Wednesday, 29 April 2015

We #ShareTheLoad, To Ensure #EqualityForQuality...

He was not like that earlier. At some moment of time during his childhood, probably, he was made to register in his mind that men are not supposed to do household jobs like washing clothes, cooking, cleaning etc. It might have been true in earlier times when women used to stay at home with no scope of stepping out in the society and men used to work for the entire day and beyond.

But gradually as time progressed, mindsets changed and the society started accepting the need and want of women to work to improve the family's economic conditions. With the change in ideology, women embraced professionalism, at times, with their dreams soaring higher than those of their male counterparts in the family and society had to face the fact that women are no less to men, in any field.

Women proved their mettle by acquiring higher positions in the professional arena. They have not only proved themselves to be at par with men in all aspects but established a notion that women are more productive in the professional arena as well. But, most of the men still kept assuming that even if the woman of the house is employed full-time like them, then also managing household jobs is only their responsibility.

Eventually, some bright minds with a miniscule amount of common-sense realized that if women are able to work full-time in office environments like them, then they should also be participating in household jobs. Till that time men used to sit, relax, read newspapers or watch television on a weekend and women used to work like busy bees right since dawn till dusk and beyond, there used to be a latent gap, separating the two. Gradually when men realized and started spending time in volunteering to try doing household chores, the gap reduced drastically.

The same happened in our case also when my husband realized that it was not too tough to #ShareTheLoad, and started offering to fetch groceries like vegetables, fruits, milk etc. Soon enough, he realized that it was no big deal to step up and #ShareTheLoad. While he used to go for a while, buy things and come back, I stayed busy before, during and after he completed these small activities.

There was perhaps a moment of self-realization after which he was prompted to prepare lunch on weekends, which is now a weekly affair. Gradually he also began helping me in almost everything – from dusting the furniture to washing the linen.

We as a couple, along with Ariel India, disagreed to the notion - #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob?
No. Not at all.

We've realized that happiness lies in sharing, as sharing is caring and sharing is loving. :)
We have learned the essence of #EqualityForQuality, too. :)


I am writing for the #ShareTheLoad activity at in association with Ariel.

Monday, 27 April 2015

The One Corner Of My House, That Lets Me #CelebrateLife...

There is one corner of my house that makes me want to be there, every time I have a problem to solve or if I am feeling lonely. I often end up posing a question to my inner self - What is so special about that corner? What makes me so energetic and brings me back on the track the moment I feel low or lose sight of my aim? Is it some hidden secret that I will never come to know or is it something that is there in the back of my mind that I have never been able to recollect?

I remember my childhood days when on rare occasions I had a not-so-good time in school. Being a topper in all subjects throughout and an excellent badminton player, I was always an apple of my teachers' eye. I was not only admired as the best sports person of my school but was also applauded among the brilliant and intelligent lot of the school. Besides academics and sports, I also used to actively participate in dramatics, orations and other such co-curricular activities.

That was the reason for 'bad day at school' being a rare instance, but I'm not negating the fact that there used to be times when I was not able to reply to a question directed to me by my teacher in front of the class, or when I had not been able to solve a question. That was the time when I used to feel very bad about it and during the rest of the time in school, I used to crave to reach out to that corner in my house.

That craving stayed with me all along, during my journey through school days, college days and even during the initial phase of my career. I remember, there used to be times when the whole family would be excited to go to an outing together, but for me, it was always more exciting a time to spend few minutes every day in that corner of my house in solitude, in introspection.

My Mother, after realizing that it was the most soothing and peaceful moments which I spent in that corner, kept the most auspicious holy books of all religions in that corner and also placed some beautiful pictures of various Gods and Goddesses there. That corner always was, has always been and will always be the best corner of my world where I experience happiness, and bliss, along with the motivation to #CelebrateLife every time I go there.

Probably that is the reason why even after so many years I have not forgotten that corner of my house.


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Sunday, 26 April 2015

#CrashthePepsiIPL: The Jungle Story

The Jungle Story in the Crash the Pepsi IPL ad gallery is fabulous. This crisp video spanning 31 seconds is quite innovative but has nothing to do with IPL or cricket. Though the theme is well taken on how the king of the jungle transforms from bad to good with the help of a gift given to him, ideated by one of the wise and intelligent animals among those living in the jungle and bearing the anguish of the king of the jungle – The Lion.

