Sunday, 28 April 2013

Illegal Encroachments: Hard To Find Solution

Read another news with the same title "Illegal Properties Razed in XYZ part of Delhi", which spruce up every few days or months. But I really wonder whether it is going to improve the face of Delhi even a bit! Actually there are many steps in it.

  1. First of all it takes years to get the orders for demolition for illegal structures of a particular area.
  2. Then it takes months to process the order, thanks to the bureaucratic procedures in the concerned departments.
  3. Then when it actually comes to the area, those irresponsible and shrewd citizens who are immoral and shameless enough to encroach the public land are ready to block the procedure and the officers following the orders of the court.
  4. Then if by God's grace, all the above steps are cleared, flaws in our law spruce up.

Actually I think court must see to it that whatever property is razed, its owner should be under the lens of the authority concerned to get the material lifted from the place and sent to the designated dumping place. Why should government spend public money to do this which is the outcome of a misdeed of that person. I think when that fellow has to spend money on getting the razed material removed, he would think twice before restructuring the illegal structure (which happens in most of the cases and people rather use the same razed material for restructuring). Many a times they request the authorities not to raze the whole portion and that also helps them in restructuring it. Hence authorities should not show any sympathy to these people at that time and follow the court orders strictly.

Hence it takes years for decision and razing of the illegal property and just a few days for people to reconstruct it. The end result obviously is zero.

Many other honest people would have observed the same in many colonies, crib about it and don't know what to do as people are the sufferers when traffic jams occur on the roads which are wide enough if people don't encroach the land around  their homes.

Whenever the illegal property is razed at some place, that colony area and roads give such a nice picture of open area which we all honest citizens of Delhi want to observe and live in.

Many a times corrupt MLAs also have a role in it. When these immoral people tell them that they have been living in that "illegally encroached area" or doing their business from there for a very long time and hence they should be allowed to use it even now, just to gather their vote bank, MLAs tell them that they can do so and they will deal with the authorities on their own (which is obviously not legal). So these people's representatives who should advise them to follow the law, rather help them in breaking it. In doing so, these type of people have become so self centric that they are not bothered about the deterioration of their colony and the nation who they are supposedly representing.

Please, corrupt citizens and politicians, stir your souls and do the needful for the beloved country you are residing in as a lot of sweat and blood has gone in it to get our Independence. Don't be slaves again - this time of your corrupt minds and intentions.


  1. well I must say you ares o right in this post !! Indeed its upto us an we need to remind ourselves a life of a slave is worth not living

  2. Hoping that everybody gets enlightened like you...


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