Wednesday, 31 July 2013

My Tryst With PADE - July 2013 - A Journey To Remember

July 2013.
An Initiative By Ritu KT & Sfurti Sinha.
ToRaveAbout & Juztamom.

31 Diverse Themes For The 31 Days Of July.
An 'Experiment' As You Would Call It.
An Initiative By Friends And Co-Bloggers.
An Honest Attempt - A Try.

A Try - Should I Too, Try?
After All, The Limit's The Sky.
My Heart Said - Go For It! 
Aye Aye!

From 8 To 31 - Days Came And Went.
It Was Very Fun.
The Ones Close To My Heart - Two - Windows And Art.
Why? You Would Ask! Read On...

Windows - My Eyes - My Computer -  A School -  Man's Windows - All Things Andaman - Clouds 'n' Sink Holes - Windows.
Art - Such Art - Diverse Art - Intellectual Art - Mathematical Art - Close To The Heart - Art.
The Most Demanding And Diverse Interpretations Of All.
For Both Of Which, In My Court, Lied The Ball.

Ritu - Ms. Expressive Enthusiast - Magical Pics Say It All.
Your Bliss Was Perfect To Infinity.
Sfurti - Ms. Wondrous Words - Magnificent Haikus And Nice To Match Snaps.
You Captured Light In A New Light.

As The Curtains Fall On PADE...
I Take With Me - A Wonderful Experience And A Friendly Fan Base.
Our Very Own PADE Community.
Let's Keep This Bond Together Till The Face Of Humanity.

This post details my tryst with PADE and everything PADE.

Sfurti And Ritu - Thanks Would Be Really Tiny A Word.

Accept This...



  1. Awww thanks Poonam :) This was a perfect post!

    1. You are Welcome Ritu! :)
      Thanks for the appreciation!
      Keep Visiting. :)

  2. Poonam thank you so much. This indeed was a surprise :)

    1. I am glad you liked it Sfurti.
      Keep Visiting! :)


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