The story line has been detailed in Hindi and goes like this. There is a king named Sher Singh in the jungle who is quite unfriendly towards all the other animals living in the jungle. All animals are living a dreadful life because they fear the Lion. One fine day, one of them offers a Pepsi to the lion and that day onwards the lion's outlook towards them changes for the good. That day onwards lion becomes a part of the group, one among them and everyone starts living happily. Now there is no fear in the jungle. The Lion has become a big fan of Pepsi and every day he has to be offered a Pepsi.

So far so good. The story, its theme and presentation is all good. But, there is not an iota of cricket in it. I mean there is no mention even once. Neither is the mention of IPL. So that way the video uploaded by Taruna Singh stays away from the original theme and topic. In that manner, the video has a vast scope of improvement to fill in the gap and patch together the missing connection between the video's characters, Pepsi and the game of cricket in the form of IPL. If that gap had been filled, the video would have become more relevant and powerful in conveying its message. That way it would have gelled well with the theme of IPL, Pepsi and Cricket.

Right now, with Taruna's attempt, we are only focusing on the goodness of Pepsi as a soft drink.

Probably the gap would have been filled by presenting it in a slightly different way. The animals would have offered Pepsi to the King accompanied by a proposal to witness one of the IPL matches together and that would have made for a good ending with the Lion accepting the gift and proposal both. All the animals along with the Lion would have been portrayed as enjoying the game of IPL and Pepsi together. That probably could have been the ideal ending to the video. Sometimes even the best presentation fails to impress if we sway from the subject line.

All in all, it is a good effort on Taruna's part, but I feel that the good could have been made better. :)


Check out the #CrashThePepsiIPL videos & participate in the activity at BlogAdda.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Trending Jeans Styles for Women...


Fashion sense is precise; your fashion preferences may differ from the world and can be altered as per your comfort, but fashion sense is all about knowing why are you wearing what you are wearing. Take an example of jeans. If you believe that jeans are too casual to make you look trendy, then you are probably mistaken here. Jeans are versatile, comfortable and flexible to fit flawlessly, all you need to do is find a right top and a pair of stylish footwear.
So now that you know that the importance of jeans is constant in frequently changing fashion trends, ask yourself if you are buying the right pair of jeans? If you believe that all jeans are the same, then it’s time to expand your knowledge, girl! There are a plenty of jeans types, styles and categories, divided on the basis of style, pattern, and fabric processing. Here’s what you can discover in the world of jeans for this particular season:
Washed Denims
Don’t you simply love that non-uniform (sharp) blue or white contrast in your favorite pair of jeans?  They are washed denims, strategically washed and processed during the manufacturing process to make this level of unique for you. The older the better is the right phrase to be used for such chemically processed jeans. Their classiness and style factor never fade away, even if the strength of fabric does. Wear them with white, black or any other color under the sky, and they will never disappoint you.  
C:\Users\201101704\Downloads\Outfits\Blog Images\Jeans\Wash Slim fit jeans.jpg
Boyfriend Jeans
Boyfriend jeans are designed particularly to offer you a distressed look. If you deal with a job, where your sleeves are always rolled up, you would love to wear a pair of boyfriend jeans. They are not only casual and comfy, but also give you the freedom to roll them up and it will enhance your coolness factor in your personality. Don your favorite bohemian style tank top to complement the free-style appeal this pair of pants offers you.  You can also experiment with buttoned up shirt and high heels or pumps to break the tomboyish equation that a pair of boyfriend jeans generally forms.
C:\Users\201101704\Downloads\Outfits\Blog Images\Jeans\Boyfriend Jeans.jpg
Flare Leg Pants
You know these pants as 70s classic clothing invention. However, the latest seasonal trends have represented this pair of bottoms in even more exciting manner. The level of sophistication is certainly high in the contemporary collection of flared pants. Flared jeans are designed to be worn high on the waist; hence they give you enough freedom to throw on your favorite crop tops.
C:\Users\201101704\Downloads\Outfits\Blog Images\Jeans\Flared leg pants.jpg
Skinny Jeans
Skinny jeans are extremely comfortable, easy to style and fit you flawlessly. This is the reason that they are one essential item for your wardrobe. You can easily wear this type of jeans with buttoned up shirts, casual tops, blouses/crop tops or long vests with short denim jackets. If you want the outfit to be prominent, then go with heels and for a casual approach, choose to go with your favorite lifestyle shoes or a pair of oxfords.
C:\Users\201101704\Downloads\Outfits\Blog Images\Jeans\Skinny Fit.jpg
Low Rise Jeans
Skinny jeans have been winning the hearts around since 1980s. The glorious journey of three decades explains how much this style of bottoms has been loved by fashionistas around the globe. They are designed to hug your hip, thighs and legs neatly and bring your body shape into prominence. Hence, you have enough scope to experiment with the tops including long tops with flairs, crop tops, blouses and shirts.
C:\Users\201101704\Downloads\Outfits\Blog Images\Jeans\Low wait Jeans.jpg
Slim Fit Jeans
Slim fit jeans are designed to sit seamlessly at your waistline and offer a naturally slim but not too skinny look. The elasticity and comfort added to this type of jeans are two factors that make every woman want a few pairs of the same in their closet. They do highlight the curves of your body and make you look effortlessly appealing in a casual jeans getup.
C:\Users\201101704\Downloads\Outfits\Blog Images\Jeans\Slim Fit.jpg
Ripped Denims
Tattered look is the new term for plush and polished in the world of fashion. When you throw on a pair of ripped denims and pair it with a classy top, it definitely serves you with a classy and rebelliously lavish look.
Take a chance to wear flats with a pair of ripped jeans only when your legs are sufficiently long. Ripped denims tend to make your legs shorter hence if you already have short legs, stick to the idea of wearing pumps or boots with high heels.
C:\Users\201101704\Downloads\Outfits\Blog Images\Jeans\ripped jeans.jpg

