Wednesday, 24 July 2013

PADE --- Rain --- Day 24

On A Rainy Day...
God gives us the best of the gray
Providing us with umbrellas and boats - in a new way
Giving us in life, of hope a new ray
And giving us opportunities to appreciate the Freshness Of Nature's Play.

The Best Of The 'Gray'...

On A Rainy Day...
Every face starts beaming
Every heart's enveloped peacock crooning
Every soul's dreams unfolding
And each mind's innocence unraveling.

After Today's Fresh Rains...

One Of The Peacocks from my School Grounds...

On A Rainy Day...
The spray comes to life like a boon
Leaving its 'aqua lenses' as a gift so soon
Like Rainbows which come to visit us but once in a blue moon
Enlivening the moments of our life - be it morning, evening or noon.

Rainbow Magic!

An Aqua Lens On My Balcony Rod...

Another One...

Three In A Row...

On A Rainy Day...
To tickle our funny bone
Tiny - tots with their Toy T-Rains well known
At this idea, adults drop jaws, B-Rains blown
Learn that the G-Rains they had sown, have mischievously grown.

Toy T-Rain...

Human B-Rain

Rice G-Rains
These photographs are all freshly baked - taken before, during and after yesterday's Rain. These were taken at my home terrace and garden using an amateur Samsung Galaxy Y Smartphone contrary to pro DSLRs.
This post is my entry for PADE Day 24 - Rain by Sfurti Juztamom and Ritu KT's ToRave About.
All entries for Day 24 can be found here and here.

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