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Professor Gaitonde's Tryst With History!

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The Jijamata Express sped along the Pune - Bombay route, considerably faster than the Deccan Queen.
Lonavala arrived in 40 minutes, followed by Karjat and Kalyan...

Professor Gaitonde's mind had arrived at a substantial plan of action, already...

 Indeed, as a historian, he felt he should have thought of it sooner. 
He would go to a library & browse through the section cataloged 'History'. 
The most appropriate way of finding out how the present state of affairs came to be.

Upon his return, he resolved to interact with Rajendra Deshpande, who would surely help him understand what had happened.

That is, assuming that in this world there existed someone
called Rajendra Deshpande!

The small station, Sarhad, awaited, at the end of a long tunnel. 
An Anglo-Indian in uniform went on to check permits.

He noticed certain gentlemen conversing...
Khan Sahib and Professor Gangadharpant Gaitonde.

"This is where the British Raj begins. You are travelling for the first time, presumably?"
The voice at the other end replied in the positive, ignorantly inquiring about the time in the tow to reach Peshawar.

Khan Sahib patiently explained that it was a long journey, he'd embarked on - Bombay to Delhi, to Lahore and then Peshawar.

Khan Sahib passionately narrated his business and Gaitonde was a patient listener.

The train made its way through the suburban rail traffic...

And, 'GBMR' - Greater Bombay Metropolitan Railway, was a gentle reminder of British oppression.

The final destination, Victoria Terminus, arrived too soon...


As he emerged from the station, Professor found himself facing an imposing building. The letters on it proclaimed its identity to those who did not know this Bombay landmark:


Prepared as he was for many shocks, Professor Gaitonde had not expected this. The East India Company had been wound up shortly after the events of 1857 — at least, history stood testimony.

Yet, here it was, not only alive but flourishing!
So, history had taken a different turn, perhaps before 1857.


It weighed heavy on a historian's mind!


The Hornby Road, too, was sporting a different look.
The Handloom House was taken over by Boots and Woolworth, Llyod's, Barclay's and the likes of it.

Bombay had been presented as England, perhaps?

He made his way to the Forbes building, however.

Professor Gangadharpant Gaitonde requested to see a certain Mr. Vinay Gaitonde.

The English receptionist, however, shook her head in dismay and exclaimed that the Professor might have been mistaken and there was none there by that name, whom Professor wished to see!

This was a blow, not totally unexpected.
If he himself were dead in this world, what guarantee had he that his son would be alive? 
Indeed, he may not even have been born!

Professor, however, grabbed a quick lunch and made his way to the Town Hall.


Yes, to his relief, the Town Hall was there, and it did house the library.

He entered the reading room and asked for a list of history books including his own.
His five volumes duly arrived on his table. He started from the beginning.

Volume One took the history up to the period of Ashoka, Volume Two up to Samudragupta, Volume Three up to Mohammad Ghori and Volume Four up to the death of Aurangzeb.

Up to this period history was as he knew it.
The change evidentlyhad occurred in the last volume.


Reading Volume Five from both ends inwards, Gangadharpant finally converged on the precise moment where history had taken a different turn.

That page in the book described the Battle of Panipat, and it mentioned that the Marathas won it handsomely. 
Abdali was chased back to Kabul by the triumphant Maratha army led by Sadashivrao Bhau and his nephew, the young Vishwasrao.
 The account elaborated in detail its consequences for the power struggle in India.

 Gangadharpant read through the account avidly.

The style of writing was unmistakably his, yet he was reading the account for the first time!


Their victory in the battle was not only a great morale booster to the Marathas but it also established their supremacy in Northern India. The East India Company, which had been watching these developments from the sidelines, got the message, temporarily shelving its expansionist program.

For the Peshwas, the immediate result was an increase in the influence of Bhausaheb and Vishwasrao, who eventfully succeeded his father in 1780 A.D.

The trouble-maker, Dadasaheb, was relegated to the background and he eventually
retired from state politics.


As he read on, Gangadharpant began to appreciate the India he had seen. It was a country that had not been subjected to slavery for the white man; it had learnt to stand on its feet and knew what self-respect was. 

From a position of strength and for purely commercial reasons, it had allowed the British to retain Bombay as the sole outpost on the subcontinent.
That lease was to expire in the year 2001, according to a treaty of 1908.


Gangadhar could not believe how the face of India had changed in the blink of an eye!