Now that you know all the trending styles of jeans getting all the fashion & style highlights, it’s the time to go ahead and shop for the same. Because, if you miss any of these, you are definitely doing injustice with your wardrobe!

Monday, 20 April 2015

Food-O-Graphy With PixelMaster And Zenfone 2...

Food-O-Graphy has become a phenomenon these days. Blogging has given fire to it. In earlier times, if we see, when there was no blogging, it was only print media and television. Imagine the volume of stuff we could get those days on food. And in print media especially, it was rare to see an excellent picture of food items. Nowadays in this digital era, blogging and smartphones have been amalgamated to give tremendous exposure to Food-O-Graphy. It is not about just photography, now! :)

We have already seen the PixelMaster Camera's magic in the first roll-out of Zenfones by ASUS, that was released in the last quarter of previous year. The quality of pictures was astounding and technically the smartphone is flawless even in the worst kind of light conditions. With ASUS Zenfone 2, the experience is going to be astonishingly better with zero shutter lag. My adventures with various culinary delights taken with Zenfone 5 now can be edited using the Mini Movie in Zenfone 2. Going by that, Zenfone 2 is going to be the best phone for Food Photography for sure. ASUS's Zenfone 2 is going to be exclusively available on Flipkart and the launch now is not too far, hardly a week, or rather less than that, away.

ASUS Zenfone 2 is coming in two variants – 2GB RAM and 4GB RAM. Both variants promise to give best of the pictures even in low light or without flash. The PixelMaster feature is excellent and has already proven its magic in the Zenfone 5, which I am a proud owner of. With a 2.3GHz Intel Atom Processor, the performance will be unbeatable. An award winning ZenUI feature has been well acclaimed critically worldwide. Being a foodie and a passionate traveler, I bet that there is nothing going to be better than ASUS Zenfone 2. Its Ergonomic Arc Design supports it further to provide an exclusive look and feel.

Looking at the treasure of features in Zenfone 2, I can bet on its price that is bound to be lower than the other smartphones being rolled out by various brands. It is worth to wait for few more days if you are planning to buy a new smartphone. Two things are for sure. There is no other smartphone that is presently offering such a fantastic bundle of features – technically and performance-wise. Secondly, at a launch price, which is touted to be wallet-friendly, it is going to be a treat definitely. My Food-O-Graphy journey will be touching new heights with ASUS's Zenfone 2. I am now eagerly waiting for its launch that is scheduled for 23rd April 2015. Truly, #CantWaitForZenfone2. Because #AsusZenfone2 is going to proclaim its greatness, all over India, come April 23. :)

Style Is A Way Of Life...

