Sunday, 2 June 2013

Amazing Correlations! Never Read Or Written Anywhere...

Yes, We the human beings (Homo Sapiens) have evolved from the species Apes. But that was after years of evolutionary progressive changes - the marvel of mother nature.

But many of us couldn't respect these blessings of God which HE gave only to our species i.e. Supreme Intelligence and ability to mould ourselves, others and our environment. They started behaving like other species' characters.

Here are some correlations which shall perhaps stir some souls and urge them to change their regressive behavior to the progressive behavior - worthy of species Homo Sapiens.

  • Monkeys can't recognize themselves in a mirror -- so do the present day politicians after being caught in cases of corruption, scams and even crimes. 

  • Dolphins sleep with one eye open -- so do the criminals and cheaters who are always afraid of being caught and hence can't have a sound sleep with both eyes shut.

  • Python is the longest snake in the world -- so is the chain of the corrupt bureaucrats (from lowest level to the highest level) in all the Government departments.

  • Python snake can swallow the animals that are twice the size of its mouth -- so do the people who demand bribes - twice or probably manifolds bigger than they can swallow - I mean, utilize in their lifetime.

  • The Black Mamba is the most poisonous snake in the world -- so are the people who act as 'Asteen Ke Saanp'. It is too difficult to save oneself after they have done their work i.e. stabbed you in the back.

  • Snake's poison is used for preparing medicines -- so can the acts of above mentioned people of authority if they change themselves from being corrupt, crooked, greedy and selfish to helpful and selfless people who help all coming to their departments for getting their work done in time.
  • Ants don't sleep at all -- so do the soldiers posted at our LOCs and other borders (although not literally but indicatively that they are always alert to protect us all).

  • Hippopotamus (with all that weight) can run faster than humans -- so should be everyone i.e. determined to complete their tasks, however difficult it might seem.

  • Cuckoo is the only bird that never builds its nest - she keeps her eggs in crow's nest -- so do the hypocrite people who talk so sweetly (just like cuckoo sings so well) but back stab innocent people unaware of their acts (just like crow is unaware of cuckoo's eggs).

  • An owl lays pure white eggs - a dark ugly looking bird laying pure white eggs -- so do many people when they are not good looking and hence many people avoid them but their deeds can be pure white i.e. worthy of respect and praise.

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