How did the Marathas win the battle?
To find the answer he must look for accounts of the battle itself.
He went through the books and journals before him.
At last, among the books he found one that gave him the clue.
It was Bhausahebanchi Bakhar.

He found one in a three-line account of how close Vishwasrao had come to being killed...

... And then Vishwasrao guided his horse to the melee where the elite troops were fighting and he attacked them. 
And God was merciful. 
A shot brushed past his ear. 
Even the difference of a til (sesame) would have led to his death.


The librarian intervened at that very moment!
The library had to close for the day...

She requested him to leave, politely answering his query for the opening time, the next day.

Before leaving, however, he gathered his notes and absent-minded, shoved the Bakhar also into his right pocket.


The historian, after his meal for the night, ventured into the Azad Maidaan for a stroll.

In the Maidaan he found a throng moving towards a Pandaal.

So, a lecture was to take place.
Force of habit took Professor Gaitonde towards the Pandaal.
The lecture was in progress, although people kept coming and going.

But Professor Gaitonde was not looking at the audience.
 He was staring at the platform.
The presidential chair was unoccupied!
The sight stirred him to the depths.
Like a piece of iron attracted to a magnet, he swiftly moved towards the chair.

The speaker stopped in mid-sentence, too shocked to continue. But the audience soon found voice.
“Vacate the chair!”
“This lecture series has no chairperson...”
“Away from the platform, mister!”
“The chair is symbolic, don’t you know?”

What nonsense! Whoever heard of a public lecture without a presiding dignitary? Professor Gaitonde went to the mic and gave vent to his views.

“Ladies and gentlemen, an unchaired lecture is like Shakespeare’s Hamlet without the Prince of
Let me tell you...”

But the audience was in no mood to listen. “Tell us nothing.
We are sick of remarks from the chair, of vote of thanks, of long introductions.”

He soon became a target for a shower of tomatoes, eggs and other objects. 
But he kept on trying valiantly to correct this sacrilege. 
Finally, the audience swarmed to the stage to eject him bodily.

And, in the crowd Gangadharpant was nowhere to be seen.


“That is all I have to tell, Rajendra. 
All I know is that I was found in the Azad Maidaan in the morning. 

But I was back in the world I am familiar with. 
Now, where exactly did I spend those two days when I was absent from here?”

Rajendra was dumbfounded by the narrative. It took him a while to reply.

“Professor, before, just prior to your collision with the truck,
what were you doing?” Rajendra asked.

“I was thinking of the catastrophe theory and its implications for history.”
“Right! I thought so!” Rajendra smiled.

 Professor Gaitonde produced his vital piece of evidence: a page torn out of a book.

Rajendra read the text on the printed page and his face underwent a change. 

Gone was the smile and in its place came a grave expression. 
He was visibly moved.

Gangadharpant pressed home his advantage. 

“I had inadvertently slipped the Bakhar in my pocket as I left the library.
I discovered my error when I was paying for my meal. I had intended to return it the next morning. 
But it seems that in the melee of Azad Maidaan, the book was lost; only this torn-off page remained. 
And, luckily for me, the page contains vital evidence.”

Rajendra again read the page. 
It described how Vishwasrao narrowly missed the bullet; and how that event, taken as an omen by the Maratha army, turned the tide in their favour.

“Now look at this.”, Gangadharpant produced his own copy of Bhausahebanchi Bakhar, opened at the relevant page. 

The account ran thus:

... And then Vishwasrao guided his horse to the melee where the elite troops were fighting, and he attacked them.
And God expressed His displeasure. 
He was hit by the bullet.

“Professor Gaitonde, you have given me food for thought. Until I saw this material evidence, I had simply put your experience down to fantasy. 
But facts can be stranger than fantasies, as I am beginning to realise.”

“Facts? What are the facts? I am dying to know!”, Professor
Gaitonde said.


As it turns out, 

When Professor was hit by a truck, he'd been thinking of the possibilities of India's fate if the Marathas had won the Third Battle Of Panipat.

With the collision, something in his brain got mislaid, some neurons got misplaced and he got into a different India.

No Congress.
No Gandhiji.
Flourishing East India.
NO Independence!


This post has been written as a part of the IndiSpire initiative launched by IndiBlogger. This post is an adaptation from Jayant Narlikar's Science-Fiction, 'The Adventure'.


Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Until Then It's Happily Ever After!

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"...And They Lived Ever After..."

This is the ideal closing line for all fairy - tales in Fable Land, isn't it?

Fable Land - the land of fiction, imagination, creativity...
The land of characters - a fantasy land where all of them co-exist peacefully, ideally, in harmony, always...

But, however hard it be to the heart and the story - teller's psyche...

Life isn't a fairy - tale, is it?

Life is a harsh reality, and there lies the difference!

Life is no goody - goody, joyous fairy - tale!


But, like every episode of life has its if's and but's...

We, as mature, sensible human beings ought to focus on the joys rather than the sorrows...

Life comes with its own 'Bokeh filter requirements'...
The Photography Effect!
You need to blur the dull and focus on the bright!

My Bokeh Captured In July 2013...


Cut To 'Happily Ever After'...

Happiness Is An Emotion, A State Of Mind...
Affecting Psyche's Perceptions, It Does Bind!
Pacing Along With Life's Very Hurried Pace...
Passing My Own Milestones In A Long Race!
Illuminating A World With Momentous Joys...
Lightening The Sorrows For Joys, With Poise!
Yearning For Freeze - Frame Moments In Life...

Echoing In The Pace Is A Thought Provoking Question...
Void In Thoughts - Happy Ever After? - The Expression!
Embracing The Introspection - Such Is This Impression...
Recapturing Every Situation - That Engrossing Discretion!

Accepting The Fact Well Known, Here I Stand...
Focusing On The Finer Detail - Moments Grand!
 Thank You Lord - I Pray With A Joined Hand...
Enjoy Surprises Of Life - The Way He Planned!
Radiate Your World For The Joys In The Land!


This post is a part of the WordPress Daily Prompts : 365 Writing Prompts program where the aim is to post at least one post a day based on the day's prompt.

Today's Prompt was a 'Free Prompt' provided to all of us, Guest Authors.

The Prompt is, Happily Ever After - 'And They Lived Ever After...
Words that all of us have read in so many books, famous last words...
Think about that line for a few minutes. Are you living happily ever after?
If not, what will it take for you to get there?'

This is my Second Post as a guest author to Project 365 : We Post Daily!


Tuesday, 25 February 2014

~*Win Over Oneself To Win Over The Universe!*~

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How often do you get to hear that One Word with Three Magical Letters?



To WIN Is An Achievement...

Well, So Do Opine, Many!

To WIN Is A Pursuit...

Well, So Do I Opine!


WINNING is a Pursuit...

Pursuit Of Joy!

Pursuit Of Fulfillment...

Pursuit Of Determined Advances!


WINNING is a Pursuit...

Pursuit Of Honest Attempts...

Pursuit Of 'The Best Foot Forward'...

Pursuit Of Exploration...


WINNING is a Pursuit...

Pursuit Of Renewed Benchmarks...

Pursuit Of Outshining Oneself...

Pursuit Of Surpassing One's Targets...


To WIN is a way of life, a perpetual rhythm of learning, in the midst all its happenings...

To WIN is the essence of Life, itself!


Each episode in each one's Life constitutes a WIN!


The first cry of a baby - IS A WIN!

A first cry points to a new beginning, a new life...

Life, thus begins with a WIN!


The first steps of a baby - ARE A WIN!

The first steps point to a the birth of an adventurer...

The individual's pursuit of exploration of new avenues begins with a WIN!


The first word of a baby - IS A WIN!

The first spoken sound points to the birth of a communicator...

The individual's pursuit of advance towards expression begins with a WIN!


The first steps of a baby towards many second homes, (be it school or college) the temples of learning - IS A WIN!

The first steps towards gaining knowledge point to the birth of an intellectual...

The individual's pursuit of an insatiable desire for knowledge begins with a WIN!


The first steps of a youth, towards financial stability, a firm career - ARE A WIN!

The first advancement towards productive contribution for one's own well being points to the birth of an individual acknowledging responsibility towards self...

The individual's pursuit of responsibility towards oneself begins with a WIN!


The first steps of an individual, towards familial avenues, marriage - ARE A WIN!

The first furtherance towards a realization of expanding the family tree points to the birth of an individual acknowledging responsibility towards family...

The individual's pursuit of responsibility towards family begins with a WIN!


The first steps of an individual towards senility - ARE A WIN!

