Monday, 1 December 2014

Short Story: The Guy Who Never Gave Me A Chance To Ask #WillYouShave

We had never thought of this beautiful turn that life took for us. Neither he, nor me, had ever planned for this. It happened all of a sudden. He was the first to propose, and it took me no time to say “Yes”. I had known him from school days. He was 2 years senior to me. We first met when he was in 8th standard and I joined the city’s best public school in 6th with a migration certificate from another city, in the middle of the session. My father was in intelligence those days and at a senior position. At such position there are always last minute transfers, never told in advance, for various security and other reasons. So that was it. It has happened many times earlier too. Overnight we are either taking a flight for another location, or moving by road in a SUV. And first few days would be a stay in any luxury hotel, till there is a nod to move to the new, completely furnished home. The essential things from previous house would get shifted within that period.


This time we had to take a flight as moving from South to North would have taken days by road. Well, to cut it short I was in a place where winter and summer – both show their extremes. To come back to Rashit. He was in 8th standard, tall, smart and handsome. Well built, broad shoulders, because for last one year he was completely dedicated in sports, representing school in two major games – Badminton and Basket Ball. And in both the games, our school team was champion since his inception as captain of school team. He was the school hero. We got gelled well in a very short time after I joined the school. His father was a Brigadier, Officer Rank 6 in Indian Army. Probably the discipline was inherited by Rashit from his father. For last 10 years we are good friends, rather family friends. By the time he was leaving school after his 12th, our families had become good friends. He had started shaving regularly during his 12th. And after that I never saw him with a stubble. Like father, like son.


That was the only thing that came to my mind when he proposed me all of a sudden few years back, that the guy who takes care of himself so well would never let me down and would be quite attentive, careful and loving towards family, always. That is the reason we are together after we got married 3 years back. He is what he was, still the same, no stubble, ever. Always clean-shaven, caring and loving!

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