Tuesday, 23 July 2013

PADE --- Play --- Day 23


What All Can We Play?
Jurrasic Ladders, Ludo, Jigsaws, Abacus - To Relax Indoors And Play
Or Cricket, Basketball, Soccer, Hopscotch - To Energize Outdoors And Play

Animal and Babies Jigsaw Match, 2001

These Would Be Common...
Think About Something Unusual -- Come'On!
Let's Play With Play-Doh -- Tiny Tots Would Opine
Upon Returning From Play School...

Teenagers Proclaim - Come'On Grow Up
In This Era Of Technology, Play-Doh Is By-Gone...
With The Play Station By Their  Side
And Plug 'n' Play To Their Aid

Movie Buffs --- Say Hello To Their Home Theatre
With The Play Button On The Remote --- A Quintessential Entity...
Something They Cannot Do Without!
To Aid Them With Their Passtime...

Are You There? Do I Play?
Or Do I Wait? And I Pause?

Hey, Theatre! We Artists Come Along...
How Could You Not Mention Such An Important Art Form?
While We Know It's Theatre
Laymen Know It As 'Play'!

The Framed Judgement And The Sentence
At The Annual Function, 2010

The Ones We Used To Have At School
Plays On Christ's Life
Playing With Innocent Feelings
Jewish Priests Betraying Hope And Devotion...

Come Along --- Enjoy!
But How Can We?
With Inflation On The Rise...
Even For Such Play --- We Pay Heavily, Each Penny!

All To Blame The Politicians
Economy, Finance, Budget...
Everything Into  Their Pocket
Playing With Citizens On Their Tunes...

The Final Countdown
At The Annual Function, 2004

And Then We Had The School Choir
Each One Proficient With Her Own Instrument
Playing It With Ease
The Way You Play Them... How Effortless It Seems...

Tadaa! Eleven Are More Than Enough For Today!
All In A Day's Play!
This post is my entry for PADE - Day 23 - Play by Sfurti Juztamom and Ritu KT's ToRaveAbout.
All entries for PADE Day 23 can be found here and here.

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