Sunday, 30 June 2013

An Ode To The University Of Delhi -- Our Very Own DU

They call it the Delhi University. Since this year, it is my daughter's turn to have her very own tête-à-tête with this temple of 'undergraduate' learning, she penned down this poem to express her feelings towards this adrenaline - like Admission Rush every academic year -- With A Difference of FYUP this year.

They do not call it DU for no reason
Coming Up With A Very New Programme this season
The Great Indian Academic Tamasha of  Admission
With hopeful students accusing their marks of treason

While we've become accustomed to cutoffs shooting through the sky
Also to optimistic pupils' hue and cry
The 100% demon striking DU... Oh My!!!
And to some hearts' hope receding... Bidding Goodbye

Oh! I see...
What worries me is the new pattern of FYUP
Is Mr. Sibal the culprit? The head of HRD!!!... He teams up with Mr. Singh -- The VC
The one behind making us the Guinea Pigs Of The Century!

While the 'Sciences' belong to the North
'Humanities' does it for the South
The Commercites too have a soft corner for the North
It's the campuses I bring forth

We know not what lies ahead
It's just the successive cutoff lists we dread
This education will finally help us earn our bread
Let's look forward to it with hope, on the path which we tread...


  1. Being a DU pass out I can relate to what you are saying. I hope students do not loose in all the politics etc.

  2. Yes, the politics around education is worrisome.
    Thanks & Keep visiting! :)


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