Sunday, 7 July 2013

Right V/S Wrong --- The Educational Perspective


    Why is it that since ages, Right has to fight for what he deserves & Wrong takes a leap and obstructs the way?


    Why is it that the Wrong path always seems to be the shorter one to gain what one shall achieve by hard work to climb the Right path?

        I experienced the same in Delhi University last week where I went with my daughter to procure the seat she got by her sheer hard work & perseverance since the last twelve years. Every year we all read about the exuberant increase in the cut offs for all the popular courses in our renowned DU.

       Well, fine, that it is becoming really unattainable sort of feat for the students but WHY does this have a lot to do with politics?

       The reservation policy wherein 50% seats are reserved, it has become shockingly pathetic that General Category Students stand nowhere. Moreover, the actual needy ones in the reserved categories are not getting the benefit. Mostly, the people who produce the fake caste certificates and mark sheets and the ones whose parents actually earn Lakhs but show themselves as belonging to Non - Creamy Layer are the ones who steal and grab the opportunities in all fields of life. This is increasing year after year. Lots of time and energy is being wasted in locating the fake certificates and genuine students have to waste their precious time due to all these procedures.

       WHY is everyone so eager to follow the fake and Wrong shortcut to achieve success in life?

    Actually they don't gain success this way. They can only get a degree (if they manage to escape the scrutiny by any means) but when they will jump in the sea of opportunities in the market, their worthlessness will surpass and Truth shall prevail.
    Hence, parents, please teach your children to follow the tough but glorious path of hard work and sincerity rather than choosing the easy but dishonorable, fake one so that they can get strengthened and ascend to triumph for their lives ahead.

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