Sunday, 21 July 2013

PADE --- Framed --- Day 21

The First Thing That Comes To My Mind When You Say 'Framed' - Is But Naturally A Photo That Is Framed... 

To observe this Frame, I need another frame i.e. the Framed Spectacles...

And to understand that, we need one more Frame - i.e. Our Mind Framed Positively...

Which Comes With An Inertial Frame Of Reference (Physically Put)...

And you have been able to read this post just because I have a tongue 'Framed' for Articulation...

Enough Of Framed Things For Today!


Sixth Time Now! Collection Growing...

Heartfelt Thanks To The Organizers Sfurti and Ritu!
This post is written as a part of PADE Day 21 - Framed by Sfurti Juztamom and Ritu KT's ToRaveAbout.
All posts for Day 21 can be found here and here.


  1. Ha ha ha! Another nice set :D Well, fun was to see the Frame of Reference :P

  2. Wow loved the way you articulated the whole framed thing..Kudos..

    1. And I liked the way you 'Framed; your opinion...
      Thanks Harsha...
      Keep Visiting! :)

  3. now thats again simply apt to the theme !! very very nice !!


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