Sunday, 28 December 2014

Short Story: When Stubble Disrupted Treatment...

By profession, being a physician, one needs to carry a well groomed look all the time, as irrespective of the time of the day when he is meeting his patients, it is his look that is definitely going to leave some positive impact on his patients.

That is what my friend Harshita also felt, and we agreed that depending on the person's profession, a stubble should never come in the way of a man’s chance to make a good impression. Harshita has been a friend, ever since I started school, carried forward till college.

I remember an incident during my college days, when Harshita and I, were driving from college, on a foggy evening, 5: 30 PM. We had gotten late while leaving college that day.

Harshita was behind the wheel. The car met with an accident and she injured her nose, while I had suffered a cut on my shoulder. It was bleeding profusely, her nose. She was almost unconscious and there was no one around who would help me in taking her to the nearby hospital. It was good that she was still able to respond when I asked her if she would be able to keep her up till we reach hospital. She replied in the affirmative. That response from her gave me some confidence that I alone would be able to do whatever is the need of the hour.

I arranged for some ice cubes immediately from a nearby restaurant and applied it on her bleeding nose. It helped in controlling the bleeding, so much so that it had reduced  drastically by now. I took an auto-rickshaw and pushed her in, to rush to a nearby hospital.

Somehow, we were told to meet the Head of Department of Medicine, Dr. Sharma. I first went into Dr. Sharma's cabin and found a disarrayed stubble on his face and that he was lost totally in his own thoughts. He did not appear to be a good doctor and the stubble in the first go itself, had not made a good impression.

Knowing that Harshita too would feel the same and would deny treatment by Dr. Sharma, I checked with the Reception for any other doctor, junior to Dr. Sharma.

 It was Dr. Juneja who was apparently much presentable than Dr. Sharma and hence we decided to go to him for Harshita's treatment.

Everything went well and Harshita was able to recover, well in a week’s time.


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