Friday, 14 June 2013

A 'Birdieful' Morning Surprise

॥ जाको राखे साईंया मार सके ना कोय ॥  
(No one can harm the one who is under God's care)

          Today morning at 6:15 AM, my hubby and I were sipping our morning tea in our room when we heard a loud thud on our window's glass panel in our balcony. I thought it must be the news paper vendor who had thrown the paper on the glass panel by mistake. My hubby went out to guide him not to throw the paper on the glass panel but on the door's wooden panel lest it would break.
          But he was shocked to see that it was not the paper but a Birdie fallen on the floor near the window. (God knows how it banged on the glass panel!)

 He sighed and called me. I couldn't bear the pitiful state of a cute, multicolored Birdie as it was motionless. For a second, we were dumbstruck whether it was alive or not! :( Then, by God's grace it opened its eyes slightly and we heaved a sigh of relief. :D

        I ran to bring some water and poured it on the floor for it to drink. But it couldn't bend to drink it as its limbs were hurt. It tried to push itself but it couldn't stand. I asked my husband to lift it in his hand and Thank God, from the cup of his hand, it could drink water. Then I brought some biscuit crumbs and poured it in its beak which it had started opening now.

Slowly, it started to stand on my husband's palm and then hopped a step. He put it in our plant pot so that it could feel the natural surrounding. By now, its condition seemed a bit better. It hopped and again sat on the floor.

I was pleasantly surprised to see its reflection in the glass panel. It seemed that now it was enjoying its reflection and rejoiced to see one of its kind. It sat there for twenty minutes, drank water, ate biscuit crumbs, gathered strength and then suddenly flew away (How we wished that it could remain with us for a longer period... But were glad to see it recover and fly away to probably its family). ^_^

        It was a sheer coincidence that as at times, in the morning wee hours, I love to take shots of nature, birds, bees and at times monkeys visiting our locality ( I will post their pics in my next post here), my camera was in near vicinity and hence I could capture this whole memorable experience in my lens. The Birdie was so pretty that besides taking care of it, I couldn't resist to capture it in my lens too.

We shall never be able to forget this instance which started with a sigh but ended with elated gratification and jubilation.

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