The first dawn of senility points to the birth of a second childhood - the one of narrowing distances from the Almighty...

The individual's pursuit of seeking the Almighty begins with a WIN!


The first steps of a soul towards liberation from mortal bonds - ARE A WIN!

The first aura of the Divine Light points to the birth of a soul's perpetual cycle of life and demise...

The individual's pursuit of oneness with the Almighty begins and ends with a WIN!


WINNING Is The Destiny...

Of Each One's Life...

And The Destination...

Of Each One's Soul...


WINNING Is The Cerebration...

Of Life!

The Celebration...

Of Life!


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The Goons Of Calcutta - Gunday - A Movie Review...

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The Story Of Two Boys...
Boys Who Become Refugees...

Refugees Of The Indo - Pakistan War Of 1971...
Resulting Into The Formation Of Bangladesh...

Refugees Who Become Gun Couriers...
Gun Couriers Who Become Coal Bandits...

Coal Bandits Who Become...


Most Loved
Most Celebrated

Most Reckless
Most Fearless

Most Powerful!

A Story Of Two Happy - Go - Lucky Comrades Who Come To Be Known As

Two Make Merry In The City Of Joy!


Two orphans who become 'Gunday' to survive in the cruel world where they have none to guide them and all to humiliate and exploit them - both mentally and physically.

In the course of life, the basic difference in their natures i.e. Bikram (Ranveer Singh) being calm like a diamond and Bala (Arjun Kapoor) being impulsive & aggressive like burning coal - leads them through lots of twists and turns and taking viewers on a roller - coaster ride of emotions...

The film also depicts the reality of life - innocence and blind faith mostly push a person into trouble - many a times - like their love for Nandita (Priyanka Chopra) and trust in Himanshu (Anant Sharma) led them to face many downs in their lives.

Director - Writer Ali Abbas Zafar has conceptualized and executed some of the scenes well.

  • When Nandita stirs Bala's conscience saying that he could never win her as he was very different from Bikram and as she moves out, there is a mirror in front of Bala reflecting his image. The song Saiyaan has heart touching lyrics and follows right after.

'इन गुंडों के तेवर कुछ अलग हैं।'

  • This fact reflecting on their attitude is depicted very well right from their childhood when they find a way out to feed themselves.
By stealing coal from a train, selling it to their ex-employer - a shopkeeper, earning Rs. 2 from him for 20 kg coal whereas the market rate was Rs.2 for 10 kg coal and... 

Bala says...

'पैसे उठा के हाथ में रख!'

To which the shopkeeper is baffled...

'रख दो दादा। इसके तेवर अलग हैं!'

The shopkeeper hands over two Re. 1 coins to Bala, out of which he returns one, keeping with them only Re. 1 and says...

'ये उस कप प्लेट कि भरपाई जो उस दिन टूट गए थे!' 

...For the porcelain cups and saucers they had broken the other day and as a punishment for which they were slapped and thrown out.
...And plants a thrashing on the shopkeeper's cheek.

'आगे से कप प्लेट टूटने पे एक छोटे बच्चे को डांटने से पहले इस छोटे का बड़ा सा झापड़ ध्यान में रखना।'

And our child - heroes exit the scene, equating and settling their score!
  • The crack slowly starts appearing in the comrades' relations...
    When Bala burns down Bikram's share of factories in a fit of rage...
    And Bikram's face from their joint portrait gets burnt down as well.

Coming to the dialogues...

  • Bikram's signature 'अंगूठा लगवा ले!' is positioned at the right instances which lays appropriate weight to the scene.
However, a turning point comes when Bala prompts him to say 'अंगूठा लगवा ले!' and he says 'झापड़ लगवाएगा क्या?' instead.

Those of my readers who would have watched the movie would be perfectly able to recall when, why and in which circumstances.

To those who haven't, I would not like to break the suspense.
One line of advice - 'Go Watch It!' 

  • 'किस्मत कि एक खूबी है - कि वो पलटती है - और बहुत जल्दी पलटती है!' - Says ACP Satyajit Sarkar (Irrfan Khan) - pointing to the crux of the web he had woven to end B & B's regime!

The music score of the movie is fitting for various moods and situations in the flow of the feature is elevated by appropriate compositions by Sohail Sen (of 'What's Your Rashee?' fame) and fitting lyrics by Irshad Kamil.


