our disbelief, we overlook most of them. With an immersion in all such tensions, I am compelled to wonder. How would life be sans all such stress, sans all such tension? Which would be the prime concerns, the top priorities, the unfulfilled passions I would like to pursue? What would my bucket list look like, if I were to be #BefikarUmarBhar?


Coupling my profession with undiscovered talent : My first task would be to do good to the young, bright minds of our country, who have not been able to utilize their potential to the fullest. I would purchase a huge plot of land, build my own school and impart knowledge to those children, for them to be able to acquire practiclal skills. My school would focus more on skill - honing, rather than a regular routine of class tests, homeworks, projects etc. It would focus on the essence of life and its teachings. I would like to raise them to the podium tthey deserve in life, to uplift them to such a level that they learn the importance of self-reliance and self esteem. 

Enjoying life, my way : I have always wished to embark on a World Tour. A tour, for the completion of which, I am able to spend my money, to my heart's content, without bothering about the expenses incurred. I wish to unleash the traveler within me!

Developing a unique office environment : I would like to establish a business, where creativity would be prime. Each employee would be a stakeholder in profit and not merely a salaried individual. 

Building my personal library : I would love to build my personal library where I would collect all those books which built me, those which aided me in advancing intellectually and those which are full of wisdom. Anyone would be welcome to gain access by availing membership, provided they are as zealous and respectful to this treasure.

Relaxing in nature's lap : I would love to own a luxurious villa away from the  hustle and bustle of city life. It would serve as the perfect getaway from the perpetual tensions of life. I would be able to retreat to greener and more peaceful pastures, at my will.

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Sunday, 15 February 2015

#UnconditionalLove For My Zenfone!

I'm constantly being vexed by a grave problem in my life since the day I purchased my Zenfone 5, from ASUS. Prior to its arrival, I had only one love in life - my husband. But now, there exists a certain competition. After the Zenfone 5 came into my life, there is a consistent fight within, to ascertain who is more powerful, intelligent, versatile and important for me. This year, it was the first Valentine's day when I had to finally take a call and declare a clear winner.

As is evident, a winner always emerges victorious out of competition. Also, any competition provides us with a set of parameters to ascertain the winner, in true sense. There was a time, when both the competitors decided to put up their best fight and neither was ready to give up and compromise. So, I stepped into the scene with the following parameters:

Timeless Design and Stylish Looks: My Zenfone 5 flaunts a simple yet innovative design, incorporating the iconic concentric circle finish with a certain fine texture, thus lending it a classic look and feel. My Zenfone exudes an unparalleled confidence. The confidence which I miss, in my ex-valentine. I too, was shocked at this revelation, because he has been my valentine since the past two decades! :o


The Metallic Concentric Circle Finish

Immunity Towards Accidental Damage: My Zenfone 5 boasts of a strong defense mechanism as it comes equipped with Corning Glass. Corning Glass provides it a scratch proof surety under any kind of circumstances. There will not be any scratches or accidental screen damages. EVER. On the other hand there is always hue and cry even if there is a minutest of scratch and an emergency like situation is created when it is about my husband. Well, it should be. After all, we are human. Accidents may occur, in all probability. But, what if you get to choose between uncertainty of damage at the time of accident and life-time immunity to accidents? :)

Battery Life: The youthful Zenfone 5 possesses a durable battery and prides on longer battery
life. My husband, on the other hand, tires much faster and needs more rest. The age factor is weighing heavy on him, now.

Responsiveness: The Zenfone 5 delivers unmatched performance, without any compromises, whatsoever. The leader of them all, is embedded into my Zenfone. With Intel Inside, my Zenfone gives me its best. Be it performance or power efficiency. That too, without compromising on battery life. What more could I ask for? :D 
Disappointingly, that is not the case with my husband. More often than not, he is lost in his conference calls and excel sheets. Whenever some housework requires his assistance, I have to bother him multiple times, for it to be done on time! :P

The Striking Display, which switches among screens effortlessly. :)

The ability to see, what others cannot see: The perfect stills are captured. ALWAYS. Thanks to my ASUS Zenfone 5. Its owl-eyed low-light still capturing capability, bowled me over. Have a look at some of its still AND video capturing modes and you'll know what I intend to convey. 
On the other hand, when I look at my husband, he has started looking at the whole world in mundane, black and white. Everything seems to be the same to him, as he lacks the variety in perspective, which my Zenfone does not. 

