Friday, 21 June 2013

Monsoony Mouth Watering Magnificence

A Party -- A Gourmet Party -- What for ?  Do we really need a reason for that! No, not at all. Friends just want to party and that's it.
    We, Delhites were sweating it out at Forty Five Degrees scorching heat and no respite was in sight except to cool ourselves in an AC Room. But nobody can do that for 24 hours a day. So, we were just praying and expecting the Sun to be a bit polite on us.

    And Wow! 'Surya Dev' probably asked his friend 'Indra Dev' to shower his blessings on us all. We experienced an unexpected cool shower and continued light downpour. The whole atmosphere changed. The scorching heat was replaced by clouds and cool breeze. This sudden change awakened my grey cells and some friendly feelings. Just like 'Surya Dev & Indra Dev'!

    I wished to host a legendary gourmet party on that very day. Thank God it was morning and I still had 7-8 hours to plan the party. I had to plan fast!

    I would've called up my friends but I wanted my invite to be a bit poetic. So this is the E-invite I sent them.

Oh Monsoon!
You come to life like a boon
But why do you leave so soon?
Oh Monsoon!

Titter - tatter drops on the window sill
And it does the roads with aqua fill
Giving a sense of an adventurous thrill
And inking it in our memories with our own quill

And so your onset calls for a 'Gourmet Party'
With everyone so hale and hearty
Finding within their best side arty
And being adjudged a 'Pants Smarty'

While rainbow hues seem befitting for such a theme
And come alive all such colorful dreams
With faces sporting a beam
As pals donning multicolored raincoats form a team...

   The next step was quite easy. My hall room was good enough for our informal yet classy party. The rainy feel worked by my side to the perfect ambiance and used my colorful family umbrellas as corner-of-the-room decorations. For Music, I obviously relied on all the lovey - dovey monsoony songs from our very own Bollywood.

    When we all pals meet, talks ensue and entertainment follows... And when we meet monsoon fun ensues too...
     So with none of us wanting to miss out on the rain fun with the 'Raindrop Race' and 'Lightning Chairs' with 'Puddle Fun' and 'The Best Dressed', 'The Craziest' and 'The Rainiest' as some titles, I banked upon The Best i.e. The One And Only ITC Kitchens Of India's sumptuous dishes with some of my own tried and tested 'Rainy Day Bests'. And here we embark on our Culinary Trail...

  • The Ice Breakers were our very own Blue Lagoon, BlueBerry, Blue Curacao, Asian Pear Sparkler Mocktails with cute little topping umbrellas along with the tried and tested all time favorites -- Assorted Pakoras to suit every palate -- be it Chatpata Cheese, Mirchila Mushroom, Slurpy Spinach or oily Onion with an assortment of Kitchens Of India Chutneys.

  • Basmati Rice Pulao enriched with Veggies and Nuts alongwith Red Kidney Beans Curry.
  • Malabari Chicken Stew with Malabari Paranthas served with onion, tomato, corn & cucumber salad.

  • To top it all, we had steamy Jodhpuri Moong Dal and Hazoori Petha Halwas.

         An amalgam of aroma of Kitchens Of India, sound of falling raindrops mixed with our favorite tunes, the sight of a cloudy sky and children merrily jumping in puddles of aqua added lots of enigma to our legendary rainy day Gourmet Party.

    This post is my entry for the 'My Weekend With Gourmet Food' Contest organised by ITC Kitchens Of India in association with IndiBlogger.
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