Thursday, 13 June 2013

Another Aspect To A Long Journey -- 1953 To 2013


              Rohit was vexed by the scorching heat of Delhi in his summer vacations. He decided to visit the "Heaven Of Earth" -- Our own Kashmir Valley. The moment he reached there, he was so overwhelmed by the beauty of the snow - laden mountains and The Jhelum River that he couldn't control his wish to share that experience with his friend Anil residing in Jaipur. He was having his Obscura Camera with which he clicked the pictures. He was a bit sad that he couldn't share those pics with Anil until he returned back home and then would get the reel processed & developed which would take ten days. While enjoying the ride in Shikara at Dal Lake, at times he couldn't focus on the mountains properly due to the sunlight. He wished that his camera could manage those technicalities in a better way.


                   Rohit was fortunate enough to revisit Kashmir as his son, Kunal took him along on a vacation with his grandkids. The moment he reached  Kashmir, he started reminiscing all the times he spent as a child on a vacation at the same place. The beauty is still that serene as it was and probably will remain. But he had the positive aspect to the journey this time and that was that he need not wait for ten days to send the memorable trip caught in his lens he was cherishing that time. He took out his DSLR which his son gifted him, took innumerable shots of houseboats at Dal Lake, Pahalgam's enchanting gardens full of colorful blooms, beautiful snow - laden mountains, multi - colored orchids & Jhelum River in just few minutes daily and used to upload on his Google+, Facebook and Flickr to his dear friend Anil (which he couldn't in 1953). Side by side, he tweeted his excitement too. Anil tweeted back that he was feeling as if he was there with him on his visit.

Wow! What A Pleasant Change! We Have Certainly Come A Long Way In Time -- From Here To Here! 


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