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I Believe In Magic...

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I believe in Magic.

Yes, I do.

Furthermore, you could take me to be a Magician.

Yes, I'm proclaiming myself...

To be a Magician who believes in Magic...


Well, Don't Be.


For it's not the conventional Magician and those customary magic tricks, I'm talking about.


I'm a Magician in this wide-spread Literary World over the World Wide Web. The one which we bloggers, refer to as the Blog-o-sphere.

I'd started weaving my words into a Beginner's Level magic on April 20, 2013.

The day I refer to, as my Blog-versary. :)

It had been a good eight months till the end of 2013.

I'd welcomed the new year 2014 with open arms into my space, too.

That New Year brought along with itself - a golden opportunity.

Project 365.

A 'Project' with an aim, conveyed precisely by its motto...

We Write Daily...

A Post A Day...


It was through a dear friend and blogger - Mrs. Sakshi Nanda, that I got to know of it. She, along with three other bloggers, was taking up this interesting opportunity.

When I first saw this on social media or read about it on Project 365's blog, it left me thinking - they are brave-hearts.
The entire year - four of them - blogging based on prompts.

Well, when I had done the Photo A Day Experiment, back in July 2013, for an entire Month, during my school's summer break, it left me at my wit's end...

And, these four brave - hearts, were taking up a similar, more challenging task for an entire YEAR.

In the back of my mind, I was sure, that I wouldn't be able to even take up such a Herculean task, let alone completing it successfully, ever.

I was applauding them, deep in my heart. :)


I visited their page on Facebook on the second day of January 2014.

I liked the page, there and then, to see how this collaboration develops, and to add interesting posts to my reading list.

Something interesting, it seemed.

It piqued my curiosity.


The next day...


Just to go through what had been planned for their audience, I visited the link, which has now expired.

If I remember clearly, it asked for a few basic credentials, three preferred months to Guest Author, top to bottom priority, and the REASON to join in...

I do not know what intuition pushed me to take the plunge, but I did.

I ended up expressing my interest to join in as a Guest Author to P365!

So, I had filled in June, July, December, all three of them being my summer/winter break months, and the reason to join, came in the flow, of typing, of course.

My thought process was to take up a Project, a team work, being a teacher (usually my students did Projects, for a change, I would), for the entire experience to enrich my blogging journey, and to work in collaboration with some friends, known, unknown, expanding my social circle, and above all, exploring my horizon, to weave words, Magically.

I went through the monthly prompts, after filling in the form, rather than before it, would you believe? :o

January 10, the submissions closed, yes! :D

And, there was a welcome change.

The 'About' Page on their blog.

And, a change in the header too...


The same day, I found an acknowledgment in my mail.


January 16, the Facebook Profile Links were gathered, to form a 'Secret' Group...

January 19, I sent something to the Core Team...

"Dear Core Team - Jairam, Rekha, Sakshi & Sid,

Going by the 'About Us' page on the blog, here's what I'd like my 'About' to look like..."

What is now, the 'Get To Know Me Closely' page on the blog.


Republic Day 2014, was when this greeted me, formally.

We'd also got this awesome Author's Badge to display on our respective blogs...

I was pleasantly surprised when the font of the badge's "I'm A Proud" was Magically, same as my blog's default font! :D

January 2014 was entirely Core Team's. All of Guest Authors were to start with our respective months, from February onward.


In due course of time, we were presented with such aesthetic headers, and an Yearbook imagery too...


Magical Nostalgia! :)

And, what was even more magical, was a wish...

On my Birthday...


Now, when I look back, on all those pleasant memories, it brings a smile on my face.


From ear to ear. ^_^


What's the most magical aspect been for me, in our dear Project?

That with the flow on ink in the virtual pen, or the with the tapping of keys on this keyboard of mine...

I have penned a total of Twenty Five Posts for Project 365...

A fact even I'm marveling at!

This was the First...

February 7, 2014.

Do You Care To Transform With Healthcare Reforms?

And, this, which is being penned now, is the Twenty Fifth...

December 30, 2014.

I Believe In Magic...


I begun authoring my Month, December...
Yes, December.

P365 has been a roller-coaster ride too.

There had been a few fall-outs, from other team mates, from the Project, some ignorance towards the later Open Prompts from my side, some - MANY - adjustments in schedules, all taken in stride, and finally Yours Truly, who was at first, to guest author for November, authored for December instead, at the end of it all.


Amid all these experiences, I've had the most special milestones of my Blog to owe to Project Three Six Five...

