Monday, 10 June 2013

Heavenly Moon Rise At Havelock

Everyone loves to see and capture sunrise & sunset. But, on one Full Moon night in January 2013 at Havelock Island, I experienced a heavenly "Moon Rise".

        Our resort was on a beach and my family & I were simply relaxing on the beach side enjoying rising and falling waves and their sound. Suddenly, we saw The Moon rising from the horizon right in front of our eyes. As the night progressed, the moonlight also increased its silvery shine aura and we tried to catch the full moon in our hands, cup it, push it towards the coconut trees, adorn our head with it like Lord Shiva & reach out to catch it asking it to shower its silvery calmness on us.

          From that night onward, I look forward to moon rise with as much enthusiasm as sun rise...

And to add the icing on the cake, we were fortunate enough to have caught some aesthetically pleasing Moon - Water Auras in our lens...


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I am glad you liked them :)

  2. Attractive pics. i noticed that if one moves down the page fast, many moons appears to be in a straight line.


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