Sunday, 14 July 2013

BlogAdda Takes To Competition In The Reality Show Genre --- Aage Aage Dekhen Hota Hai Kya ?!

This post marks my hat trick for BlogAdda's WOW! with this post being my third attempt for WOW! So far, all my posts for this initiative have been chosen as a WOW! post... The first two were On A Rainy Day... and When You Say Nothing At All...

All those fed up of blogging not helping them rake in the cash wanted a week - long break for a refreshing change as well as for monetary gains. Moreover, as conventional Reality Shows were basic run - of - the - mill Dancing and Singing, ex - bloggers sat together to jot down their ideas for friendly but Humorous Reality Show.

Out of the many ideas which were the brainchild of these imaginative and creative writers, they went down to the 3-2-1 of it.

  • Joke - O - Joke :- A chain of contestants claiming to be great stand - up comedians had their wit and spontaneity put to test. Our bloggers would give a different 'Complete The Story - Add to the Fun' scenario each day, with each comedian trying to add to the Story. The One with the most serious or 'How Is This Funny?' reaction drawing piece would be eliminated each day. So 7 Scenarios for 7 Days! The catch would be - each day each comedian would have to add to the previous one's viewpoint and not take the story off-track. 
  • Joy Of Literal Humor :- After All, Living In India has its own share of a Cultural, Literal 'Unity In Diversity' Extravaganza! To explore the same, a group of  7 people of different regions will be selected to translate each other solely based on their intuition and perception... The outcome certainly will be humorous... Along with spending the day by understanding others' and to make them understand about oneself, daily each contestant will have to share a joke too. The elimination will be on the basis of the votes given by the contestants to each other based on the fact how they have perceived the joke and whether they could laugh their lungs out or not. Complete Senselessness in the Elimination Procedure then will  lead to multiplication of the laughs!
  • Hey You! Step Into My Shoes For A Day And You Will See :- Eight people from various professions shall live together for 7 days but with a catch of swapping their professions in pairs. The pairs would be decided by daily 'Pick The Chit, Decide The Pair' System. Everyone will then have to emphasize on one humorous or casual and one serious side of the profession swapped in their viewpoint. It would be a healthy debate with each one learning flip sides of other's as well as their professions. Vote Out will be based upon the fact that the person swapping will have to enact something new and unique about that profession and the one who fails to do so would be eliminated.
This post is a part of Write Over The Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

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