Monday, 1 December 2014

Short Story: When Captain Ranjit's Stubble Converted My Half Yes To Big Full No

It was my first meeting with him. We had to go together – Ma, Pa and me. Occasion? Well the occasion was to visit Captain Ranjit Singh Shaurya’s residence. Purpose? Purpose was to meet and decide. Decide what? Decide to make him my life partner. Looking at his photograph that Pa showed me a couple of days before, was good enough to grab 50% yes. Rest 50% I had kept reserved for this personal meeting, face to face, to meet, look and see and then take a call of balance 50%. Ma and Pa had given me full liberty by telling me that it will be totally my call in all decisions related to me and my life. They will be there always, to guide me, suggest me and counsel me; but finally it has to be my call. Great are my Ma and Pa!


 No, he is not a captain of the Indian team – cricket, football, hockey or volleyball; he is a Captain in Indian Army. On the way to his house, I was just refreshing in my mind, his clean-shaven face, his handsome appearance and the smartness he was carrying all along. We reached well as per fixed time. I was told that his grandmother, mother and father would also be there at the home to welcome us. Ranjit is posted in Kanpur currently. Every three years they have posting at a different place. I was excited and thinking of the rest of 50% that will decide if I would be moving city to city, covering all over India during rest of the years of my life. And probably finally we would be settling in the best of the places visited.


Knock Knock! Ah, I mean Pa pressed the doorbell and Ranjit’s father opened the door. Everyone was sitting in the drawing where we were taken along by Ranjit’s father. But what is this? Ranjit was not at all looking as smart and handsome as his photograph was. Reason? He was carrying a stubble, almost 2-3 days old. What could be the reason? Any serious thing happened in the house? “No, nothing! All is fine!” said his mother when Ma asked them. Then why Ranjit is not clean shaven? “Oh, he is just like that. He is quite disciplined when on duty but at home he stays quite relaxed like this”, said his mother.


Nothing doing. The rest of 50% had made earlier +50 to -50 too. The final call was a big no from my side just for a simple reason. The guy is a gentleman only when on duty and at home is so careless about emotions of others that he never bothers to clean-shave his face. NO! That was it!


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