Monday, 3 June 2013

Imprints On The Canvas ----- Then & Now -----


Albert Einstein was a very simple man. He used to dress up in ordinary clothes for his works. His wife used to ask him to dress up more professionally. "Why should I? Every one knows me here.", he would reply.

     When the time came for his major lecture, his wife repeated her request. "Why should I? No one knows me there.", Einstein replied.


Santa also was a very simple man. One day, he was sleeping in the courtyard of his house. Unfortunately, his house caught fire. But fortunately his friend Banta passed by the house. He saw the fire. He shouted and asked Santa to wake up. Santa asked him the reason of shouting. He told him -- "House is burning".
Santa said, "Why should I bother!"
Banta said, "It is Your house which is burning!"
Santa replied, "Then why are you bothered? This house is not mine but my landlord's."

Simplicity comes in various forms! ----- Then   and   Now.

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