Some Photo Modes : Night, Low Light, Selfie, Miniature, Depth Of Field, Smart Remove, All Smiles, Beautification, GIF

All Video Modes : Auto, Low Light, Miniature, Time Lapse

So, now you definitely know.

My Zenfone 5 is my ideal Valentine, from now on.

Why shouldn't it be? ;)



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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Of Love And Friendship, lunchboxANDyou...

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The month of February spells love. 

The month of February spells dearness. 

The second month of the year belongs to Cupid, after all. 


However, love in the month of February does not necessarily have to be love for your spouse or for that 'special one' in your life.

For me, this is not the notion, at least.


Love for my dear ones, in my opinion, does not require a special month, for it to be celebrated.

I love my family, and I celebrate this mutual emotion with them, all year long.


 For us, Valentine's Day and its preceding week pass along without much pomp and show.

We, at home plan Cupid's Day so that the entire family gathers around, in round table fashion, for us all to enjoy an unpretentious, cordial, and homely dinner, or even lunch, sometimes.

This has been an annual ritual, so to say.

It is not only about a family lunch or dinner.

Each of us writes a personalized, hand-written note to that one family member, whose special memories have made the past year lovelier.

Also, we are to exchange those notes over Dessert, to make the memories, as well as the lingering pleasantness of taste, even memorable.

The dessert too, is special.

The 'From...' person prepares the dessert which is the 'To...' person's favorite.

Quite an unusual combination with the dessert and the note, you'd say.

In the end, each family member, has this sweet gesture and a special note, addressed to them, to cherish. :)


This time around, we plan to organize a lunch.

Speaking of lunch, the other day, I was flipping through those movie channels on TV.

As I chanced upon &Pictures, I was compelled to pause for a moment.


But of course, I chanced upon one of their adverts, announcing the Valentine's Day Premiere, of the BAFTA Nominee, The  Lunchbox, on Cupid's Day at 8.

It is one of the precious gems of Indian Cinema.

I have seen it in the past and am willing to spend a good two-and-a-half hours watching this masterpiece again too.

At the same time, my Twitter timeline was set abuzz by ANDPictures!

They had been tweeting, inviting people to share their Lunchbox stories and their love for food.


I wanted to send in my tweet too, but my tortoise - paced internet did not allow me too. 

Nevertheless, my Eureka moment saved the day. 

I couldn't send in my tweet to participate in this novel campaign. 

That reminded me... 

My love for food? 

The lunch planned for Saturday! 

The dishes for lunch had been taken care of, without a sweat. 

But, I still hadn't decided the name which would fill in the blank ahead of 'To...' in my note! 



The Lunchbox... 


Lunchbox it is! 


Then and there, I connected the dots to visualize the family member for whom I'd be penning my personalized note! 

I would be addressing this year's note... 


My Daughter... 



First things first, let me tell you that Charu's favorite food or favorite dessert, if you may call it, is Carrot Pudding, the humble गाजर का हलवा! But, for this year's special lunch, she has requested me for chocolate cupcakes. 

So, chocolate cupcakes it shall be! 

I suppose she won't mind Carrot Pudding too... ;) 


Here's why I'm writing a note to Charu, this year... 
  • For the past many years, my better half and I have been exchanging such notes on this day. This time, I wish to do something different. For a change, I would be writing a note to Charu, and she'd be writing it for her father. :)

  • This advert on &Pictures brought back pleasant memories. Memories of me packing lunch for her, in that cutesy little lunchbox to carry to school, at the advent of dawn, and of her relishing something home-made, something new in her lunchbox, every day.
    Sometimes, it used to be simple cheese sandwiches with her favorite cream biscuits as a side. On other occasions, she used to crave for her favorite Mushroom - Cashew nut gravy, coupled with home made Pulav. I even remember preparing Pasta for her, on multiple occasions. That was when she had to share it with her friends and boast of her mother's special dishes.
    This time, I wish to re-live those memories with her. At times, she used to save those biscuits from her box, to share with me, when she came back home. We used to share it over 'What happened in school, today?' sessions! :)

  • It will serve as the perfect surprise for her, if her favorite Carrot Pudding, or cupcakes come to her served in a similar lunchbox, for her to relish. I'm writing to her because I wish to witness that precious smile on her face. From ear-to-ear, timeless joy! :)


Don't you wish to have a look at what my personalized note says?

