Monday, 29 July 2013

PADE --- Vacation --- Day 29


Good Leisurely Time Together With The Family.
Imprints Etched Forever On The Sands Of Time.
Such Reminiscences Of Time.
Testimonies Of Memories - SOUVENIRS. 

Souvenirs From Our Various Vacations...

Firsts Are Always Special.
Be It Any Sphere Of Life.
So Here Stands Tall Our First Souvenir.
A Gift From Our Honeymoon At Manali.


From Majestic Snow Clad Himachal Peaks Of The North.
Pine Cones Galore.
Reminding Us Of Those Snow Fights.
And Races For The Largest Collection.

The Idols Of The East.
Jaggannath Puri Stand Testimony.
To Our Eyes Having Witnessed The Puri Rath Yatra.
Reminding Us Of God's Divine Tapestry For Each One's Lives.

The Tallest Temple Of The South - Meenakshi Temple.
As A Souvenir To Fit In Our Palm.
Symbolizing Divinty.
At Its Best.

The Beach Marvels Of The South.
Be It A Sea Of Bivalves Or Mollusk Shells.
Or Conch Shelled Curtains.
Tagging Along Are The Shelly Peacock, The Carved Elephants And The Marine Mouse Too.

The Magnificence Of The Sandy West.
Rajasthani Art 'n' Craft.
The Ships Of The Desert - Welcome The Camels.
Be It Jaipuri Horses Or Jaisalmeri Wood 'n' Fibre Work - Peacocks And Turtles.

Going InternationalAnother Special 'Firsts'.
To The Left Stand The Petronas Twin Towers, To The Right Is The Menara.
And The Centres Occupied By City Views - Malaysia, Truly Asia.
Towards The End -  Came Japan And Their Aesthetic Japanese Fan. 

The Most Recent Souvenirs From Andaman, 2013 - Those Precious Corals (Showcased In 'Shapes'), The Jarawan Tribal Tools ( Showcased In 'Tools') And Those Picturesque Clouds (Through 'Windows') - All Stand Testimony To My Participation In PADE Itself.

This post is my entry for PADE Day 29 - Vacation by Sfurti Juztamom And Ritu KT's ToRaveAbout.
All entries for Day 29 can be found here and here.

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