Sunday, 14 July 2013

PADE --- Word --- Day 14

Three Words that denote The Essence of my Life are 'SOUL IS GOD'.
Truly Interpreted By The Words Of Bhagwad Gita...

True friends always keep their Word...
'Become A Friend Of Promise, Of  Standing For Your Words...'

'Actions speak louder than Words'
Friends communicating lots of Words without saying a single Word...

Words Of Silence
My pet's innocent look whenever she wants anything from me --- Says lots of Words...

I love playing with Words...
Yes, My Scrabble Set!

How Can I Not Mention Microsoft Word!
The part of MS Office I use for editing and formatting all my document files...

Don't dare to forget!
'My Word Is The Ultimate Command'...

Google Image - Adolf Hitler


This post is my entry for PADE - Day 14 - Words by Sfurti JuztaMom and Ritu KT's ToRaveAbout.
All entries for PADE Day 14 can be found here and here.


  1. Very nicely composed post :) I really liked that you didnt forget to thank MS Word :P

  2. You did your magic again Poonam. Loved it!

    1. That too with 'Words'. All for my fan base...
      Thanks for the appreciation!
      Keep Visiting. :)


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