Top post on, the community of Indian Bloggers


A few hours back, it was very heartening to watch the video in which Karan Johar is seen interviewing a two-time cancer survivor. This is the story of Ruchi Gokhale who is a fashion blogger, aged 20. She is a cancer survivor. Not once, but twice has she grown out of the demonic disease's reach. It was a glorious and an energetic interactive discussion between Karan Johar, as a supportive host and Ruchi Gokhale. Within few sentences into the conversation, Ruchi displayed her zeal for life and vigor for positivity.

Ruchi is a survivor of not one but two different types of cancer. First she encountered Hodgkin's lymphoma. This is also termed as Hodgkin’s Disease in which the cause of cancer is lymphocytes or the white blood cells. The cancer starts spreading within the body from one lymph node group to another thereby increasing the risk to a higher level. The treatment calls for chemotherapy, radiation therapy or hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

Ruchi’s surviving mantra to endure her aura among the prying eyes of this judgemental society was to use various kinds of scarves, Kohl and other cosmetics to overshadow her bald head, which was now a  very prominent part of her body. The absence of tresses didn’t impact her zeal and confidence to believe that she was beautiful and lively. She experimented with wigs and then enjoyed taking vivid 'selfies' with her friends. She is planning to create a YouTube channel, focusing on cancer so that the confusions and embarrassing unawareness she faced when she encountered Hodgkin's lymphoma and Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma – two different and serious variants of cancer are mitigated to a certain extent for the masses. The average survival rate for five years with this type of cancer is 85%.

Ruchi was brave enough to emerge out from its grip, completely. But her destiny had another, and more serious form of cancer in store for her, to face. Next, she found herself trapped in non-Hodgkin Lymphoma's tightening grip. This is a form of blood cancer but here the five-year survival rate is less than 70%. Probably Ruchi had decided to fight against anything which came her way and was resolute enough to defeat it.

In Ruchi’s words, 'she had cancer' but 'cancer did not have her' and that was her motivation that kept her going. Ruchi has reinvented herself in a charismatic manner.

Karan Johar offers you to join him and reinvent yourself with #LakmeSchoolOfStyle, the same way as Ruchi did. Once you build up the requisite willpower within you, then probably even severest of risks will avert from you. As per Mr. Johar's opinion, people in today’s era are not only sculpting their personalities but their life, and that too in a big way.

For, style is not just about your wardrobe and accessories et al. Style is about the inherent elegance, grace, self-confidence and a feel good factor of oneself. Ruchi, for all of us, is a great warrior in the real sense. That is the symbol of real power - elucidating a phenomenal faith in life,  which Ruchi persevered to possess throughout her war against cancer, and beyond.

For fame comes not only from being praised and applauded for your effort publically, but also it is that voice from within which motivates you to aspire to turn your dreams into reality and make that one wish come true.


Lakmé is one of the pioneers in the beauty industry. The things they do set the trend in fashion and beauty that the rest of the world then catches up on. In keeping with this tradition, Lakmé has started #LakmeSchoolOfStyle, India’s first fashion video magazine.

Lakmé School of Style is a first of its kind show that will not only bring the newest trends and happenings from the fashion world but in the process will also create new age fashionistas and idols. A fashion brigade led by Editor-in-Chief, Karan Johar himself will bring the fashion news, views and events from all over the world to the internet screen.

#fame is something beyond any business or brand. It is an iconic drive, a unique movement, a proactive approach to face the future. #fame believes in two things without an iota of doubt. It believes that a piece text is solely going to be replaced by a series of frames in a video in the coming digital era and the talent will have the highest value, be it of any kind.

Since everyone is unique in their own way, each one must live their #fame. This is a single platform that invites every talented individual to join #fame and do what they love most, to live their passion completely. This is the platform where each talented individual is free to seed an idea, enhance their skills, create a community and grow in a consistent manner.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

From The Land Of The Rising Sun, Come Pioneers Of Beauty!

It was not Friday the 13th. It was Friday the 10th. After a long gap, an invite for an Indiblogger meet knocked on our door. It has always been quite exciting to meet the Indiblogger team and fellow bloggers from Delhi-NCR. Delhi had started missing the interaction and the networking. But then it had to come back. This time the key audience for the meet were the beautiful and lovely ladies of Delhi. It was time for #KoseMeet. This hashtag aroused curiosity for Kose as a brand was not known, and unheard of.