Gunday, as a film from YRF is a mix and match of Sholay (depicting a fraternal bond between two comrades determined to conquer the world sans any oppression), Zanjeer (displaying a cop's cool and strategic outlook towards countering the outlaws) and Kala Patthar (with inputs from Yash Ji himself - Adi wanted to shoot in the coal mines of Dhanbad - which happened in Gunday!)


The most important parallel in the movie is drawn between instances from Ramayana and stills from the film.

Nandita compares herself to Sita and Bikram to Ram and Bala abducts him saying - 'सीता हरण तो आप भूल ही गईं मैडम!'

Also, when in the climax, both the friends unite, symbolizing 'भरत मिलाप'.


All in all, Gunday is a gem from the house of YRF and deserves a 3.5 Stars from my side!

Looking forward to your agreements to my opinions and deviations from it, as may be the case.

Gunday Is A Must Watch, I Opine!


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

~*A Monologue With Knowledge!*~

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Knowledge Is A Very New & Imaginative Art - The Art Of Knowing...
 Nestling The Seed Of Human Psyche - A Curious Mind Within Its Reach!
Oh! Orienting  Itself Towards An Unknown And Very Novel Exploring...
Wading Through A Coast-less Ocean Of Facts Is The Intellect Of Each!
Leading, Inspiring & Humbling, - Is The Power Of Knowledge Such?
Experience, Enable, Empower, Edge  -  Its Power Is Powerful, Such!
Diluting The Darkness Of Ignorance - Knowledge Is Powerful, Such...
Guaranteeing Honor & Humility - The Power Of Knowledge Is Such!
Essence Of Knowledge Lies In That Expression Of One's Knowing...




Knowledge has many facets to its omnipresent being...

Knowledge is a multi - faceted personality...

Knowledge, as a weapon scares away the demon of ignorance...

Knowledge, as an aid assists in eliminating dull - mindedness from the being...


Knowledge Is A Skill To Acquire...

Learning Comes From Knowledge...

The Ability To Imagine & Create Roots To Knowledge...

Skill - Development Also Owes Its Being To Knowledge....


Knowledge Is An Art...

Experience Is The Teacher - An Artist...

The Human Mind - Its Perpetual Canvas...


Knowledge Has A Start...

But, Has No End...

It Is Like A Ray...

Of Light...

Emanating From Heaven...

And Illuminating The Universe...



And It Is This Knowledge...

We Ought To Respect All Through Life...


What If...

Knowledge Is Served To You On A Platter?

And You Are Spoiled For Choice?


What If...

You Got To Chose That One Subject...

The One Of Your Liking...

Your Interest?


Well, If You'd Ask Me...


Dear Readers...

This Is Going To Be Very Interesting...

I Promise...


Fasten Your Seat Belts...

And Brace Yourselves...

Because I'm Going To Guide You Into The Depths And Details...

Of An Art,

Which Is Also A Science...


The One I'm Referring To...




The Art Of Handwriting...

The Science Of Analysis...


GRAPHOLOGY Equals Handwriting Analysis!


Yours Truly Holds A Masters In Science...

Half Of Her Lineage Is Involved In Commerce...

And The Other Half In Education...

So The Only Sector Which Lies Untouched Is Humanities...


Thus, This Choice!


Having Been In The Teaching Profession For A Long (And Still Strong) 28 Years, 
I've imparted knowledge to numerous bright minds, sharpening their intellect.

Graphology came to me as a surprise and attracted my attention from the first glance itself.

It was pleasantly surprising to know that an individual's personality could be graphed from his/her handwriting.

What struck me was - if fingerprints, retina, and blood could be the distinguishing factors for an individual, why not handwriting as well?

This intrigued me to the core and I started viewing Graphology as a subject of pursuit...

The Knowledge regarding this subject which I was able to garner was -

The Central Nervous System provides a direct and undisturbed link to the deeper self. Every human mind comprises a unique and immensely complex blend character and an accumulation of life experiences. Handwriting reflects this by constant evolution.

Graphology links itself to psycho -  analysis and having acquired the skills of a graphologist, a person can successfully graph another person for key personality elements of the likes of...



The Mind Governs The Pen...



Furthermore, GRAPHOLOGY Traces Its Origin Back To The Soils Of Capri, Italy, Europe!

So, what better a way than to learn art in the land of the artists, themselves?

For this purpose, I'd like to move to Great Britain!

