Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Extinction And Its Impact On Biodiversity

Extinction is not a new phenomenon.It is a part and parcel of natural evolution.Our country has had
her own share of extinctions in this century.
'As dead as a dodo'....becauseTheDodo went extinct from the earth in 1681.
The Indian Cheetah was hunted out of its existence in 1947.
Once a species is lost, nothing can ever bring it back.
Forests have aiso declined over the years both in area and quality.Only 11% of our country's land is now under forest cover.
Many of the forests are under pressure from variouskinds of  competing uses - timber extraction, artificial plantation and mining.
Scientists have found that some of these forests no longer support all of the animal species that originally belonged there.
The expansion of human population and its demands on nature all around the world has led to a situation where other species' habitat is decreasing.
Rivers and lakes are also on the verge of decreasing their capacity to support the aquatic life in them as water pollution is constantly increasing.
816 species have been driven to extinction during the last 500 years. Hundreds of species are on the brink of extinction. In future it can be our turn too. Hence we should do our best to come out of the grip of this biodiversity crisis.

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