Kose is a legendary Japanese cosmetic company spread across the globe and are now planning to launch their products in India. Indiblogger became the 'Gateway of India' for them. Ironically, bloggers from Mumbai frowned as this meet was not to be held in Mumbai, but in New Delhi. The venue for the meet was Hyatt Regency, New Delhi which had been booked for IndiBloggers – commence at  1730 Hrs and the curtains had to be drawn by 2100 Hrs, which of course was to be followed by dinner and cocktails. The attendees were expected to be around 150-170 in number as per the bloggers who had registered online, a couple of days back, and it was an almost full attendance.

A few hours before the meet, we had a Twitter frenzy, to tweet our blog names in Japanese...

Here's how 'Stir Your Souls' is written in Japanese literations.

Apparently, I was the first one to reply to them. :) 

The event began with registration at the venue and tea. People were busy in registering themselves when we reached, entering their credentials at the portal being displayed on the laptop screen,  flashing their ID proofs etc. There were known, less known and not known faces. Soon after registration if was time for all to meet their known ones, get acquainted with the lesser known or unknown ones over a cup of tea, or coffee and some snacks. Some were busy too, in capturing 'selfies', 'groupies' or even capturing the decor at the venue. We did too.

That's us, with fellow bloggers Shwetabh Mathur and Rahul Prabhakar

Friday, being a working day according to most organizations, could not deter people from excusing themselves from their workloads early to reach the venue well in time. After all, the point in question was that of a very much awaited Indiblogger meet! 

IB meets are always exciting, jovial and real fun.  Since the topic of anticipation was to be a cosmetic product, most of the bloggers attending were some way or the other are connected to fashion, lifestyle, cosmetics, beauty etc.
The opening session was handled flawlessly as ever by the Indiblogger team – Anoop as the emcee and Jesuwin as the one who successfully dodged Priyanka's pepper spray! :)

Though I had not heard of the brand named Kose, earlier but I had done my homework before coming to the meet. The tagline of Kose on their website itself is quite intellectual – 'Wisdom and Beauty for People and Earth'. The tagline is sufficient enough to convey the message towards the care and love for Earth while manufacturing their beauty products. There were around twenty Japanese dignitaries including the top notch names from Kose to address Delhi and India about their products, their mission and launch plans. There was a team of retailers also in parallel to attend the meet probably invited directly by Kose’s Indian counterpart. To pep up the energy and momentum, the Indiblogger Team begun with introductions, expectations from first comers, past experiences and there were some goodies for lucky ones, with the '1-10 Number Game' and the 'Loot Other's Personal Belongings Activity'.

There was an introduction for Kose and their products by the Kose management team and then the time came for the unveiling of their anticipated product range, 'Spawake'. The session was quite impressive and cheerful. Mr Takashi Nomura, the director of Kose Company Limited, talked about their research and development team who had been working for last three years for the development of this particular product range for the beauty and skin of ladies of Indian subcontinent. A plan of investment of over forty crore was disclosed for India for marketing of Spawake products.

The energy in the hall was at its peak when the brand ambassador of Kose's Spawake range of products decided to step on the podium. She was none other than the sparkling Bollywood Gen-Next Diva, Aditi Rao Hydari. Aditi shared her experience of turning to Spawake products and how she has instantly become a fan of these products. Also, we were all ears to her special Skin-Care Regime and the unveiling of her advert as brand ambassador.

The event concluded with an elegant dance performance by a troupe and a group photograph with Aditi. To take back home, we had an impressive Spawake hamper, elucidating - 'Let The Beauty Of Your Skin Be Sea Deep'.

Overall it was an informative, indulgent and awesome experience for everyone who attended.

I did manage to sneak in her individual photograph with the Daughter apart from the group snap, though. ;)

Here's a short video spanning a little over a minute, encapsulating the entire evening in one frame. :)

P.S. The images featuring in the video have been captured by Yours truly.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

I #CantWait4Zenfone2. Can You?

I am really excited for the launch of the ASUS Zenfone 2. Zen is a Japanese word and it means wisdom. The name itself reflects that acquiring wisdom is a never ending process and the day you stop attempting to attain wisdom even in your personal life, you are dead.

