Wednesday, 10 July 2013

PADE --- Shoes --- Day 10

You stepped into this world, barefoot 

'Is my smile cheeky enough?'
'THE Mischievous Look'

With tiny steps vying for everyone's attention
You marveled that in Shoes your feet had to stay put 

With a look resembling that of apprehension.

Grew up a little... what did we see?
A little princess as happy as could be.
With different Shoes matching her every outfit even now
She wasn't apprehensive any more, not even a bit.

'The Festive Ones'
'The Huge Cute Furry Ones'
'The Washroomies'
'The Warm Gumboots - For The Cold Days'

Now, as you stepped into School Life
You became acquainted with Shoes demanding a uniformity 

Toothy Smile & Sparkling Black Shoes
Even then you managed to strike the most polite poses
Oh, How witty!

Slowly you grabbed the nitty and the gritty
Spotting differences between the casuals and the formals
You now match every pair  for every occasion 
And even did in the past with each vacation... 

'My bellies right in the walker!' 
'Proclaiming my Sandaly Cycling'
'THE Occasion Specials - My Birthday!!'

You developed a liking for Sandals, Bellies and Boots
Just like Ronald 'Booty' McDonald's 

'Yeah It's Me With Booty Ronald!'

'Beachy Vacation - Time Sandals'
'THE Purple Bellies'
With those Purple Ones your favorite
You were stubborn for them, to the roots.

Your 'Say Cheese' dens were spread all over the house
Always ready with a formal 'serious' yet 'mischievous' look
With those suspicious rising brows
And 'Oh! You Clicking Me?' look.

'Formal - Hands Tucked In Pockets'
'Cheesy, Casually, Silvery'
And I how I used to marvel
At you, knowing when and where to pose
Your Shoes standing out prominently
As attentive as you, they seemed to be.

'The Ones To Complement Any Look - Ethnic Or Western'

Alas! Animals as Jumbo as Mr. Elephy here - their feet don't seem to fit in any of the World's Shoes!
How Unfortunate This Seems To Be! 

'Mr. No - Shoes Elephy'

Since this ode describes my daughter's emerging journey with Shoes, she took the initiative to pen this poem herself...

This post is my entry for PADE - Day 10 - Shoes by Sfurti JuztaMom and Ritu KT's ToRaveAbout.
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  1. You really present your photographs in a very creative way and with a very nice Caption..

    1. Thanks for appreciating!
      Keep Visiting. :)

  2. This is such a beautiful story :) Made me smile!

    1. My daughter says Thanks!
      So do I!
      Yes, her mischievous smile really is contagious!
      Keep Visiting :D


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