Monday, 8 July 2013

PADE Day 8 --- Rules --- My First Entry As A PADE Participant

Who RULES The World ? 
Of Course GOD...
By Any Name
In Any Religion
Faith In God Is Keeping The World Awed.

    We, Mortal human beings, exist by the illusion that Monarchy or Democracy rule the world and hence frame different rules for different fields of work to be followed by different people.
    We, however fail to realize that GOD has an upper hand in all what happens in this universe whether it is the Rule Of Earth's Revolution Or The Origin Of All Living Beings...

This post marks my first participation into PADE by Sfurti JuztaMom and Ritu KT's ToRaveAbout. All entries for PADE Day 8 (including this one) can be found here and here.

This post won a 'Shutterbug Of The Day Badge' for Day 8...

Heartfelt thanks to the organizers - Sfurti & Ritu!


  1. Wow Poonam, thanks for a wonderful entry..really unique interpretation!!!!

    And Welcome to PADE on behalf of Ritu and me

    Sfurti :D

    1. Yes Sfurti - It has always been Sfurti!
      Thanks for the appreciation!
      Keep Visiting :)

  2. That is Nice..Loved the Pictures of God's of Different religion in one Page..I really want the world to look the God in this way,on the same side...

  3. Thanks for appreciating. I wish the whole world realizes this just like you.
    Keep Visiting. :)

  4. Such a beautiful entry to RULES. Welcome to PADE Poonam!
    Love the cursive font too!

  5. Many thanks Ritu!
    Commendable job by Sfurti & You for this initiative...
    Keep Visiting! :)

  6. Congrats Poonam!Nice collection of pictures.

  7. Congrats Poonam for winning the Badge, we just loved your interpretation of Rules!!!

    Don't forget to copy the badge!!!

    1. Thanks Sfurti! I am happy that you loved it!
      I will make sure I do that (the badge). Visit again after some time today and you will see it!
      Keep Visiting! :)


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