When I had bought myself a Zenfone in October 2014, as a birthday present, having attended the launch of the device in July 2014, I was delighted as I had a host of above-par features and an unmatched experience to be my guest. For me, the moment when I had made up my mind to buy the ZenFone was impactful. The day I bought it, it brought a lot of changes in my life, in fact, my Zenfone is now the new-found love of my life.

It elevated my satisfaction as a smartphone user, providing it new heights as the Zenfone is not only a smartphone. It provides for an unparalleled performance, accomplishing the tasks which I had deemed impossible with all my previous cellular phones, thus leaving me awed.  If you were to ask me why I would love to buy Zenfone2 and to support my decision with five reasons, I would elucidate the following to convince you that  Zenfone 2 being offered by ASUS aims to redefine your smartphone experience.

1.       Its beauty and power symbolize sheer intelligence with a mix of elegance which will be more than enough to lend substantial grace to your life.

2.       The performance of the Zenfone is already quite phenomenal. Now with Zenfone 2 having 4 GB of RAM, it is aiming to outperform, at a superb speed. The classy ASUS ZenFone 2 will be having 64-bit Super Quad-Core Intel Atom Processor and you would be offered to choose between 2 GB and 4 GB of Dual Channel Performing RAM. The processor Z3580 that is used in ZenFone 2 will run with a speed of 2.3 GHz. What else would you expect to bring in great speed and unimaginable standards of high performance in your life?

3.       There is a uniqueness to whatever my device captures, with the PixelMaster as a magician casting a magical spell, which I am already under the influence of. In Zenfone 2, it aims to leave you gaping with improved features and power. I can vouch for its Thirteen MegaPixel primary camera to perform beyond imagination. If you're quite fond of photography and are not satisfied with a sub-standard quality of photographs, it is only Zenfone 2 that will be able to exceed your expectations in this regard.

4.      A smartphone's battery, in general, has always been in the dark as a user's expectation is always higher, but the deliverable so far has not been able to match. The ASUS Zenfone 2 is endowed with a unique BoostMaster Technology that will enable its battery to attain the coveted title of being fully charged in less than half the time. So you would  have more Me and Zenfone time to enjoy using it, to the fullest of its features.

5.       You would not need to carry two separate phones which earlier used to add to the unwanted bulkiness of your handbag. The Dual SIM feature of ASUS Zenfone 2 would take care of both the SIM cards!

A mere five reasons seem miniscule to elaborate upon and explain the beauty and power of the ASUS Zenfone 2. There are plenty of features and qualities there in the upcoming smartphone that an entire book can be written, elucidating upon its elegance and yet there would be a lot left unsaid or unwritten. :)

I #CantWait4Zenfone2.

Can you?

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Of Authentic Gujarati Delicacies...

Ahmedabad, as a city is slowly and steadily emerging as one of the notable entrepreneurial hubs in our country. It is gradually catching up with the so-called Metro cities of our country, namely Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata. Ahmedabad is also one of the most noted cities in the state of Gujarat, that being the state which gave us our current Prime Minister, Narendra Damodardas Modi.

Another point which adds to Ahmedabad's credibility as a city is its versatility when it comes to food. Ahmedabad possesses an unmatched potential to provide you with unique, yet appetizing delicacies. Where else in this country would you find a dish possessing a capability to pair the humble salty home-cooked lentils with sweet sugar, for one? Ahmedabad is easily at the heart of Gujarat when it comes to genuine, lip-smacking Gujarati delicacies, without a doubt.

If you ask me, I consider it to be the food capital of the state of Gujarat too. For me, it is just one spot behind the Maharashtrian capital, Mumbai, as far as my favorite places to eat, in West India are concerned. As I've said before, I fell in love with this place when I had first visited it in 2004. Of the authentic Gujarati cuisine, the Dhokla easily forms for my favorite snack, and the Ghevar emerges as my favorite sweet. There are many extraordinary restaurants in Ahmedabad, which prepare their dishes while maintaining the perfect balance of taste, quality, hygiene, and price.

