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To January, On A Journey, With Jeans...

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Each New Year begins on a fresh note. 
A fresh page in The Diary Of Life. 

Yes, of course it does. 
And, 2015 is NOW here. 

Once again, the wall is adorned by new calendars, announcing the arrival of this new time. 
What does it say now, after a rotation of twelve months?

It says 'January', with a J. 

And, what does that J signify? 
That, it is the first day of the first month of New Year 2015. 
What does that mean, Navya? 

My Birthday! 
Why, it's my birthday, Mom! 
What else could January 1 signify? 


January 1 was the day, Navya was born. 

She was a big girl that day. 
Ten years had passed since this angel had made her way into everyone's hearts, at home. 

She was the only child of her parents. 
She was the apple of everyone's eyes. 

An entire decade, is a long time indeed. 
And, Navya was ready for some responsibilities. now.

For 2015 now, heralded a new journey, which she had to set out upon...
Because, with responsibilities, came maturity...

This girl here, had a strange taste.
Among all other things, she told her mother, every year, what she wanted as a gift!

Every single year, Navya chose her own gifts!
But, she wasn't stubborn, thankfully.


Since she turned six, she had been behind her Mother, to get her a pet in the house...
She had seen her best friend, Simran being gifted a Puppy, by her parents, on her fifth birthday.

That was it.
Navya too, wished to have a furry pal in the house. 
Not a Puppy though.

Navya wanted to have a Kitten, for a pet.
Seemed just enough.

She was the only child after all.
But, her mother seemed to be in doubt.

Navya was too amateur, to take up the responsibility, for a pet, all by herself.
That was when she was six.

Now, she had turned ten.
With each of the four years that had passed, from being six to being ten, Navya hoped that a furry friend would greet her on New Year Day.

She knew that Mom had promised her, for a pet, on any one of her subsequent birthdays.
Since she hadn't welcomed it on her seventh, eighth or ninth birthday, she wished for it to come on her tenth.

Navya knew that Mom kept her promises.

And, she was ready.
Navya was ready to wait for her eleventh, twelfth, or even for her fifteenth.

She just wanted to have a pet in the house.
However late, or however early it may arrive.

Somehow, there was a certain intuitive force, working in Navya's favor that day.
She'd had a 'morning dream', in which she had visualized herself, playing with a kitten, in the mansion's garden area.

And, as Mom had told her, 'morning dreams' had a greater chance to come true.
So, Navya was riding high on her hopes. :)

In fact, this dream was the first thing she told her Mom about, after waking up on her tenth birthday.
And when she'd asked her mother if it would indeed, come true, Mom had diverted her attention to the preparations for the day.

That had made Navya's belief stronger.
Kitten coming home, she felt. :)


Long talk cut short - it was time for Navya's present, in the evening, after the cake cutting.
A child's intuition can never go wrong.

That was what happened.
But, how it happened forms for an interesting part.


This time, Magic was the theme, for Navya's birthday party.
The magician's tricks were to happen right after Navya received her gift from her mother.

This time, her mother was there.
Her gift was not.

Mom had told her that Mr. Magician would bring her the gift.
Magical Kitten, with some special abilities?

You never know...

Navya patiently waited for the Magician to arrive.
But, she was as excited as ever.

She didn't have to wait for long.
The magician was there, in no time.

Among the routine magic tricks, that he performed to engage Navya and her friends, there was a surprise for Navya too.



This little ball of fur, made its appearance from inside Navya's jeans itself!

The small jeans pocket equaled a tiny, cute kitten, for ten-year-old Navya! ^_^

The magician made it come to Navya.
And, she was no less surprised.

So much so, that in the excitement and the astonishment of the moment...
Navya ended up naming the kitten - Jeans!

And, that's how her tenth birthday, took shape.
It has been her most special birthday, so far. :)


Indeed, Jeans is now Navya's furry friend. for life.
She believes Jeans is a feline angel.

From now on, each  New Year's Day would be the day for two birthdays.
Navya's and Jeans'! :D

Two birthdays, because Navya wanted it to be.
She now takes pride in the fact that she would share her birthday, with a special friend.


All of it, because...

It was January 1, when Jeans came into her life, and together, they've embarked on a Journey, towards a life-long friendship! :D


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