Friday, 5 July 2013

When You Say Nothing At All...

This post was my second attempt at writing for BlogAdda's WOW! Initiative and was adjudged as one of the WOW! posts. A new achievement. Now, two in a row - The first one being On A Rainy Day...

This prose has also been published at WE as a part of their Anniversary Issue, April 2015.

Published At WE - January 2015

There's something in the air 
Seems to be a hush - hush affair
You go about it with a flair 
What's going on in your mind's lair?

When You Say Nothing At All...
Are you trying hard to recall?
Whether you want to spill it or stand tall
It's entirely your call.

To the mind goes a stairway - the eyes,
Are you trying to cook up some clever lies?
Or is it some genuine surprise?
I wonder as my eyebrows rise.

When You Say Nothing At All...
Does it point to the beginning of your fall?
Are you attempting to build around yourself a wall?
Don't stay mum... In your court lies the ball.

I wonder if away from all this you're shying
Or simply for my attention, you're vying?
On silence, are you relying?
Or is there something hidden, underlying?

When You Say Nothing At All...
Is it about some matter big or small?
Or is misfortune going to befall?
All this is causing a gall.

Speak up, for God's sake!
Have you done some mistake?
Why has your perception turned opaque? 
Please don't take it for granted... What's your take?

When You Say Nothing At All...
My anxiety starts to take an upward crawl
Have you been through a disturbing brawl?
Oh My! How you've managed to keep your emotions under an unintelligible shawl!

This post is a part of Write Over The Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


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