I have a long list of my favorite places to eat in Ahmedabad. Some of them surprise me every single time, when they cook up my favorite delicacies with a homely touch to them. How I came to visit Ahmedabad so frequently is a different story altogether. One of the eateries in Ahmedabad comes really close to my pen friend's ability to cook authentic Gujarati delicacies of the likes of Khakra, Shrilkhand, Khandvi, Undhiyun Thepla and what not!

If you are a fan of authentic Gujarati cuisine like me, then Ahmedabad undoubtedly forms for your food haven to explore the best restaurants in Ahmedabad.

When You Come To Delhi...

Delhi, as a city, has gained the reputation for being the Traveler's Pride, over the past five years or so. We don't have much left to wonder when we hear of the National Capital Territory gradually transforming into a potpourri of citizens pouring in from a majority of states of our diverse country. A staggering sixty-five percent of the people dwelling in Delhi are migrants - people who had migrated to the city sometime in the past, sighting an improved standard of living and a better lifestyle. Of the remaining thirty-five percent, twenty percent are tourists while fifteen percent are native citizens.

It is of utmost importance for Delhi, as a city to offer its visitors, namely tourists, with an array of choices concerning the best hotels in Delhi. They say that the guest equals God in stature and must always be offered the best. It then becomes the one being visited to ensure that their arrangement for their visitors does not fall short on any grounds. Similarly, the guests must be offered the state-of-art stay in the city, and for that the guest's hotel bookings in Delhi must be a breeze. If the bookings are timely and economic, along with ensuring comfort and fulfillment of a certain criterion demanded by the guest, then they are the best being offered!

If one is traveling solo, then the above factors of selection of a place to stay, hold well. However, if one is travelling with a partner or as a familial unit, then choosing a suitable place to stay out of one of the best hotels in Delhi for fun - filled holidays, becomes a pre-requisite. After all, what is a vacation with family devoid of any fun elements? Boring, plain and sans any excitement, right?

If a list of hotels in Delhi is to be chalked out, the places of stay would have to be categorised on the basis of a variety of factors such as its location, cost of stay according to the duration of stay, the number of persons staying and the number of rooms being booked, ambiance, facilities being offered, ranking on a scale of one to five stars etc.
It is then at the disposal of the visitor to prepare a checklist of his preferred factors and decide on a suitable hotel to stay in the capital city.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Teaming Up Your Aviators!

Elite sunglasses have an altogether different grace and it definitely has a positively uplifting impact on one’s personality. A good choice of sunglasses not only makes you happy when you wear it, but it also adds to the confidence in this impactful personality of yours. Usually, celebrities when they go out in public or for a show on-stage, wear a pair of good stylish elite sunglasses so as to keep their confidence intact. It also becomes a good means of keeping your attention and concentration focused without getting diverted here and there.

At times, people pay good attention to their clothing, footwear and hair style etc. but forget to choose a good pair of sunglasses while going out in the summer. Not wearing sunglasses in summer in the daytime when you are outside, direct sunlight impacts not only your personality and appearance in a negative manner but also has a negative impact on your skin and eyes.  Higher exposure to sunlight without sunglasses impacts the skin around your eyes and may also cause some internal injury. Sometimes these damages start seeking medical attention and the severity may give rise to irreparable symptoms.

Elite sunglasses add a different flavor to your personality and you might marvel to note the magical impact they lend to your image in public. For instance, if there is an elite pair of sunglasses among your collection which gives you an edge of comfort, you will marvel at the unmatched happiness and confidence it brings in when you go out in public. It provides you with an additional spark in your personality and makes you feel cheerful and glow all the way.

Definitely, one should be careful of the suitability and comfort while buying elite sunglasses without bothering about the price tag it sports. After all, comfort, and a certain feel-good factor must be king.

The variety of colors here, is excellent and provides an array of options to choose a color which matches as per your personality and the look you're sporting so that it helps you in feeling smarter and brighter. For instance, the Sundrive U504RD58 Women’s Oval Frame Sunglasses will complement red and black dresses nicely. It will further beautify a broad face.

Similarly, the Pro Vision Polarized Sunglasses for Men will go excellent with tall guys sporting black, gray or similar-hued three piece suits. The Zenzi Sunglasses for Women will suit women flaunting informal dresses like long skirts or jeans and colorful tops. The Sundrive JN80BR50 Men’s Wayfarer Style Sunglasses will go well to give you a retro look.