Monday, 17 June 2013

Why Only The Woman Has To Pay The Price ----- WHY?

          Why is it that our society is so insensitive towards the fairer sex? On one hand, religion and culture prevalent in our society worship Goddesses and on the other hand, females have to bear such abuses in their life that being born as a girl is thought to be a curse by them.

          Not just one but at numerous stages of her life, she has to pay the price of being a woman. WHY?

           Be it -------- even before her birth i.e. female infanticide to child abuse (either sexual or child labor or child marriage or gender discrimination among siblings for that matter) to eve teasing in her youth to dowry harassment after marriage to being asked to keep on ' adjusting & compromising ' to keep the marriage alive whether for her own sake or for her family's pride or for her children (being a concerned mother) to bear the brunt of the in-laws if she gives birth to a girl child -------- at every stage, she curses herself as to WHY! -------- WHY only she has to bear the brunt while at all the above stages it is the man who is responsible too (or perhaps he is the only one responsible).

          Let's review all the above stages to strengthen my point :-

  • Before Birth -- The female infanticide -- girl child being killed for no fault of hers -- Who was responsible for it -- the Father (male) -- His X Chromosome instead of Y decided the whole thing -- then why is she being killed! Why does not the responsible Father get the rebuke of all (if at all someone has to be killed for this stupid reason).
  • After Birth -- Child abuse -- innocent child unaware of this wild forest and carnivorous beasts roaming around -- bears the brunt -- WHY? -- Why should not these beasts be burnt?
  • Child Labor -- Missing her right to education and bearing with elderly chores -- Why should the child suffer -- Why not the Employer?
  • Child Marriage -- The girl who wishes to study and make her career -- being thrown in front of a male  in the form of a bride to bear the brunt of this ridiculous tradition at a tender age -- Why should not the parents of both the boy and the girl be punished?
  • Gender Discrimination Among Siblings -- Girls directed by the parents to be docile and boys allowed to do anything they wish to with full elan -- it is this discrimination right from childhood which later on leads to eve teasing and other abuses hurled by boys in their youth.
  • Dowry Harassment -- One of the prime evils of all times -- The girl completes the boy after marriage -- and bears his children -- then what for is she paying the dowry to him and his family? 
  • After Marriage -- The wife and husband are the two pans of a  scale which should be proportionately balanced at all times -- then how come our society always expects girls to adjust to keep everything alive in their life? Why all the calmness is expected from her (and that also rewardless) and all the aggression is the birth right of the male? -- Why do men feel elated after venting out their frustration on women -- What is it that holds back men from accepting their misdeeds and correcting them gracefully?

WHY can't this gender inequality vanish in thin air for PEACE to prevail at both the ends and proper balance  be maintained in the society?

There is an urgent need to RingTheBell for all the above causes...
To guide the would - be parents not to imbalance the sex ratio and parent their boys in such a manner that they value gender equality with applause.

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