Friday, 26 July 2013

PADE --- Signs --- Day 26

An Indication.
An Omen - Good Or Bad.
A Harbinger Of Alertness.

A Necessity For Directions On The Road.
Or For Signboards Towards Accommodations. 
Or For The 'Not So Serious' Ones.
Or Signs For Traffic Control Employed By The Traffic Police.

The Motorist's Guide To Safe Driving, 2000

And Hurry Up Before The Tortoise Beats You To It! ;)
At A Dhaba On Our Way To Manali.

Maybe You Can Download Some Peace Here! ;)

The Sign Language Of The Mute.
Their Sole Means Of Communication.

Sign Language Chart For Alphabets.

Above All...
Signs Of The Zodiac - Star Signs.
Governing Our Personality.
A Pointer To Our Inner Self.

Linda Goodman's Star Signs, 1987


The Twelve Zodiac Signs.
Which One's Yours?

Or Take It As Signatures.
Our Inked Personalities.
Signs For Official Documents Or On Report Cards...
Or As An Autographed Momento To Preserve.

If Only You Look Closely...

...Would You Recognize Big B's Signature...
Parker Limited Edition Pens - 2004.
This post marks the Eighth Shutterbug Of The Day Badge

Heartfelt Thanks To Ritu & Sfurti! 

This post is my entry for PADE Day 26 - Signs by Sfurti Juztamom and Ritu KT's ToRaveAbout.
All entries for Day 26 can be found here and here.

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