I'm sure you do...

Here, leaving it for you to read, too! :)


'Tis Valentine's, I've done something exceptional...
Moved away from the archaic concept of Love...

This time it's not about your father and me...
It's about YOU and me, to make you feel special! :)

To surprise you, this Lunchbox has arrived...
To make sure that your love for food too, is revived!

It has been ages - I've always been packing my love for you...
For you, to take with you, in a tiny box - What all do I not brew? ;)

An age-old cliche it is, regarding your Mom's extraordinary culinary skills...
माँ के हाथ का खाना, which always makes you smile, it brings back memorable stills...

Today I'm set to surprise you, with anecdotes of love and friendship...
Out of it all, that we've been sharing over food...

Today is meant to be special...
'Tis Valentine's, it's about me and the cupcakes in that tiny box...

It is about your lovable lunchboxANDyou! :)



I hope this brings a smile to her face, just the way I'm imagining it to be. 

What do you think of my plan, for my daughter, this Valentine's? 

I'll be glad to know of your opinion too. :) 


'The  Lunchbox' Premieres on Valentine's Day at 8 PM on &pictures

It boasts of stellar performances by Irrfan Khan, Nimrat Kaur and Nawazuddin Siddiqui.  

It is a masterpiece by Ritesh Batra. 

If you go by my word, you will love this movie too. 

Be sure to watch it with your loved ones. 


Can you fall in love with someone you haven't met? 



Friday, 6 February 2015

The Oh! So Uncommon 'Common Man'...

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R. K. Laxman. 

24 October 1921 - 26 January 2015. 


The Common Man. 

1951 - Eternity. 


They Say... 

What's In A Name? 


I Say... 

What's With Those Timelines? 


After all, those are just some digits, separated by dots or dashes. 

And, life cannot be condensed into a space as little as some date, followed by some other date, with a hyphen in between. 

Certainly, a life as great as The Common Man's cannot. 

It does not deserve to be condensed into any space. 

For, it deserves to be celebrated, given the essence of its simplicity and the sheer, observant grandeur in its humility. 


Mr. R. K. Laxman was a born artist. 

And an adept humorist. 

And a clever satirist. 


His 'Common Man' was bespectacled. 

His 'Common Man' was bald. 

His 'Common Man' was dhoti-clad. 



His Common Man could be one among us.

But, unlike us, he was a good observer and a brilliant listener.

He could observe the subtlety of matters, which we blatantly overlook, so gracefully.

These are matters of concern to the Common Man, matters of true concern at that!

The Common Man Takes A Stroll.



Here's presenting five of his masterpieces from this classic masterpiece, in its own right.

Getting the right Diwali Offer.
Is it Toothpaste + TV or the other way round? :D
Terrorism dominates the land.
Even today. :(
Ladies And Gentlemen...
Err... :)

Of Foreign Investment and the likes...
Common Men and their hard earned money.
For, Gandhi's print from one to another.
The Saga Continues... :D


Time passes.

Time has stood still for now.

Memories fade.

They are fresh as a daisy at the moment.

Feelings change. 

No, they won't.

People leave.

Yes, you've left.

But the heart never forgets.

Albeit a void remains...


Post by Stir YourSouls


A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.

You gave us a good laugh with your satire.

Every single time, Sir.


May you rest in peace, till posterity, Sir.

Six square feet for 'You Said It' in a twenty thousand square feet newspaper for his 'Common Man'.

Six feet from his head to his heels was all he needed, for himself.

He was...

Rasipuram Krishnaswami...

Laughing Away Those Tensions, Our Anxiety...
Absorbing, Observing All Nuances Of Society...
Xeroxing. Portraying That Same Common Man...
Molding His Humor, Satire With Much Elan...
Acknowledging The Hardships And Small Joys...
Naming The Man As One Of Us With All Poise...

The Common Man...

Who Said It All...



Sunday, 1 February 2015

Trivial Pursuits Of A Fast-Paced Life...

Everyone has some or the other plan charted out for their life. Well, some have it, some do not, to be honest. 

I have a clear idea of what would be my future goals. What I’m not clear about is what the future holds within its reach. 

It could be good. It could be bad. God forbid, it could be ugly. At the time when I was a student, I was totally involved into my academics. 

