Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Resolutions And Passions...

The Arrival Of A New Year.

A time for resolutions.

Much like promises, which are meant to be broken, resolutions are seldom kept.

It is a mean feat to achieve, keeping up with and following resolutions, at that.

It is easy as pie to proclaim to the world, and to the near and dear ones, every New Year's Eve or on the New Year Day that one is making such and such resolution(s) to be kept intact till the next three hundred and sixty five days to come.

What is hard, is to follow what one has proclaimed.

That resolution, which is made in the zest of the moment, in the excitement of welcoming a New Year, and in the ecstasy of exchanging infinite pleasantries, demands to be kept.

That resolution demands to be followed, and not be broken.

What happens however, is that which is undesirable.

Majority of us end up failing. Some of us fail miserably.


Failure in keeping up with our proclamation.

Only a handful of us succeed, in keeping up with our resolutions.

A handful, or even less than that?


It is all about being determined to achieve what you desire.

It is not only about resolutions.

This fact holds true, in all walks of life.

The desire to achieve comes from a certain perseverance, and a voice from within, which pushes us ahead, to put in the requisite efforts.

The joy and bliss experienced upon achieving what we set out to, in the first place, is unparalleled.

Keeping up with resolutions, is the game for a disciplined mind and body

Discipline, coupled with determination and effort, can work wonders.


However, for most of us, our resolutions are repeated over the years...

The scenario is much like this for many of us...

"My resolution for 2015 is to keep up with the resolutions of 2014, which I should have kept up with, in 2013, because I had promised myself in 2012, and had planned for it in 2011."


I believe most of us have become immune to a certain disappointment that accompanies broken resolutions.

After all, we have proclaimed of, and broken MANY resolutions, haven't we?


However, this year is going to be different.

For me, at least.

Because, I can't be sure of the masses. ;)


The first step is deciding what resolution to keep.

For the lazy-bones that we are, we detest even making a list of points, to improve upon.

The aspect of Self - Improvement, is thus ruled out, for many of us.


The alternative then, lies in trying to learn.

We can very well try to learn something new, in the New Year, which is set to dawn upon us, can't we?

Of course, we can.


That is what I've set my mind upon, too...


This New Year 2015...

I'm going to learn a new language.

The second step, lies in deciding which language, to pursue...

When I think of the plethora of languages in this world, I'm left at my wit's end.

Each language has its own points of ease and points of difficulty.

Learning some other nation's language?

Seems to be an uphill task at first.


On second thought, I'm a reminded of a fact.

It is a fact that there are MANY languages, from our own Nation, which I'm not known of.

When I come to think of it, this is not the only fact.


It is said that whenever we set out to learn something new, we must begin from the basics.

For the stronger our basics are, the stronger our hold on that particular subject will be.

What is the basis of language, in India?

The basis of a language is its script.

In India, the basis of our mother-tongue, हिन्दी is the देवनागरी script.

Furthermore, our language finds its first origins in the ancient scriptures.

Our scriptures are rendered in संस्कृत...


Decided then.

My New Year Resolution.

Learn a new language.



Come to think of it, I'll have an edge in the near future.


संस्कृत is now said to be the Programmer's language...

Technology, coupled with this language, can work wonders in the future, then!

And what better than to pursue a resolution, related to Technology, with Technology itself?


I mean, I could very well put to use, my prized possession, to aid me in keeping up with my resolution, this year...

With its high speed, unparalleled responsiveness, and large memory, thanks to Intel Inside, my Micromax Canvas Tab CAN help me discover the linguist within myself...

 With a broader screen, and a higher screen resolution, reading that small font on a website, or in that digital literature available online, will not be a pain, anymore.

Of course, I'm net - savvy.

The World Wide Web will act as my friend, philosopher, teacher and guide, assisting me in my aim to learn this new language.

I will have to browse through some of the sites on the web, offering tutorials in the संस्कृत language, right from the beginning.

I will have to start from scratch.

Micromax Canvas Tab's Android Kitkat 4.4.2, 3G connectivity and 4400mAh battery life, coupled with a sleek design and stylish looks will ensure that I don't have to wait to come back home, and learn in my leisure time only.

All these features will free me from the limitation of not being able to carry the device on the go.

With such powerful specifications, I can keep up with my resolution, even if I'm occupied with some other activities.

Browsing, learning and practicing my skill, throughout the day.


That is how I'll put my new Micromax Canvas Tab P666 to use.

What about you?

CAN this device help you to 'Discover A New You', too, this New Year 2015? :)


This post has been written as a part of Indi Happy Hours' #CanvasTab in association with Micromax Mobile and IndiBlogger.



  1. Wonderful post....Just loved it...Thank u for the sure...HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015.

    1. Thanks Shreya.
      Happy New Year to you too...
      Keep Visiting. :)


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