After All, Knowledge Is Great...

What Better A Way Than To Pursue It In An Even Greater Land?

What Better Than To Achieve Great In Britain?


The Capital City Is Calling...

London It Is!


Coming Under The British Academy Of Graphology, This One Is The Top College To Pursue Graphology At!

Pity That Graphology Has Been Deemed As A Pseudo Science!

It Is Worth Much More!


Here's hoping this Science is able to shine through the way!

Here's hoping that Knowledge Is Appreciated!

Here's hoping...




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Do You Care To Transform With Healthcare Reforms?

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Ed Northstrum rightly opined - "It's No Coincidence That Four Of The Six Letters Of 'Health' Are 'HEAL'."

In my humble opinion, it's the individual's mannerisms involving the upkeep of the physical being - the Human Body - the one composed of Flesh & Bones...

It's the choice, one has to make, to maintain one's temple...

The temple wherein the soul resides...
The temple wherein the soul is the eternal deity...


And yet, when it comes to Health - Care Reforms, especially in a country of the likes of our Motherland, India...
A Blanket Of Silence Curtails The Requisite Amount Of Activity To Be Put In...
...To Bring This Burning Issue To The Surface...

There lies on the desk a two - edged sword...

At one edge - minuscule health - care facilities by the infamous Indian Government...

At the other - exorbitant health - care facilities by the famous, high - class Private Establishments...

The one poorly sandwiched in between - The Helpless Common Man!


The scenario which meets the eye  is that of the common man being crushed - on one side by facilities which should be ashamed of being called 'facilities' at the least - and on the the other by the lavish ones - which are too proud to be addressed as 'facilities'...


The Need Of The Hour?

Health - Care Reforms!


Health Is Wealth, Since Ages, We've All Read...
Energizing The Body & Mind, Such Is Its Spread!
Abiding By This Age Old Adage, We March Ahead...
Liberalizing An Average Indian's Psyche, Silently It Led!
Tabulating The Terms - Facilities For Health Were Bred...
Health Is Wealth, In This Modern Age, We Saw It Instead!

Cautious, Carefully, This Novel Idea, We Thus Took Note Of...
Approaching These Facilities When Ever Need Arose, Thereof!
Realization,  However Took Its Tremendous Time, Above All...
Echoing The Fact - These, Were But,  A Facade Standing Tall!

Revealing The Harsh Truth, That These, Were Hollow...
Enabling Us To See, Not The Ones We Could Follow!
Facilitating, Not Us, But Their Fat, Fat Pockets, In Fact...
Openly Testify Stout Pockets - The Govt. Or Private Act!
Reverberated A Fact, That Common Man Stays In Deceit...
Maybe, Common Man Must Pave The Fitting Middle Street!
Say, Common Man To Common Man, Isn't That Fair Of All?


The only message I wish to convey through this post is contained in the concluding lines of this poetry...
Maybe I am being far - sighted?
Or, maybe it's an honest citizen's unrealized dream? :)

I prefer neither the government, nor the private sector for health care.
I believe, one life stands up for another and that's how the chain of humanity takes shape...

Do You Care To Transform With Healthcare Reforms?

You tell me, if your opinion resonates with mine or misses the resonating frequency mark by, say a few Hertz?  :P


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Today's Prompt was a 'Free Prompt' provided to all of us, Guest Authors.

The Prompt is, Right To Health - 'Is Access To Medical Care Something That Governments Should Provide, Or Is It Best Left To The Private Sector? Are There Drawbacks To Your Choice?'

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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Jewels All The Way!

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*This post has been written as a part of the #ChoicesByRevlon Contest Trending On Twitter.*


Light Pink Pearls & Stones Set In Gold - Timeless Beauty!

The Navrattan Set - Composed Of Nine Gems Is The 'Shaan' Of My Collection!

The Multicolored Mayura Set Is An Ethnic Beauty! 

My Sleek, Sophisticated Zircon Set!

Mehendi - Hued Birdie Set!

Round, Large, Beautiful & Never - Goes Unnoticed!

The Gold-Maroon Embellished Choker Cum Pendant Set!

Kashmiri Beauty - My Pendant Paired With Traditional Kashmiri Earrings!

Cream Thewa Engraved With Motifs - Mughalia Shaan - o - Shaukat!

Multicolored Gem Flower Set - A Delight!

Husli Style - Kundan Black Beauty!