  1.  I've submitted Twenty Posts out of Twenty Five, to IndiBlogger, till date.
    All Twenty Have Been IndiStars...
  2. Until Then It's Happily Ever After! - My Second Post for this endeavor - weaved Magic - MAGIC with my Readers.
    It is the ONLY post from Yours Truly to have gathered 103 hearts on IB and the only one to have touched that sweet three digit figure.
  3. Standing 'Against' It When I Wanted To Stand 'For' It! - My Fifth Post - went on to be the FIRST post to be featured by India Opines.
  4. Entrapped By The Chakravyuh and Because, Charity Begins At Home had been two consecutive WOW posts for BlogAdda, to acquire the badge, in April 2014.
  5. I've become fluent with penning Acrostics (expanding each letter of a word in prose), thanks to this wonderful opportunity...
  6. I've penned the post closest to my heart till date - My Third Post for Project 365 - Not There, For Heaven's Sake - for my Mother.
  7. I've penned the most humorous and the cutest post, from my Personal Life, in my opinion, for Project 365.
    The Perfect Comeback - My Eighteenth Post...
  8. Stepping Into _ _ _ _ _ _'s Feet... - My pet ended up making a guest appearance, all for Project 365.
    My Fourth Post.
  9. I ended up trying a new form of Poetry, for P365.
    I was Going Limerick-y! in my Fourteenth Post.
  10. I even re-did an old post - a Fiction written in December 2013 - to suit an Open Prompt at Three Six Five.
    The Mysterious Look - Not A Mystery Anymore! was my Eighth Post.
  11. The New School - My Twenty Fourth post, was a collaborative post, with three other team - mates, as it presented me with a task of a magnanimous scale...

I've penned five posts as a Guest Author to P365, formally.

Twenty posts have been responses to Open Prompts...

These five, make the total count, a Silver Jubilee... ^_^


While I wind up this post, and my Magical association with Project 365, I'd like to leave you with...

The Wall of Champs which greeted me this morn, and the Core Team, wonderfully forms a magically strong foundation for it... :)

Yes, of course, it has been a festive time, for all of us at Project 365...
Of Christmas, joy and bliss...

We've made amends, among ourselves and to Project 365 at large.
At least I have, by making up for missing those Open Prompts...

We've tied the loose ends, by successfully achieving what we set out to...
Project365 stands accomplished, Team! :D

We've together finished off, what we together begun...
Project 365 has been completed, and done with.
The association, the friendship, and a better Writer, within our respective selves, remain.

As I bid adieu to Project 365, I would like to hope and pray for a Healthy, Joyous and Blissful New Year 2015, for all...

For all my Team Mates and Co-Authors, at P365, as well for all my Readers... :)


As far as the Prompt for the day goes...

I have been transformed into a mystical being, who is now an Excellent Magician with her words, thanks to this Project.

My new abilities?

I've explored the extent of how far my writing prowess can expand itself...

I've turned out an enriched person, with all those experiences, and memories, to make me a better Blogger, on the outlook...

How will I use my new skills?

Well, you never know...

Project 365, Season 2, maybe?

What Say, Core Team? ^_^

Because, I Believe In... 

Memories And Associations, New Found...
Ample Opportunities Which All Surround...
Grateful For Each One To Come My Way...
Instilling A Certain Fulfillment, Everyday...
Calling For Project 365 Two Again Are We?


This post is a part of the WordPress Daily Prompts : 365 Writing Prompts program where the aim is to post at least one post a day based on the day's prompt.

December is the month when I officially Guest Author for Project 365, in partnership with Jaibala and Vinay, for our respective Guest Authoring Prompts, chosen beforehand.

The Prompt is, I Believe In Magic - 'You have been transformed into a mystical being who has  the ability to do magic. Share your new abilities in detail. How will you use your new skills?'

This is my Twenty Fifth Post as a guest author to Project 365 : We Post Daily!


  1. ... And what a way to sign it off :) Thank you for being a superstar, Stir. And let's hope this can gather you an indi star too

    1. Amen Sid!
      Thanks to the Core Team, for being so supportive, throughout.
      Keep Visiting. :)

  2. Hats off for taking the pains to chronicle the project with such detail and love. I am SO glad to have met a lovely-lively person like you. While you stir our souls, remember your own is one beautiful one!

    1. The emotion is mutual, Sakshi.
      Thanks to the Core Team for including me as a GA in this lovely initiative.
      I'm am humbled.
      Keep Visiting. :)


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