I had no time to explore any other things in life. I had thought of travelling to various places in this far and wide world, with my parents but never got the requisite time. I had thought of spending my idle time in capturing nature’s marvels through my lens, but the paucity of time and resources (in the 1970s) played a vital role. 

Similarly, there have been a lot of such wishes, which accumulated inside me. Wishes which I have always been pushing ahead,  to be taken care of in the future, after I find relief from the present obligations in life. 

I guess those Tomorrows turned to Todays in split seconds. 

First came my education days, then my career building days, then my marriage, then my daughter and all different kinds of responsibilities. Life has never relaxed its pace to gift me some time to fulfil my wishes. I would love to go for them now, as I feel there is no #SecondChance. They say time stops for none. Hence I believe, I must make time NOW. If not now, then NEVER. As I said, none of us knows what lies in our future’s travails.

I have some simple, sober joys and passions, which I wish to derive from life.
For, I believe, in simplicity, lies humility. In humility lies greatness.

Clear, concise, to the point.

Here are my three cents, to unveil three different personas within me:

1. The Photographer In Me: I would like to buy the best available Digital Camera and go pursue my passion of clicking still photographs, surrounded by Nature, its beauty, serendipity, and peace. Probably, this is the best time to go for it. :)

2. The Traveller In Me: I would like to hire a chartered airplane to travel around the whole world accompanied with my husband and daughter. Truly, ‘Around The World In Eighty Days’ style. Grandeur lies in the simple pleasures of life! :D

3. The Experienced Disciple In Me : I would like to hit the ‘Pause’ button for a while, relaxing this fast paced life that I have been leading all along, and jot down what I believe to be the pointers to a blissful life, for my daughter to look upon to. I would like her to treasure those pointers as a cheat-sheet for her life, because I believe, that Life is a Game. But, by the time you familiarize yourself with the rules, you’re too old to play the game! I would like to pass on these rules to my daughter, for the time when I turn too old for this game! :)


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Level Up With Quikr NXT!

This is the biggest marketplace of the country where various buyers and sellers from all across India, irrespective of their geographic location can interact. This is lively and interactive, and not like an ad in the center page of a newspaper or on one of those shopping channels. You can easily create your account for free here to be a buyer or a seller; or for that sake, both. You can publish your product details as a seller and start getting approached by buyers in no time. This is Quikr, the grand plaza for buyers and sellers across India.


The portal has recently unlocked a new level of customer satisfaction. This is something quite unique and really beneficial for the buying and selling community. Now there is Quikr NXT, a newly launched, and unique mobile chat platform that connects these two communities in an innovative style. There are many features that deserve to be mentioned. Quikr NXT enables buyers and sellers to connect with each other with complete freedom, security and surety.


You are not bound to attend to a phone call at odd hours. You don’t have the risk of missing an important call, lingering on. You don’t have to check if the call flashing on your mobile from an unknown number is related to your new ad posted on Quikr or not.


To counter all such issues, Quikr’s NXT is a perfect answer. There are many excellent features that ensure its usefulness and necessity.


Three of these features are:

1. You have total freedom to receive the important messages, as per your time and need and reply to them without the risk of losing any of the important messages. For instance if you are a buyer, and you have seen a relevant ad of the same product which you want to buy, you would be prompted to connect to the seller instantly. That is where Quikr NXT comes handy. Just send a message to seller regarding the same and probably instantly or within some time, you will get a response from the seller. It goes vice versa as well. If you are a seller and your ad draws the attention of a suitable buyer, you would be receiving the relevant message on your Quikr NXT app in no time. Probably that buyer will also be eager enough to respond back in the affirmative to close the deal at the earliest. 

2. Share unlimited photos of your product on Quikr NXT. You can satisfy your buyers by sharing as many photos of the product as you want on Quikr. The photos remain a part of your repository in the app and probably, the next time when you have to share those photos with someone else, it will be quicker and more efficient on Quikr NXT. 

3. Your communication is safe and secure on Quikr NXT. Though you are always communicating with some potential buyers and sellers on Quikr NXT, your mobile number is secure and is not visible to anyone. In fact, you are communicating through a secured layer of Quikr NXT app. This ensures a certain level of privacy, and hassle free transactions from your side also. 


P.S. : The image has been taken from Quikr's Happy Hours page on IndiBlogger.

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