Friday, 14 June 2013

This Ain't No Monkeying Around

       Monkeys -- Man's Ancestors -- jumping on the trees and enjoying -- so far so good -- but when these creatures enter our habitat i.e. our home -- it becomes really troublesome.

      For the last few months, a gang of monkeys -- male, female, kids but all of huge sizes have made our locality their picnic spot. In the morning, noon or evening whenever in mood they drop from God knows where and climb to our balconies from one floor to another in seconds and even rooms if the doors are left open.

      They destroy our plants, tear away clothes drying on the clothesline, spew around rubbish from dustbins in search of food and if entering the kitchen, open the refrigerator door and snatch away bananas, mangoes and what not. At times they bathe in our water tanks and pollute the water.

       It has really become difficult to keep the doors to our balconies and verandas open -- even if that means sitting in closed rooms, with a blanket of suffocating air over us, compromising and missing out on the fresh morning and evening breeze. Above all, there is a risk of being bitten by them as they really become violent when being tried to be shooed off.

        We should not encourage animals to visit our localities and let them and us live in their respective habitats peacefully.

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